10375 Microsoft announced its hybrid tablet Surface Pro

Microsoft announced its hybrid tablet Surface Pro

Microsoft анонсировала обновленный гибридный планшет Surface Pro

As promised, Microsoft has introduced an improved version of its tablet under the simplified name Surface Pro.

What’s inside

New Microsoft Surface Pro has received the 12.3-inch display with a resolution of 2736×1824 pixels and improved color reproduction. The tablet has three versions of toppings Intel Core m3, i5 and i7. The latest variation is even equipped with a fan, and all three models have support for LTE. In addition, the novelty provided the updated stylus Surface Pen recognition 4096 levels of depression. Modified and stand. Now it has a wide range of angles (15 degrees), down to Studio mode. In this position, the gadget is almost entirely lies on the surface, and the user is convenient to write with a stylus or to draw. On assurances of the creators, of the battery be enough for 13.5 hours of Autonomous operation. Manage new product called Windows 10.

Release date and price

Microsoft Surface Pro will be available in the US market on 15 June at a price of 799 USD for the simplest version. When the hybrid novelty will appear on the world market is still unknown. Velvet keyboard and stylus are not included with the device, so that if necessary, they are sold separately. The price of the electronic pen $ 99. Keyboard – $ 130.

What to expect

Stylish, thin, comfortable and powerful tablet at a rather big price. In our market it is unlikely that he will become popular, but the consumer will find.

Source: Microsoft

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