11035 Microsoft creates a new wrapper for mobile devices

Microsoft creates a new wrapper for mobile devices

Microsoft создает новую оболочку для мобильных устройств

Microsoft stopped investing in the Windows platform and 10 Mobile is Lumia started selling Android flagship Samsung with signature services. Days, a mobile OS company are numbered, but that does not mean that the company is ready to abandon the mobile market. CEO Satya Nadella mentioned the revolutionary device, which will be similar to today’s smartphones. Insiders add that Microsoft are testing a new generation of gadgets, which created a separate development branch of the operating system.

One Windows for all devices

According to sources, the interface of the new platform differs from the current version. There is speculation that the company is preparing not just another upgrade of Windows 10 Mobile, and developing a shell for full Windows 10, to enable the system to work properly on devices with small screen. Even in the winter appeared the first information about the project generic interface OS codenamed CSHELL, which can be adapted for computers, tablets, smartphones, game consoles Xbox, points Microsoft HoloLens and other gadgets.

Eyewitnesses add that the version of CSHELL for mobile devices similar to shell Windows 10 Mobile, but there are some differences in the notification center, on the main screen and in the app list. Most likely, the interface will change, at least, Microsoft did not have time to bring it to the standards Fluent Design System.

Waiting for the miracle Surface Phone

Rumors of a “reference” the Microsoft smartphone have been circulating for years. The development of a Surface Phone could be delayed due to the failure of Intel from the mobile processor, however, the company now has a version of Windows 10 for ARM. The first devices based on it will appear in the end of 2017. While we are talking only about computers, but who knows what surprises Microsoft is preparing for the next generation.

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