Microsoft gave battle cheaters in the latest update to Windows 10

The creators of Windows has decided to deal with dishonest players. Their main weapon in this war will become tools of TruePlay, which was added a large update to Windows 10 Fall Creators. In fact he is a complete cheat. It is planned that third-party developers will be able to implement a support system in their projects that will potentially minimize the number of annoying cheaters in multiplayer games.


According to representatives of Microsoft, with the support of TruePlay the game will run in safe mode, which you cannot directly change the executable code. In addition, the anticheat will track session and “shop” for the gamers attempting to use prohibited programs, and send reports to the developers. They, incidentally, can adjust the algorithm of functioning of the complex. For example, he was tracking cheaters not only in multiplayer, but in single-player campaign. However, it is not clear why — in the single player they did not interfere.


TruePlay is already available to the creators of universal apps on Windows store — particularly Microsoft, which allows you to run programs on all available Windows devices: from personal computers and smartphones to virtual reality helmets. While information about whether to apply, you new anti-cheat WIndows 10 has not been received.


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