Microsoft introduced Windows 10’s

Edward Dvornichenko


Microsoft introduced Windows 10’s

This week Microsoft introduced a new version of its operating system — Windows 10 S. the Company is positioning its operating system as the one that will be used in educational institutions (schools, colleges, universities) and will have a number of limitations in comparison with usual Windows 10 Pro.

Microsoft представила Windows 10 SFor example, to install applications only from the official Windows store, which of course can cause a number of inconveniences, since not all highly specialized applications in it.

Also, you can not use third-party browsers in addition to branded Edge (which is not so bad). However, according to other sources, another browser from Windows Store you can install and use, but in any case, you cannot select a default browser, links from other apps open in the standard Edge.

Laptops and Windows 10 PC’s will be available this summer, just ahead of the new academic year. With operating system Windows 10 to Windows 10 Pro can upgrade for only $49.

We will remind that on may 2, Microsoft introduced the Windows 10 operating system Cloud.

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