Microsoft explained why Xbox One X does not support VR

Xbox One X is recognized as the most powerful console in the world, but Microsoft made a bet on higher image quality and 4K graphics. Unlike Sony, which sold the helmet virtual reality VR PlayStation sold more than one million units, Microsoft in no hurry to release its own VR headset for. In an interview with Wired Alberto Penello, senior Director of device sales and planning, explained why Microsoft does not rely on VR and considers whether the games in virtual reality is a promising direction.

With Kinect and Wii we understood that the transfer of the game in virtual reality is not a winning strategy. The user needs to obtain the most unusual of the VR content that will make him sing. This year we didn’t want to distract the developers for such things.

Microsoft XBox data-One X

Penello, believes that Microsoft needs to focus on more mundane technologies to catch up with PlayStation 4 and not to occupy such a niche area of VR. He did not believe that this technology is such a lovable character.

“Is that a viable consumer product? Yes, for a specific audience,” he said.

However, this does not mean that Microsoft will not bring VR to Xbox One X. Penelo noted that this technology is indeed hides many unsolved potential, but Microsoft just don’t want to rush its implementation.

Xbox One X will go on sale at a price of 39 990 rubles, from November 7, 2017.


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