Microsoft has published standards for the most secure devices with Windows 10

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Microsoft has published standards for the most secure devices with Windows 10

Microsoft makes every effort to protect your devices and Windows 10 from external attacks. The company has published standards for the most secure devices with Windows 10.

But devices that use Windows 10 are still facing threats if they are not protected properly. Constant cyber-attacks are forcing manufacturers of hardware and software to actively work to improve their computers and operating systems and make them more resistant to attacks. With each release of Windows 10, Microsoft adds new features and functions which guard the safety of the user. Still, the device it can not be called invincible. Many security also depends on the used iron.

To this end, Microsoft has published a document designed to help users to “fully protect” your electronics, working on the basis of Fall Creators Update Version 1709.

The document is intended for “desktop General purpose computers, laptops, tablets, 2-in-1, mobile workstations and desktop computers”, covers topics on processors, processes, virtualization under hardware, code integrity, secure boot and update system components under IOS. Although some items require additional explanation, the simplest require a minimum of 8 GB of RAM and use processor that supports 64-bit instructions.

Standards from Microsoft

So, everything in order. Microsoft has posted a special list, which called recommended components with which the user will be able to build a more secure computer.

Microsoft has published standards for the most secure devices with Windows 10

Processor: the device must have the latest certified chip officially supported operating system. This is the 7th generation Intel Core processors, the M3-7XXX, Xeon E3-XXXX, Atom, Celeron and Pentium. The list of processors includes the AMD A-Series AX-9XXX, E-Series, EX-9XXX and FX-9XXX with support for 64-bit instruction set.

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Trusted Platform Module (TPM): a chip version 2.0, built-in Intel or AMD, as well as discrete modules from Infineon, Nuvoton and STMicroelectonics.

Platform Boot: a cryptographically verified Boot Guard Intel, AMD Hardware Verified Boot or equivalent from another OEM with similar capabilities.
The computer also needs to support UEFI 2.4 or newer, the driver must be compatible with the HVCI and UEFI Secure Boot enabled by default. In addition, an update mechanism must support specification Windows UEFI Firmware Update Capsule.

Most interesting is that some Microsoft devices do not follow these recommendations. The Surface Pro 4, for example, was released in 2015 and is working on 6th generation Intel Skylake i7 and not on the 7th generation Kaby Lake.55

Of course, criminals will always find a way around even the best protection, but the use of these document components in a pair with a Windows 10 upgrade Creators Fall Update will help you stay fully protected from various infection which is spreading on the Internet. Since we have broached the topic here of security, we recommend that you also read the article about upgrading to Windows 10 Creators Fall Update, which talk about how to protect your computer from viruses encoders. This feature came with Windows 10 Update, and Creators Fall at a critical moment can save your files from malicious software.


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