20157 Microsoft has criticized the Google users security

Microsoft has criticized the Google users security

Employees of the security service Microsoft wrote in the blog about one of the Windows vulnerabilities in the Chrome browser that allows you to remotely execute malicious code on users ‘ devices. It must be noted that over the past year between the companies lasts for a real cold war: Google has publicly talked about the vulnerabilities of Windows and other Microsoft products before the latter have time to fix them. Now redmonds decided to take revenge search giant.


“We deliberately talked about we discovered the gaps together with the exploit for code execution in Google September 14, 2017. They fixed the problem during the week in their beta versions of Chrome, but the public stable version was still vulnerable almost a month,” said Jordan, Rabat from Microsoft team, Offensive Security Research.

Microsoft criticized Google, as the latter has released the source code to correct in the public domain on GitHub before the vulnerability has been fixed in the stable build. This gave the attackers a month to detect the breach and take advantage of it. Jordan Rabet considers wrong, when the vulnerability becomes known to attackers before users get the fix.

Perhaps this move by Microsoft will make Google not to publish information about the problems in the products of Redmond korporacii to address them.

Source: theverge.com

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