Microsoft showed a video of the final version of Edge browser

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Microsoft showed a video of the final version of Edge browser

Microsoft is preparing for the release of the final version of Windows 10 Creators Update. Today, the developers showed the latest changes in the company Edge browser.

The main visual difference of the new version of the browser has become the organization of tabs, menu, history and open pages. Now they are constantly hidden from the eyes of the user, but if necessary they can be quickly recalled.

These elements provide access to a number of functions. For example, the user can now open tabs for a specific period of time, to see a screening of the website and to access the settings.

In Microsoft for a long time was implemented in Edge support extensions, but with Creators Update developers will get a set of tools that will allow them to create their own extensions.

Among other important innovations include support for the new WebVR version of the browser. Now, using VR devices you can view videos and other multimedia content directly through the browser Edge.

In addition, the browser will display the new safe mode for online transactions when you purchase goods and services on the sites.

In addition, in the video you can also see the e-book store with the ability to read books directly on your computer.

Currently, the exact release date of the final version of update Creators Update for Windows 10 is unknown, but according to rumors it will happen in April.

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