Microsoft earned $24.5 billion in the first fiscal quarter of 2018

Microsoft earned $24.5 billion in the first fiscal quarter of 2018

Last night Microsoft reported its first quarter results of the 2018 financial year (not to be confused with the calendar year). The company, which in 2014 runs enterprising Indian Satya Nadella was able to obtain from their customers 24.5 billion. Net sales amounted to 6.6 billion dollars. A year ago in the same quarter, the Corporation was able to earn 20.4 billion, of which the net was 4.7 billion dollars. Operating profit amounted to 7.7 billion dollars (+15%) and the value per share increased to 0.84 us dollar (+17%).

Microsoft exceeded the expectations of analysts, who had forecast a profit of $23.56 billion. This is due to the continued growth of cloud business. In particular, the Intelligent Cloud revenues grew to $6.9 billion, driven by 17% increase in server products and cloud services, and Azure revenue growth of 90%. Office products have also been the highlight of the quarter: commercial and consumer Office revenue grew by 10 and 12 percent, respectively. LinkedIn’s revenue was $1.1 billion.


Revenue in the category of “More Personal Computing”, reflecting revenues from OEM-manufacturers, Windows, Surface, games, etc., amounted to $9.4 billion Microsoft explains this decrease in the cost of patent licensing, as well as another drawdown on 315 millions of dollars in unit. Microsoft Surface has improved its performance this quarter and showed an increase of 12% compared to the same period last year (Q1 FY17). The growth was possible thanks to the range of new computers, like Laptop Surface and Surface Pro (Surface Book 2 not yet taken into account, because not even started to be sold). Subdivision Surface again exceeds $ 1 billion and is already at the level of serious PC business to Microsoft.

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Profit from hardware part of the Xbox decreased because of lower cost and fewer sales, but the drawdown kompensiruet a large number of sales in Xbox Live. Microsoft said that software and services Xbox increased by 21%. That’s the whole point of the console business – you sell the hardware at a loss, but a few times discourage lost money at the expense of those who believe that paying for multiplayer is the norm.


The last time significantly increased the capitalization of the company Microsoft, which now stands at 649 billion. This is the highest of the company over the last 17 years. Also surged the value of shares and is now $ 84 per. All of this suggests that the finances of the company in order.

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