The Modder kicked out of Dark Souls all the extra

Bosses at the popular role-playing action game Dark Souls are kind of his calling card games. They inspire fear and horror, when you meet them heart begins to beat faster. Exactly on these feelings we decided to focus the player under the nickname Wulf2k when he was working on his new modification of the custom Boss Rush Mod. She leaves in Dark Souls but most importantly — bosses.

Dark Souls

To work Boss Rush Mod you just need to download a special. EXE file and then load created in the original game character modification. Then you can choose any boss to fight. Wulf2k warns that the mod is still in early stages and contains some bugs. Boss Rush Mod could have a negative impact on the progress in the original Dark Souls, so it is advisable to use a character that you will not be sorry to lose.

It should be noted that this is not the first modification to Dark Souls user-created Wulf2k. Previously, the Modder has released a Mod Connectivity, fix problems Internet connection through DSCM-net.


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