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Motorola is also joining the Android One?

Just a few days ago showed the world the smartphone Xiaomi Mi A1, which became part of the Android One. If someone does not know, this program was created by Google with the purpose of popularization of smartphones in the middle price segment under the control of a “clean” version of the Android operating system.

Today, Evan Blass shared the photo, which shows the Motorola logo with “Android One”. Remarkably, this smartphone looks almost similar to the recently announced Moto X4, which we showed at the IFA exhibition in 2017. Unfortunately, Evan did not disclose any further details. But we can assume that this device will be the first Android One smartphone, which will be sold in the USA.

Motorola X4 Android One

There are other data…

Back in January of this year, according to The Information, it became known that the search giant is working with an unspecified smartphone manufacturer to enter the US market the Android One. According to the data obtained, the cost of this smartphone should be between 200 to 300 dollars.

And in April, the website 9to5Google said the “rumors” about what this program will involve two smartphones Moto X (2017) and is still unknown to us HTC E37. And the price tag of these devices will be much higher, 300-400 dollars. The announcement is scheduled for the end of October — beginning of November.

If you go back to today’s photos from Evan, it becomes clear that Motorola is really part of the project Android One. Because as we know, the X4 will be sold in Europe at a price of 399 euros, which is fully consistent with April, according to 9to5Google. It is possible that “new” Moto X4 will be announced in October, along with the new Google Pixel.

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Source: Androidauthority

Motorola is also joining the Android One?

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