Motorola: return of the legend

Armstrong stepping on the moon, said,”That’s one small step for man, one giant for mankind“. When you look at the history of Motorola, those terms come to mind. By the way, to hear we were able, thanks to technology Motorola. All small at first glance, the steps, every invention of the company was a part of the lives of individuals and of States. Who knows what would have been history if not for Motorola — without the radio the outcome of the Second world war could be completely different. What other legendary soup went down in history, how they looked, what they could, who they could afford — read the article.

June 27, 1895 born Paul Galvin (Galvin Poul) — a man who was destined to create anything from Motorola, and to achieve recognition for their offspring. In 1928 with the support (both moral and material) his brother Joe Galvin started Galvin Manufacturing Corporation.

Motorola: возвращение легенды

In those days America raved about two things — radios and cars. The chic is considered a vehicle, equipped with a radio. However, the first car receivers took dolbahante, and listen to Pandora while driving was uncomfortable: there were interference from the engine, moreover, the required antenna length is several meters. And what is most unpleasant — was worth all the “joy” almost a third of the price of the car!

Paul Galvin ventured for a few months, the company had to create a truly portable avtopriemnike, the price of which will not exceed $200. The idea seemed fantastic, but Galvin was able so hard to infect other people with your idea that the staff of the Galvin Manufacturing Corporation even overdone — new car audio price only $110 was introduced in 1930.

Motorola: возвращение легенды

There are several companies ordered large batch of new “radios”, and Galvin organized a mass production of new items. Radios — automotive and handheld, and fixed home, which the company soon began to produce — quickly conquered the market. By 1936, every other American family owned a receiver. “We will cover the rest!” — said the brothers Galvin.

The new radio does not have a name. In the result of brainstorming was coined by a brand and logo Motorola. Galvin made it out of two words: motion (eng. “the movement”) and Victrola (the name then popular in America radio).

Motorola: возвращение легенды

At the end of the 1930-ies the company has acquired experience of cooperation with state agencies. Police cars equipped with radios Motorola, perfectly proved themselves in the process of Stripping Chicago and then other cities from the ideological heirs of al Capone.

In 1936 Galvin asked their engineers to develop a portable radio. After 4 years, was presented the result of their efforts: radio with frequency modulation “handy-talkie” (Handie-talkie), which can be carried in the hand — the weight of 5.4 pounds (about 2.5 kg), waterproof case, 50 fixed channels in the frequency band of 3.5-6 MHz. Confident communication within a radius of miles in rough terrain and within a radius of three miles above the ocean.

The revolutionary idea behind the radio — full duplex mode: the operator can simultaneously listen and speak. “Handy-talkie” in fact was not even a radio in the strict sense. It was the first mobile phone, and even with the function of conferencing. Other stations worked either for reception or for transmission, while listening to could only be the one who broadcasts — the other point was blocked.

New Galvin Manufacturing Corporation immediately became interested in the Ministry of defense. For many years the company became the official supplier of telecommunications in the U.S. Armed forces. During the Second world war, was released more than 130 thousand radios, so you can reasonably argue that “handy-talkie” is a weapon of Victory, as the T-34 tank, the plane “Flying fortress” made or cut out of a water pipe English submachine gun STEN.

In 1956 came another novelty — pager. Pocket radio, allowing the wearer to accept only messages addressed to him.

First and foremost, the new “adopted” the ambulance service. A few years pagers have got virtually all Americans, starting with top managers and ending with the waiters. By the way, in the USSR the first pagers were only in 1980 during the Moscow Olympics, and after the Game ended, paging equipment was transferred to the Institute. Sklifosofskiy.

Motorola: возвращение легенды

Meanwhile, Motorola has become the “world is not enough”. In the 1960-ies the main partner was the National Aerospace Agency (NASA). Already in 1969, two Motorola receiver was installed on Lunokhod Rover used by the astronauts to move on the surface of the satellite. Receiver this weighed 680 g and was a hundred times more sensitive than usual — the same transmitter to broadcast the words of Neil Armstrong in the MCC.

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Motorola: возвращение легенды

The apotheosis of the space program Motorola can be considered a system Iridium — the global satellite operator with 100% coverage of the surface of the Earth. Satellites “iridium” became the reason of interesting astronomical phenomenon — “Iridium flare”, which can be seen even in the daytime, and at night it is the brightest object in the sky after the moon. Each of the three flat antennas of the satellite from time to time throws on the ground a huge (up to 10 km in diameter) Sunny Bunny. For the observer from Earth is bright, lasting a few seconds flash, like a star.

By the end of 1970-ies Motorola focused on the most promising — microprocessors and telecommunication equipment. Once the head of the mobile division of Motorola Martin Cooper, walking through new York streets, made the first call to the office AT&T Bell Labs (approx. direct competitors are Motorola at the time) — Martin Cooper kindly shook hands with him and said that this call is made by a mobile phone. Cooper later loved to tell, even heard how the anger and frustration of their rival’s teeth grinding.

Motorola: возвращение легенды

The “trick” Cooper was largely a promotion — before the era of mobile communication was still a few years. And it wasn’t just the huge weight of the phone — Cooper joked that during a walk he is seriously pumped biceps. And not that the terminal and the base station exist in a single instance. And not even that battery was enough for 35-40 minutes of conversation, and charge it accounted for 10-12 hours. First and foremost it was required to convince the authorities that they were allowed to build networks of base stations and the allocated frequency range.

The Firstborn DynaTAC

Motorola: возвращение легенды

March 6, 1983, the public was presented the device DynaTAC 8000x, the development of which has invested more than $ 100 million. The phone weighed 794 grams, its dimensions were 33×4,4×8,9 cm Between the user version and the prototype (1970-ies) took eleven years, during which DynaTAC became a little lighter and more compact. Charging the batteries the first mobile phone with led display was good for 8 hours of work in standby mode or 1 hour of conversation. Price of the device was “pathetic” 3995 dollars. Despite this exorbitant cost, the number of subscribers wishing to obtain a convenient mobile communication in the here and now, grew quickly, and by the end of the year, the company has sold over a million handsets.

“Star” StarTAC

Motorola: возвращение легенды

It was a time of experimentation: in 1989, the company produces MicroTAC with a hinged panel that folded closed the numeric keypad. But the most popular was the StarTAC. The name sent to the switch from Star Trek: does it have the same design. Since the advent of the DynaTAC 8000X, the company has done a great job: just compare the size of the debut of mobile and miniature StarTAC.

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Talkabout T191 — first public

Motorola: возвращение легенды

One of the first mobile phones at an affordable price was a Motorola Talkabout T191. The compact phone easily fit in any pocket, and was a kind of entertainment center with the simple games. The phones have already started to change our way of life and organization of the day: it was a little bit to spend your day.

Motorola V70: in the style of a folding knife

Motorola: возвращение легенды

Engineers, meanwhile, continue to experiment with form factors. After the clamshells have a rotator phone which is revealed through the reversal of one of the halves of the device relative to another. Practical sense this a zero, but as a stylish device the device does not know equal. Otherwise, the gadget had the same with other models of functionality, but, like the StarTAC, was focused on style.

MPx200: Windows in your pocket

Motorola: возвращение легенды

The functionality of the phones continued to expand, and it became clear that in the usual formats them closely. The result has been the emergence of smart phones — devices more complex operating systems that allow for customization of the device. So there was the Motorola MPx200, the first smartphone-clamshell on Windows 2003. Enthusiasts on the forums started EN masse to release a lot of firmware and native builds for the device: add new languages, display of additional information, other animations, changing desktops and icons — the operating system is allowed to alter the smartphone completely.

E398: gift for music lovers

Motorola: возвращение легенды

Over time it began to appear cell phones, sharpened for a specific function and audience. Before the boom of the camera remains several years (although models with cameras already), and yet Motorola in 2004 introduced the E398 is the first phone with two stereo speakers and the like strobe lights in the faces of the device. Player and speakers were already too much: the phone gave out great sound and has become incredibly popular. The model was an excellent option for fans to listen to music always and everywhere, and places under the tracks at the time was missing — device supported memory cards microSD.

RAZR V3: blade new style

Motorola: возвращение легенды

Clamshell has become a style icon among cell phones. No other phone of that time did not look so impressive, expensive, and simply beautiful. RAZR V3 was all about design: extremely slim and lightweight, the keyboard was reminiscent of the chip, and the total style seemed to be that the production got props from cyberpunk movies. The model was one of the most coveted and acclaimed phones of the middle of the last decade.

Motorola Xoom: first Android 3.0 tablet

Motorola: возвращение легенды

In January 2011-wow, half a year before the takeover by Google, Motorola released the first tablet on Android 3.0 Honeycomb – Motorola Xoom. The tablet was equipped with a powerful NVidia Tegra 2 processor and is recognized as the best device of CES 2011.

Moto Atrix 4G: not a smartphone, and “the terminator”

Motorola: возвращение легенды

Released in 2011, the Moto Atrix 4G proved to be something of a breakthrough for its time device. Few people know that it was the first smartphone with a fingerprint scanner. Also this is the first of its kind modular smartphone. Motorola has developed for Moto Atrix 4G (NVIDIA Tegra 2) special dock laptop to quickly turn the gadget into a full-fledged computer. Later this concept trying to emulate other companies.

Moto 360: the first round smart watch Android

Motorola: возвращение легенды

Motorola has left its mark in the history of not only phones, smartphones and tablet. For example, the Moto 360 became the first round smartwatch running Android Wear – the operating system developed by Google for wearable devices. Due to its unusual appearance (round display) , the Moto 360 has gained immense popularity and in fact became the “face” of smart watches on Android Wear.

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For a long time, Motorola was the undisputed leader in the mobile phone market, but since the mid 2000-ies the company had many competitors. This is not to say that the company went wrong: Motorola will have taken a wait and accumulating power for the legendary return.

Later came the dark times, and it seemed that the legend will finally be history. It turned out — only it seemed this year at MWC 2017 representatives of Lenovo officially announced the revival of the Motorola brand and the return of the logo is a stylized letter “M”. Despite the change of ownership, Motorola remained in the United States. Here comes the development and testing of new products in China is only the Assembly.

Motorola: возвращение легенды

This year Motorola is once again going to surprise us. Now this seems like a difficult task, because people have become used to a certain form factor, but the company is full of fresh ideas. It is already possible to select models which can be not less legends than the RAZR V3 and E398.

“Modular” Moto Z2 Play

Motorola: возвращение легенды

About modular smartphones said a lot, and attempts to create something new made, for example, LG and Google. However, only Motorola has managed to make an interesting ecosystem and successfully launch it to the mass market. Modules (Moto MODs) allow you to turn the smartphone into a full-fledged Play Z2 camera, hands-free mobile speaker even portable gaming console or a projector, and provides up to 3-4 days of battery life thanks to the module with the battery. Details about Moto MODs, and the smartphone can be read in our review.

“2-day” Moto E4 PLUS

Motorola: возвращение легенды

The smartphone Moto E has its origins in 2014. For several years it was the most available devices of the brand. Today prominent representatives of this series are Moto Moto E4 and E4 Plus, presented in early summer. The latter is an impressive battery of 5,000 mAh. While the vast majority of gadgets work best day, and usually from morning to evening, E4 Plus will provide at least two days of stable work, which can easily turn three. This fact alone gives the gadget the right to occupy an honorable place in the ranking of the legendary future Motorola smartphones. More details on the long lasting gadget you can read in the review.

“Bulletproof” Moto Force Z2

Motorola: возвращение легенды

The flagship model is expected this fall. According to rumors it will be made in the best traditions of the company: a powerful filling, elegant appearance. But the main feature Z2 Force — an unbreakable screen, which is protected from drops on the pavement and external influences, including scratches. Plus, of course, top the filling. Play and Z2, the new model will also be included in the modular ecosystem. In addition, it is expected several new modules that we have not had time to test. First impressions of the future flagship can be found here.

Motorola: возвращение легенды

A third of a century passed from the first step of cellular telephony. Motorola has always remained true to the principles of their Creator — to be an innovator. But in this superiority there is one interesting detail: by introducing something fundamentally new, Motorola does not exploit this novelty, and it was adopted for the development of the next.

Again, the role of “purveyor” for NASA, the Pentagon and most government institutions the U.S. is also still there, the company regularly wins tenders for the supply of communications equipment. The main thing is its position as a generator of new ideas and solutions is not going to yield to at all. The time will come, and Motorola will again make a step, spoke of Armstrong stepping on the moon. Maybe that time has already come — what do you think?

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