Motorola made fun of Apple and other smartphone manufacturers

Motorola made fun of Apple and other smartphone manufacturers

Today Motorola has published online two new iPhone ads Moto Mods, which ridiculed all the manufacturers of mobile devices, including Apple.

In one of the clips Moto Z2 smartphone compared to iPhone 8. The main advantage referred to the fact that thanks to Moto Mods, the smartphone from Motorola can turn into a projector. In the second video iPhone 8 find fault because he can’t “transform” into a projector.

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In addition, representatives from Motorola, not impressed portrait mode “Apple” smartphone, and pointed to the fact that the iPhone 8 “can’t go beyond and turn into a real 360-degree camera.” In turn, Moto Z2 can do it with the special fashion.

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Yes, the Motorola is much, as they say. But the commercials are somehow not indicated that, for example, the cost of the mod, which turns a smartphone into a 360-degree camera is $299. Well, plus the mods that they are compatible with other smartphone line. For example, the most affordable smartphone lineup — Moto Z2 Play, also supports all of those mods.

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