“MX Currency”: convenient and versatile currency Converter

In today’s world, the exchange rate plays an important role in many areas of life. Often it is unstable, and almost every hour can occur in a variety of variations. Be aware of all the changes in the Forex market not only business people but also travel lovers, and Internet shopping will help the app “MX Currency”. Simple and easy to use software has extensive functionality and will become your faithful companion for all those who continuously monitors the exchange rates and the latest news from the currency markets.

Platform: Android

Version: 4.8

Russian interface: Yes

Requirements: Android 4.0.3 or higher

Category: Finance

MX Валюта MX Валюта

“MX Currency” a single click will provide the user with relevant and accurate information about exchange rates for more than 170 currencies of different countries. To choose the major currency that you want to follow is very simple: just press the “+” icon in the upper right corner and ticking off the currencies which you are interested in. By default, the application selected five currencies: Euro, pound, dollar, yen and Swiss franc.

For ease of use and rapid access to information to the desktop of your smartphone, you can make a widget of the application.

MX Валюта MX Валюта

For any currency pairs it is possible to track the dynamics of the course. Statistics are available for display in one day, five days, three months, one year, two years, five years or more. The user can also specify update intervals on price data of currency — intervals from 30 seconds to one day. For full program permanent Internet connection is optional, even when you’re offline, “MX Currency” allows to work with data obtained at the time of their last update.

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Using the application is also convenient to monitor the prices of precious metals (gold, silver, palladium, platinum) and even cryptocurrencies.

MX Валюта MX Валюта

The app is based on the official exchange rates provided by the authoritative source — Yahoo Finance. If the list of currencies in the program, you will not find one that interests you, you can add in manual mode, it is enough to enter name, country, flag, currency code and price.

“MX Currency” also provides the most recent and relevant news about a particular currency, you can access this information in a special “Chart”tab.

MX Валюта

The application does not use any hidden processes, and does not load in the background additional data. This means that there is no additional load on the battery of the device it does not. But if you are abroad and mobile Internet traffic is too expensive, in the settings you can set the boot mode, and information updates only when connected via Wi-Fi.

Also each user can configure for individual needs and visual display applications. Option display of currency symbols and select the number of decimal places, suggested two modes of the interface “Spacious” and “Compact”, and two themes — light and dark.

“MX Currency” is easy to use and intuitive, all components of the program is very convenient to you at any moment, could get the latest and current information from foreign exchange markets.

MX Валюта MX Валюта



  • easy to use;
  • different widgets of the application;
  • the set of available currencies.
  • graphs of the fluctuations;
  • news from foreign exchange markets;
  • personalization and a wide range of settings;
  • work in offline mode.
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  • not supported on older devices with earlier versions of Android.

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