9353 My garden: 1001 idea how to equip it and transform. Part 2
My garden: 1001 idea how to equip it and transform. Part 2

My garden: 1001 idea how to equip it and transform. Part 2

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My garden: 1001 idea how to equip it and transform. Part 2

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need. Cicero was right. And for many people special pleasure is reading in a flowery spring garden – preferably his.

Today we continue to iterate over wonderful ideas for your garden (started here). One you like – feel free to bring.

And try to rethink the space, making the area not just in the garden, and the garden of dreams, perhaps with a real home cinema in the fresh air, incredibly comfortable relaxation area or perhaps Playground fun for the kids.

Сад-как ухаживатьThe contents

  1. Rock garden and rockery – garden of stones
  2. The gabions in the garden: a Fashionable trend in landscape design or What can be done with mesh and stones
  3. Rotary – roots garden
  4. The comfort of home in your garden. Rethinking space
  5. About the lighting

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Весна в саду-фото

Rock garden and rockery – garden of stones

Альпийская горка с растениями-ваш сад фотоRock gardens and rockeries are true rock gardens. The first option requires the presence of hills, covered with rock vegetation, and for the second, rockery, will fit any landscape, even a perfectly flat ground.

Японский сад камней-фотоIn addition, there plants are of secondary importance.

Рокарий-сад камней фотоTo make it clearer, in rockeries main “actors” – the stones and in rock gardens they are, these stones are the backdrop for the plants.

Рокарий в саду-фото

Современный ландшафтный дизайн-идеиThere are several kinds of the rock garden. They repeat different parts of highlands. So, rocky cliff called a jumble of large boulders with minimal vegetation in “pockets” and niches.

Скалистый альпинарий-фотоOn the hillside you will see the complex high composition of stones of different sizes, which complements a large variety of dwarf plants.

Альпинарий-горный склонA valley in the mountains is mostly large stones that partially protrude from the ground and surrounded by a profusely flowering ornamental plants.

Долина в горах-фотоPerhaps the most spectacular rock garden – gorge. He’s the most difficult to implement. It requires a natural hollow, the slopes of which need the framing rocks and the representatives of the rocky flora.

Цветущий сад-как ухаживатьTo complement the rock garden or rockery can be a dry stream that simulates water.

Мульча-гравийLooks good in landscape design and regular pebble. Moreover, in such variations, in which her usual, barely even.

Мозаика в саду-фото

Дорожки и декор из камней-коллаж

Дорожка из камней-декоративный элемент садаDug into the ground in a vertical position flat pebbles is part of an unusual mosaic.

Коврик из гальки-фотоAn easier way – the shapes of pebbles on the lawn.

Фигуры из гальки-декор газонаLarge flat stones can also serve as the basis for a lawn.

Газон с камнями-фотоBut a hedgehog can get out of pebbles!

Ежик из камней-декор садаAnd cozy birdhouses:

Каменные скворечники-фотоAlso used to decorate gardens and flower beds with decorative gravel.

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Практичная дорожка-для сада

Декоративная галька-сад

The gabions in the garden: a Fashionable trend in landscape design or What can be done with mesh and stones

Габионы-идеи для ландшафтного дизайнаGabions – literally “the big cage” (FR. – gabion, ital. – gabbione). Dimensional products from wire twisted wire mesh, filled with stones (and sometimes wood or glass).

Габионы в современном ландшафтном дизайне-сфера применения

Мини-габионы-ландшафтные работы

Габионы-в ландшафтном дизайне фото 8

Габионы-в ландшафтном дизайне фото 7

Габионы-в ландшафтном дизайне фото 6

Габионы-в ландшафтном дизайне фото 5

Габионы-в ландшафтном дизайне фото 3Them today used to create fences, high raised beds, pots for flowers, benches and garden furniture, for decoration of lanterns, pond and beyond.

Габионы-в ландшафтном дизайне фото 2

Габионы-в ландшафтном дизайне фото 4For zoning the space to, for example, separate gazebo or pool from the garden as separate design elements: floral stands, fences, benches, steps – in General, gabions are simply unique.

Габионы-мой сад

Садовая мебель-из камня

Садовый пуфик-габион-фото 1

Габионы в саду-фото 5

Садовый пуфик-габион-фото 2 1

Садовый пуфик-габион-как сделатьThey are an outstanding and aesthetically elegant as in landscaping and in the industrial sector.

Современный сад-габионы

Современный сад-габионы фото 2

Современный сад-габионы фото 3

Современный сад-габионы фото 4

Современный сад-габионы фото 5

Современный сад-габионы фото 6

Современный сад-габионы фото 7Gabions are perfectly combined with greenery, turning into a stunning composition.

Габионы-цветникUsually form stones in the gabion does not matter, but the size Yes. It is important that the cell size of the gabion was smaller than the size of the stones, to avoid loss of filler.

Габионы-в ландшафтном дизайнеThe color of the stones – the most different: from snow white to deep black. If you choose a colored filling, you can put in the gabion ornament.

Габионы-декор сада

Rotary – roots garden

Рутарий-сад корней коллажRotary (eng. “root” – the root) – another fashion trend in landscape design. When placing the roots garden using branches, logs, snags and stumps, complete with vegetation and sculptures.

Рутарий-сад корнейSo next time after spring pruning garden make sure you pay attention to branches and logs. Will definitely come in handy! They can get a unique composition of bizarre forms.

Рутарий-мой сад

Коряжная горка-в садуWorking on rotaries, be sure to treat your “exhibits” special means that will protect the wood from being eaten by insects and rot.

Как сделать рутарий-подготовка сырьяChoosing plants for rotary, prefer curly and not very lush. They will not detract from the beauty of the wood.

Растения для рутария-фотоPerfect complement to songs flowers such as chamomile, cornflower, periwinkle. On the background of the snags look great and ferns and ivy.

Рутарий-с папоротникамиThe original decoration rotary will become a flower bed in an old tree stump.

Клумба в пне-фото 1Removing part of the core, it can be used for plants.

Клумба в пне-высадка растенийWell will feel in a “pot” as an option, succulents.

Живая клумба-элемент рутарияFor very small garden will also fit mini-compositions in the stump. Combine with sculpture and driftwood – it’s just fabulous.

Сказочный сад в миниатюре-решения для маленьких участковFor the house, incidentally, is also suitable.

Рутарий в интерьере-идеи

Рутарий-в интерьере идеиOf roots and snags, you can even make the bench.


Рутарий в саду-фотоOr frame them in the garden path.

Рутарий-дорожкаAnd look at these beautiful horses. They are worthy to decorate any rotary.

Садовая фигура-лошадь


The comfort of home in your garden. Rethinking space

You can keep your garden in perfect condition, to follow him, giving him all his time and all his strength, but he can be boring and grey.

Газонокосилка-уход за приусадебным участкомObviously, just mowing the lawns and watering the flower beds is not enough for the garden became the place in which you want to return again and again.

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For this purpose it is necessary not only to plan and execute, and add little things for comfort – the same textile. And then the garden will be a continuation of the domestic space.

Зоны отдыха-релаксIn its design you can safely use the same thing for the home: furniture, lamps, mirrors, pillows, curtains, even carpets. By the way, there are options specifically for the streets, able to survive any vagaries of nature.

Ковры для сада-фото

Текстиль в саду-коверIn the warmer months, guests can dine in the fresh air. For this garden is to provide an open dining room.

Освещение-гирляндаAnd let it be under a canopy to protect like rain and from the sun.

Террасный сад-обеденная зона под навесомNotice how great it looks in the garden is an old table lamp and grandma’s long out of fashion crystal chandelier.

Романтический ужин-террасаIf you want to free up room in the house, but you wish to throw away still good but no longer relevant to modern interior design things, build out of them in the garden.

Освещение сада-обеденная зонаMirrors – including. They will expand the space and beat it.

Зеркала в оформлении сада-идеиNow popular designers of interiors and exteriors of the bar.

Барная стойка в саду-идеиYou can make out of ordinary planks, covering them on top of the varnish.

Барная стойка в саду-зона отдыха

Барная стойка-в садуIn the garden is very harmonious, and themed decor.

Вертикальное озеленение-варианты для маленького сада фото 5

Оригинальная ваза-на дачеHere is the place and all sorts of goods for summer holiday: hammocks, swings, umbrellas and sun loungers, a mandatory pool. Do not forget about textiles, relevant and on the street: curtains, tablecloths, pillows, blankets and beyond.

Текстиль-чем дополнить зону отдыха в саду

Каменная скамья-фотоSo, decorative pillows can be scattered on the benches, curtains make a shade of a gazebo or veranda, and a blanket to put on the swing for cool evenings.


Садовые качели-фотоAnd in the hammock necessarily throw a pillow and blanket.

Гамак и гирлянды-ваш садIt’s so nice to see the day. This is probably the best moments when you can do nothing, and just doze off in the fresh air, enjoying the nature, his garden.

Гамак в саду-фото

Гамаки-качели-для садаFor garden furniture, you can use pillows and mattresses, simulating grass cover. Great idea!

Садовая мебель-имитация травы

Садовая мебель-имитация травы фото

Газонная трава-садовая мебельWe strongly recommend that you equip in your garden relaxation area.

Зона отдыха-фотоHere you can find details on how to do it.

Зона релакса в саду-фото 1

Зона релакса в саду-фото 2This rethinking of the usual six acres will allow you to quickly forget about the vanity, which is somewhere behind the fence.

Балдахин в саду-для отдыха

Уютный сад-фото

Уютный сад-фото 3

Уютный сад-фото 2

Уютный сад-как обустроитьIt’s also possible to organize a cinema in the fresh air. Invite your family and friends. They will be delighted.

Кинотеатр в саду-идеяFor children – play area. And it’s not just about a banal sandbox, though it is needed. Trampoline, Playground, swings – should be happy with every kid. Adult, by the way, too.

Батут в саду-фотоFor older children you can build a hut or a real tree house.

Домик на дереве-для детворыFor fans of Lord of the rings – style hobbit. By the way, why not hide it in the cellar?

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Домик в саду-для детворы

About the lighting

Садовое освещение-фото 4When the lighting of the garden it is important to combine functionality with decorative.

Вечер в саду-фото

Функциональное освещение-обеденная зонаAnd it is real art, able to surprise with unprecedented effects that are born from the Union of plants and lighting: decorative lighting is based on the play of light and shadow.

Декоративное освещение в зоне отдыха-идеиThere are such types of lighting, like home lighting, walkways, stairs, accent lighting, holiday lighting and security lighting.

The facade of the building should be the most illuminated place on the site, because it is psychologically easier to move from darker places to the fact that well lit.

Функциональное освещение-подсветка дорожек и домаPath lighting is important from a practical point of view.

Освещение садаIn the dark it will point the way, so to speak.

Освещение дорожек-фото

Освещение дорожек-садMust and lighting of stairs that will make climbing them safe.

Освещение ступенек-сад

Освещение беседки-современный садEmphasize terrain low lights placed in the form of paving or at the direction of the track.

Многоярусное освещение в саду-фотоUse this technique as a “moving light”, creating an atmosphere of mystery.

Освещение-вечер в саду фотоThe light source is fixed on the object or very close to it. This light, snatching some part of the darkness, do not give a complete representation of the space, leaving room for guesswork.

Освещение в саду-скользящий свет

Освещение в саду-скользящий свет фото 2True led lighting.

Светодиодное освещение в саду-фото 1

Светодиодное освещение в саду-фото 3

Светодиодное освещение в саду-фото 2At any time of the year appropriate in the garden garlands as additional decorative light.

Гирлянды и фонари-освещение вашего сада

Гирлянды-освещение обеденной зоны вечернее времяGarland binding on the parties in the fresh air. Summer is coming, come up with something interesting!

Светильник-гирлядна-освещение в саду

Летний сад-освещение

Гирлянда в саду-праздничное освещение

Гирлянда в саду-праздничное освещение фото 3

Гирлянда в саду-праздничное освещение фото 4Original lamps can be done by hand.

Подсветка в саду-идеи

So, darkness is not chased you into the house ahead of time, equip the garden with lights. They can be a decoration

Inflate balloon, dip hemp rope in a mixture of PVA glue with water, wrap it on the ball – as it will – and let the design dry. Then just pop the bulb. You will remain a stylish shade for your lamp.

Подвесной уличный светильник-как сделатьIt is possible to add a strand of garland or mounted within it a garden lantern on a solar battery. Another option is to wear a lampshade for a cartridge with a bulb.

Подвесные уличные светильники из веревки-фото

Оригинальные светильники своими руками-шарыAnd how do you this homemade beauty?

Оригинальные светильники своими руками-бутылкиWell, if you don’t want to bother, buy the finished product.

Светильники-шары-фотоFor example – luxury balls-lamps.

Уличные светильники-для сада

Светодиодные шары для сада-освещение

Круглые светодиодные светильники-для садаThere are even floating versions.

Цветной светодиодный светильник для сада-идеиAnd anyway, the choice is more than rich, including models running on the energy of the sun.

Оригинальные светильники для сада-лягушка

Улитки-оригинальные светильники для сада

Tree Ring Lights-пеньки-светильники

Освещение сада-стильные светильникиFor romantic atmosphere, the charm of garden candles.

Декоративное освещение для сада и террасы

Свечное освещение для сада-идеи

Свечи в саду-декоративное освещение

Свечи в саду-фотоYes, burn candles, drink wine, eat from beautiful dishes and whatever else suggest we battered…

Свечи-освещение в саду

Свечное освещение в саду-фотоAnd may your garden bloom and fragrant. Share your ideas for your home and brag about the fact that we already managed to bring to life.

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