Finds at Hello #4: pool vacuum, the musical pot and action camera!

Finds at Hello #4: pool vacuum, the musical pot and action camera!

Hi all. With you again heading called “Findings at Hello.” In this article I will briefly tell you about the robot-vacuum cleaner for the pool, will introduce the musical pot and several unusual action cameras. So there you go!


  1. Robot vacuum Hayward AquaVac
  2. Music pot TOKQI K3
  3. Action camera Insta360 Nano
  4. Action camera SJCAM SJ360
  5. Tablet for drawing eWritter

Robot pool vacuum

Robot Hayward AquaVac 500 is equipped with a special microprocessor program that allows the robot to accurately determine the size of your pool and thus, to carry out effective cleaning. It should be noted that this model does not need to pre-configure and control its movement.

Робот-пылесос для бассейна

In turn, it is a double traction system that has 2 brushes, allows the robot to move with ease not only on the bottom of your pool, but also on its walls. A special unit on the housing of the vacuum cleaner allows you to select one of the modes of operation, and with a timer you can set the frequency of auto-cleaning: every 24, 48 or 72 hours. It should be noted that the recommended size of the pool should not exceed 12×6 meters.

Music pot TOKQI K3

And once your robot vacuum cleaned the pool, you can relax, watch the flowers and listen to music. For these purposes, ideal for musical pot TOKQI K3.

Музыкальный вазон TOKQI K3

Besides the fact that using a Bluetooth connection you can listen to your favorite music from any device, even using the pot, you can create music. So, with a light touch the leaves, you will hear the pleasant notes of the piano. As for Bluetooth speakers, it has a capacity of 5 watts and is equipped with a battery capacity of 1400 mAh. Another highlight of this pot is a built LED lights. Which TOKQI K3 will perfectly look in any interior – you just need to choose the suitable color.

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Action camera 360 Insta Nano

Well, to make a video of how to pool rides a vacuum cleaner, and the pot plays music to help action camera Insta360 Nano. This is a panoramic camera that will allow you to shoot everything that happens around you.

Экшн-камера Insta360 Nano

Its mini weight 70 grams, allows you to wear it even in a jacket pocket to record all the important moments of your life. As for characteristics, this camera can record video at a resolution of 3040×1520 pixels, at 30 FPS. Maximum photo resolution is 4096×2048 (8 MP). The camera has two built-in fisheye lens, the coverage of each is 210 degrees.

Экшн-камера Insta360 Nano

Insta360 Nano can be paired with devices from Apple through Lightning interface, or completely offline. Capacity built-in battery 800 mAh is enough for one hour of continuous operation of the camera.

Action camera SJCAM SJ360

SJCAM SJ360 is another camera that allows you to record 360-degree videos. But, unlike the previous model, it can take photos in a resolution of 4096×2048 points and has the shape of a billiard ball. In the camera module installed Sony IMX078, which itself implies quite high quality pictures.

Экшн-камера SJCAM SJ360

The advantages of this model include the presence of OLED-display with a diagonal of 0.83 inches and feature a gyroscopic image stabilization, which is called “Anti-Shake”. As a graphic processor is used Nocatek NT96660.

Tablet for drawing eWritting HSP85

Using tablet for drawing eWritting HSP85 you’ll be able to take their children’s artistic activity. The display of this tablet you can draw without stopping, and to erase creativity to a special button. After clicking that, you all start “from scratch”.

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eWritting HSP85

The advantages of this model include the fact that it has two sides on which to draw. Thus, between children can arrange a kind of competition “who better to draw a dog”. Besides all the advantages, you also save on paper and do not destroy nature.

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