NASA will test the warning system for flying close to the Earth the asteroid

NASA will test the warning system for flying close to the Earth the asteroid

NASA scientists plan to use flying past Earth asteroid 2012 TC4 to test the system alert, informing about the approaching asteroids.

The asteroid will approach the Earth at a distance of about 42,000 kilometers, but NASA scientists say that the risk of asteroid collision with the Earth there.

Monitor 2012 TC4 will be “a global network of telescopes”. Gender khodas, Manager of the NASA center for the study of near-earth objects, said that this system will observe the asteroid, capture the settings and figure out “how close he comes to Earth.” This is necessary in case, if ever the Earth is threatened by collision with another asteroid.

The “search programs of NASA are becoming better and better at detecting asteroids,” said khodas. According to him, the first priority was to find the large asteroids. Now, NASA has found 95 percent of the asteroids whose diameter is a kilometer and more, they are able to cause “global catastrophe”. He also said that scientists are looking for asteroids and small. According to him, they are suitable in order to improve technology for tracking celestial bodies.

According to Khodas, if scientists knew about the approaching asteroid for “five or ten years,” we could knock him from the “collision course”.

About the asteroid called 2012 TC4, which will fly close to Earth on October 12, says for several years. In 2015 edition reported that its size can reach 40 meters. The last time this asteroid flew past the Earth in 2012.

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In 2016, it became known that NASA plans to make the probe test, which is designed to reject asteroids with dangerous orbits by shock interaction. Experiment the DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) requires that the probe hits the asteroid to slightly change its orbit. Then it was reported that the system will only slightly change the speed of the cosmic body, however, if this is done long before the alleged fall to the Ground, the collision will be avoided.

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