New Apple iPad Pro are not inferior in performance to your laptops

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Earlier this month, Apple joined the line iPad Pro and MacBook new, more efficient models. The company is particularly proud of their new iPad Pro, which is positioned as a very competitive alternative to personal computers. And it’s not just a buzzword: according to the results of benchmark tests BareFeats blog, the new iPad Pro almost does not concede, and in some points even superior to the more expensive MacBook Pro.

Apple iPad Pro

Bloggers have compared several MacBook Pro models with four samples of the iPad Pro. In the “competition” involved:

  • 2017 MacBook Pro with 13-inch display, Intel Core i7 processor with a frequency of 3.5 GHz and a graphics accelerator Graphics Iris Plus 650 GPU, 16 GB of RAM (LPDDR3, 2 133 MHz) and 1 TB ROM.
  • 2016 MacBook Pro with 13-inch screen, Intel Core i7 with 3.1 GHz and graphics Iris Graphics 550 GPU, 16 GB of RAM (LPDDR3, 2 133 MHz) and 1TB of flash memory;
  • 2017 iPad Pro with a display diagonal of 12.9 inches, A10X processor with a clock frequency of 2.39 GHz, 4 GB RAM and 512 GB of memory;
  • 2017 iPad Pro with a 10.5-inch screen, A10X processor with a frequency of 2.39 GHz, 4GB of RAM and a drive capacity of 512 GB;
  • 2015 iPad Pro with a 12.9-inch display, A9X chipset with a frequency of 2.26 GHz, 4 GB RAM and 128 GB of ROM;
  • 2016 iPad Pro with a screen 9.7 inches, A9X processor with a clock frequency of 2.24 GHz, 2 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory.

MacBook Pro 2016

BareFeats “drove” devices on a variety of comparative tests from GeekBench and GFXBench, where he tested the capabilities of the processor and graphics capacity of participating in the test models of iPad Pro and MacBook Pro.

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Apple iPad Pro

In single-core mode CPU MacBook Pro 2016 and 2017 prevailed. With a small separation took third place with 10.5-inch iPad Pro and fourth place went 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2017.

GeekBench Single-Core

That to multi-core tests, then the leader was again MacBook 2017, earned 10 261 score. However, the second place this time “won” the 10.5-inch iPad Pro and the third spot is occupied by its 12.9-inch “brother”. Both versions of the iPad Pro 2017 showed the best result than last year’s MacBook Pro.

GeekBench Multi-Core

When it came to check the graphic options to the absolute “champion” proved to be iPad Pro 2017. In the test GeekBench, first place went to the 10.5-inch model of the iPad Pro and the second a MacBook Pro (2016).

GeekBench Metal GPU

In the benchmark GFXBench devices are reversed: this time the 12.9-inch tablet was on the first line, and the 10.5-inch in the second. Third and fourth place in both cases withdrew MacBook Pro (2016) and MacBook Pro (2017).

GFXBench Metal Manhattan GFXBench Metal T-Rex

Of course, the MacBook Pro has a larger display and higher resolution, which plays a role in the results of the GPU tests. This makes iPad Pro some odds. However, this is not essential. The fact remains: tests in GFXBench and GeekBench has revealed the true power of the new Apple tablets. In terms of performance the new iPad Pro 2017 can really compete with homemade systems.


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