9194 New details about the iPhone 8 appeared online

New details about the iPhone 8 appeared online

JPMorgan, the Agency published an analytical report, which was made new assumptions about the design features of the iPhone 8 with an OLED display. It is alleged that the smartphone screen will be located from edge to edge horizontally, that is, the smartphone will lose the side part. This does not apply to the upper and lower parts, which act as carriers of important components in the smartphone. Under the same case dimensions screen size will increase from 5.5 to 5.85 inches. iPhone 8 will be equipped with dual camera with optical image stabilization, improved speakers, an advanced moisture protection and the function of 3D face recognition.

Apple iPhone 8

As was argued earlier, the design of the iPhone 8 will be revised. The battery of the smartphone will be longer and will take a L-shape. The cost of materials and components for the iPhone 8 will increase for Apple on the average $75-$80 per device, these figures do not include expenditure on R & d, marketing and transportation. It is assumed that the cost of a new iPhone with an OLED screen of at least $75 will exceed the cost of the iPhone 7 Plus. By the way, analysts at JPMorgan suggested that included with the top new product will be supplied and wireless AirPods headphones, although this seems unlikely due to the large number of contracts with third-party retailers for shipment and sale of earphones as a standalone accessory.

Apple iPhone 8

The report includes a small section about the future iPhone 7S and 7S Plus, which will replace the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The main change will be the transition from the aluminum body to a 2.5 D glass at the rear, thanks to which it will be possible wireless charging of the smartphone. In the line 7S the frame is made of aluminum, while the iPhone 8 expected durable stainless steel. Information about the announcement of the iPhone 8 in June of this year have not yet found reliable evidence.

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