New image sensor from Panasonic will allow cars to “see” in the dark

The company Panasonic has introduced a new image sensor, designed for shooting in complete darkness. In the official announcement States that the core of the development lies the possibility of controlling near-infrared light sensitivity of each pixel in the organic CMOS image sensor. In other words, this sensor is able to shoot images in total darkness at a short distance without loss of detail or resolution and without the need for a separate infrared filter.


Panasonic uses independent from each other and tension in different layers of organic films deposited on top of the sensor. The collection of these methods and allows the new sensor to shoot in complete darkness without additional equipment.


Panasonic claims that the potential applications of this sensor are a vision system and intelligent vehicle systems. Thus, the self-driving car will be able even in the dark to “see” everything that is in front of him.


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