Nintendo has eliminated the main drawback of the Switch

“The big N” has released a hybrid for consoles Nintendo Switch major update to 4.0.0. Among many small changes stand out two big innovations: the ability to record short videos and, more importantly, the transfer function of games and saved games on other consoles. About the latest gamers clamoring for the last few months. Due to the lack of this “feature” many have lost all my progress in case of the slightest damage to the console.


Now gamers won’t have to worry about their account if they Switch anything happens. All you need to do to transfer saves to another console is to go to the menu “System settings” and choose submenu “User”. After the upgrade there will be a button “send user information and save data”. However, there is one caveat. Upon completion of the transfer process, all the copied information will be deleted from the source console.

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What to capture after you install the new patch gamers will be able to create a small 30-second clips of gameplay, holding down one button. After this clip, which is stored in the memory of the console can be shared on social networks. About this option the players also asked for a long time. But not without a trick: the function is only supported in a few games, including such high-profile Nintendo exclusives like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Later, the company plans to add support for video capture and other games, including multi-platform. But when it will happen is still unknown.

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The rest of the patch 4.0.0, released on 18 October, looks like a pretty standard update. He brought a small improvement in the stability of the system, added the newsfeed and offered the option of pre-purchasing certain games in the Nintendo eShop, as well as created several new icons in the style of Mario and Zelda for users.


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