2086 Nioh: a game about magicians and demons, based on real events
Nioh: a game about magicians and demons, based on real events

Nioh: a game about magicians and demons, based on real events

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The plot is action-RPG Nioh is as follows: white in all senses man helps Japanese ruler to fight with the enemies. Here is the devils from hell, but not the essence. The plot, frankly, popular and, given the exotic nature of the country, demand watched “the Last samurai” with Tom cruise? The representative of Western civilization in two days, learned karate, three — language, and before you know it, your guy on Honshu. Tale lie, Yes in it a hint: as the film Edward Zwick, Nioh is based on historical facts, and now we will prove it to you.

Almost Gulliver

The game utilizes no less historical figures than the Assassin’s Creed series. Tokugawa Ieyasu, Honda Tadakatsu, Yoshitaka Kuroda, Mitsunari Ishida — who the hell are all these people? Imagine an interactive action game about the times of Ivan the terrible, where the heroes of Alexei Basmanov, Malyuta Skuratov, Ermak and Andrey Kurbsky. Approximately the same effect feels when meeting with Nioh Japanese: the game animates in front of him and portraits from the history textbooks, albeit in a fantasy way. Historical context and winks from one of the posters Nioh showing how sad the Queen, a samurai from the disgrace.


The name of the hero, the developers also did not change. William Adams — the real sailor from England, who served under the pirate and Admiral Francis Drake when he defeated the Invincible Armada of the Spaniards. At the end of the XVI century, Adams enlisted in the Navy of the Netherlands, and together with a small squadron went to the far East. In 1598-m five ships set sail from the pier of Rotterdam, and two years later only one of them, with the remnants of the crew, resembling a walking skeleton, appeared off the coast of Japan.

Battered sailors hard: who killed the natives and bad weather, brought to handle the scurvy in the campaign even killed the brother of William Thomas. But this mishap crew did not end there: the sailors were in prison, whence they escaped only thanks to the diplomatic talent of William Adams and his knowledge of the Portuguese language. Once regular co-driver, he won in Japan a high position and respected — just like Marco Polo at court of Kublai Khan three centuries earlier. About the life of Adams many legends about him and wrote a book — say, a novel by James clavell, “Shogun”, filmed in 1980-m to year. Or less known, but more historically accurate a book Christopher Nicole “Knight of the Golden fan”. In honor of an English sailor named quarter Anjin-those in Tokyo.


Then of course, you ask what does the Portuguese language, and how Adams brought in such and such a distance, where people eat raw fish with chopsticks? It all started with the division of the world between two masters of the seas of the XV century Spain and Portugal. In Tordesillas both sides with the help of the Pope and the pencil drew a line across the Atlantic, to the East of where you could do what they vzbredet the Portuguese, and to the West wielded by the Spaniards. Where was held the hell itself, can be understood today: it was noticed that Brazil was the only American country where they speak Portuguese?

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But more important to us that this section of the world brought merchants from Portugal to Japan. With trading people profits and missionaries of the Jesuit order is to bear to the Gentiles the light of the “true faith.” However, the triumph of the spirit did not last long: echoes of the European conflict occurred and to distant lands where the Portuguese with the Spaniards steadily pushed the English and Dutch sailors. That’s why William Adams met with the shogun Ieyasu, and Richard Chancellor, for example, with Ivan the Terrible. And that’s why of all the European languages, Japanese interpreters somehow knew only Portuguese.

NiohEdward Kelly at Nioh and the engraving of the XVII century.

Not sucked from the finger and antagonist Nioh Edward Kelly. Of course with this Adams he hardly met, but this is the real man who talked with angels called spirits, increased manhood without registration and SMS smelted gold from manure — in short, doing what in the sixteenth century are well paid. Although business was sometimes complicated by a sudden check — one of such inspections Kelly go to jail as a charlatan. Leaving prison, he decided quietly, in English — through the window. But it fell and broke. The developers Nioh moreover, what added to the alchemist three years of life, and turned him into a mighty sorcerer. What no go, to gather in one work such a vivid characters — a deliberate anachronism as a literary device popularized by the more Dumas.


Shogun and ninja-wizard

Hard to believe, but once Japan was completely impoverished: from extra mouths to feed here get rid of, throwing babies into the street, and the samurai, as a standard of discipline and devotion, were for food. Not for pineapples with hazel grouses, but for the normal rice. Now imagine that with a country make a decade of civil wars, taxes to two-thirds of the crop and raiding gangs of deserters. Too lazy to imagine watching the movie “Seven samurai” by Akira Kurosawa is a genius. Order in this branch of hell brought the shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu, for which his contemporaries were ready to kiss his geta. Well, or slaughter, depending on the fact that they broke off from his reforms.

NiohTokugawa Ieyasu in Nioh and the portrait of the XVII century.

In the game, Tokugawa is the patron of the hero, as in life, he engaged in what we would call the “gathering of the lands”: to rein in feudal lords and established a unified state with its capital in Edo (old name of Tokyo). Even Ieyasu is known for its famous decree on disarmament of the peasants. On the one hand, greatly reduced the replenishment of the ranks of the criminal at the expense of farmers with sticks against swords briskly not povoyuesh. But on the other… has a Knack for simple peasant and agricultural machinery to swing. Martial arts of the feudal domain of steel folk just after the “disarmament of the Tokugawa”. Finally, he created a political regime that existed for nearly three hundred years. The agony of the Tokugawa Shogunate as shown in “the Last samurai”.

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The writers Nioh could not pass by Hattori Hanzo sword — friend and bodyguard Ieyasu, ninja of the chamber of weights and measures, the real spider-man, a textbook grandfather-teacher rumbita and at the same time the most famous Japanese in the XVI century pop culture. He is a master of swords from “Kill bill”, he is an elf from the third “the Witcher”. The authors of the series Assassin’s Creed is referred, naturally, to the community of assassins with blades in the sleeves, and the developers of Sid Meier’s Civilization — spies.

NiohHattori Hanzo sword in Nioh and the portrait of the XVI century.

About the Japanese products with this colorful personality you should write a book, but enough that Hattori is acting in Nioh. With him, as with Kelly, the developers made a compromise — when Adams came to Japan, Hattori was already four years dead. Here it raised great and rejuvenated all the gamers.


Demons immured

The most tricky way Nioh, without which it can not understand the end of the game — demons, evil spirits, or as they are called in Japan, youkai. They, too, could have real prototypes. Once Tokugawa Ieyasu, a national hero and unifier of the country, the forces opposing him is evil. In the art, from the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch to the books of Lovecraft, there is a tradition to depict real people in supernatural beings. Hell, in The Witcher 3 all played? For Japan, this technique is also not new — just think of Akutagawa ryunosuke with his story “the country of water”. So, given the serious soup Nioh — there are at least lit up the script by Akira Kurosawa is a sin not to suspect a metaphor.

[embedded content]

The only question is, who exactly are the devils in this festival of hardcore? Variants here two rebellious lords or the Catholic Portuguese. Both are linked, if not the threads of conspiracy and arms trafficking, noodles on the ears of the samurai — for sure.

I hope no one will be spoiler that, among other reptiles antagonist Nioh Kelly calls from the dead, the ODA Nobunaga. Why use it? To answer you again have to dig the story: Nobunaga in the sixteenth century were good friends with the Portuguese. Consulted with them on any issue, bought their muskets on the cheap and was actively recruited into the army of Christians. At the same time the same Portuguese pulled a similar intrigue in the Congo, where they by force of arms has led to power Mwembe N singu familiar to anyone who played Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. And then modestly occupied the country and has been engaged in the slave trade. The Japanese do not grow together, and not because overseas visitors have suddenly become white and fluffy.

NiohODA Nobunaga in Nioh and the portrait of Kano Motohide (XVI century).

But because after Nobunaga (but before the Tokugawa) the country was ruled by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. He was angry with the Portuguese: and how widely spread their religion (in today’s Japan Christians less than it was at the time) and the intrigues of the missionaries of the Jesuits, and the unwillingness of the Christian girls to become concubines. But Hideyoshi was paranoid, he raised himself to the princes of dirt, so all his life was terrified of losing his power. Constantly looking for things inside and outside enemies, not trusting even the loyal vassals. When they happily reported about the victory over Korea, Hideyoshi did not believe it and demanded proof. So in Japan came a terrible cargo — 200,000 ears, cut from the corpses. Of course, the persecution did not escape and the Portuguese living in the country, which steers a serial isteroid, acting on the principle “beat her to other people’s fear”, it’s silly to expect that of others it will only scare you.

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Tokugawa Ieyasu was not as cruel and suspicious, but he also realized something about Christian missionaries. The leader of the country, where espionage was one of the basic methods of policy, it is difficult not to suspect the Jesuits of a competing organization. Especially if she was right — the Order of Jesus, the Sweetest is considered to be one of the best intelligence services in the history of mankind. Well what a reasonable ruler would agree to tolerate on their territory an extensive spy network that promotes its own interests? Do not tell our geta.


And then there’s European showdown: in the same year, when William Adams, reached Japan, in Rome burned Giordano Bruno. Notice? Fishers devils themselves could not behave worse than the devil, which proves that the biography of Adams. Hardly his ship with the gaunt remains of the crew appeared in Japanese waters, the Portuguese then declared William’s spy, the specific creep and the enemy of the shogun. So the unfortunate sailors landed in jail, and only a personal meeting Adams with Tokugawa made a difference. Then the Jesuits backfired that opposed the shogun, the Japanese were often suspicious of Catholics. For example, the most efficient part of the enemies of Ieyasu at the battle of Sekigahara was at least half of the Christians. I will say, is not the result of the activities of the Jesuits?

And look: under the influence of William Adams, who became not only the first samurai-European, but also a personal Advisor and teacher of the shogun, he was expelled from the country by the Portuguese. Since the authors Nioh depicted demons in a figurative sense, it all fits on the nose: exactly what Adams and helped to kick them out of Japan of the seventeenth century. The warring ended, began the time of isolation.

[embedded content]

Placing points over i in the story of the game, final it metaphorically hints at the future, where Britain ruled the seas, intrigues and offends these little ones. And activities of Tokugawa Ieyasu in this sense nothing has changed — the evil, as history shows, ineradicable. But virtual monsters to destroy you, and advise you to do in Nioh. Hopefully, after our digression to do it will be doubly exciting.

The author of the text: Alexander Burov

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