Nissan will replace the Renault racing series Formula E electroblade

Nissan will replace the Renault racing series Formula E electroblade

Nissan will become the first Japanese car company to take part in organised under the auspices of the FIA racing championship of electric cars called Formula E. In these races, the company will begin to act starting in 2018.

In a series of Formula E Nissan will replace another representative of the group company Renault. The latter intends to focus on speech in the Royal race Formula 1.

Команда Nissan заменит Renault в гонках серии электроболидов Formula E - фото 1Participation in the increasingly popular championship Formula E will allow Nissan to more efficiently promote his concept Nissan Intelligent Mobility – the company’s strategy describing its vision of how cars must be driven, be driven and be integrated into society.

“Uncompromising expression and instantaneous acceleration are the basis of management of the electric vehicles Nissan, for this reason the company decided to participate in the championship Formula E,” said Squillaci Daniele (Daniele Schillaci), Executive Vice President, global sales and marketing of Nissan electric vehicles. — “Nissan will become the first Japanese automaker came in this increasingly popular championship. He will bring it to our long history of victories in motor racing. However, the championship will give us a global platform to advance our strategy, Nissan Intelligent Mobility in the environment a new generation of racing fans”.

Formula E is a championship among electric vehicles, starting in 2014, under the auspices of the FIA, the teams and manufacturers competing on track in the centers of large cities around the world.

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