“Nova poshta” declares unlawful intervention of employees of GFS to the company

“Nova poshta” declares unlawful intervention of employees of GFS to the company

Ukrainian logistics company “Nova poshta” reports about the delay of international shipments, the cause of which was the intervention of the internal security of the State fiscal service of Ukraine in the work of the company.

“We have some disturbing news: fifth day of workers of internal security of the SFS intervene in the sector of customs clearance of international Express shipments at our sorting station where it receives packages to international destinations”, – said in a recent post on the official page of “Nova poshta” in the social network Facebook.

According to employees of the company, employees GFS inspect all parcels, photographed and filmed incoming packages with air, car and flights interfere with their treatment, creating artificial obstacles. The company noted that while any violations that would give grounds for such scrutiny and inspection, it was not.

“We are doing everything possible so that the parcels reached the addressees, even though it may be later stipulated time. We also want to involve the widest public attention and media. SFS has the right to perform the test, but now impeding the work of our customs shall be made contrary to the current legislation,” – said in a statement.

The SFS for this reason, there is no official statement did.

Recall, last month we told you about that “Nova poshta” has raised the tariffs for delivery to Ukraine.

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