9420 "Nova poshta" has simplified the return of the goods to customers

“Nova poshta” has simplified the return of the goods to customers

The return of the goods by the sender becomes the

“Nova poshta” simplifies the procedure for returning goods to the sender. Now create a return shipment can be in your account in the mobile application of Nova poshta and through the API. As before, the sender remains a possibility to return the goods, please contact the contact centre of the “Nova poshta”, in the office or through the Manager by writing the application.

Using the service allows the sender to easily manage the process of returning the parcel using your Personal account, mobile app or API. The new option is useful if the client wants to speed up the return shipment before the end of its shelf life in the Department of “Nova poshta”. The user can also track the path of the parcel and to cancel the order if necessary. The service is available 24/7 for all customers.

It will be particularly useful for representatives of online stores and businesses. It can be ordered free of charge. Delivery back to the sender is carried out in accordance with approved delivery schedules and tariffs used by the customer.

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