“Nova poshta” runs the translation service, and payments by electronic money

The clients of “Nova poshta”, operating in the segment of online trading, are already available on electronic money. Processing of electronic money operates through the payment system FORPOST in the test mode. Soon it will become part of the operating model, including targeted delivery “Nova poshta”.

In the nearest plans — to transform virtual wallet full payment that will help you to quickly pay for purchases, services, including utilities. Electronic money is particularly interested in the players e-commerce market, including online stores that carry Express delivery of goods with the “Nova poshta”. Post Finance* invites them to cooperate.

An electronic money Issuer for the payment system FORPOST became Alfa-Bank Ukraine**, electronic means of payment are issued in local currency.

“By launching their own processing of e-Finance, we provide clients with “Post Finance” and “Nova poshta” new technological options for easy payment for goods and services. I am sure that we will quickly find our place on the Ukrainian market of electronic money that is just beginning to gain momentum,” commented the company’s CEO Post Finance Andrew Krivoshapko.

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