New features the first Half-Life surfaced almost 20 years later

The original Half-Life for nearly twenty years, and she still can surprise you. At the time of the cult shooter has made a real revolution in the genre. He, it is difficult to argue, had some indescribable magic. As it became clear much later, no sorcery, there is not — only a professional developer, and almost maniacal attention to detail. Recently, it became known that the in-game AI in Half-Life 1998 release was… the sense of smell.


This Epiphany was visited by a well-known videoblogger MarphitimusBlackimus, after which he mounted a video confirming this theory. The blogger found that in the code of the game spelled out three scents: meat, corpses and debris. For example, enemies-the people in the game commented on the stench emanating from the dead. Much more interesting is the case with the NPC non-human origin, for example, bullsquids (local two-legged monster with tentacles at the mouth).

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Monster goes to the smell of food, even when it’s not in his field of vision. If this goes ahead — if bullsquid wounded, he will ignore food, even in the absence of a direct threat, because it is not up to lunch. But that’s not all. After the meal bullsquid will go to smell the next portion investigates and sniff it, but there will not — he is already full.

Yes, now AI the first Half-Life to modern standards does not hold up, it seems to “blunt”. But such things as, for example, found nearly twenty years later, the system smells and made shooter a true legend of the gaming industry.

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