NTS again for sale?

NTS again for sale?

According to the sales, which the Taiwanese manufacturer of smartphones HTC unveiled the other day, it is clear that the company’s business is not very good. The implementation of the August was the lowest month figures for the last thirteen years. However, in the company positive about future supply of smartphones. In addition, HMRC also produces both models Google Pixel.

НТС снова продаетсяCooperation with Google takes its beginning in 2016. Today it is so deep that Google already have or invest in a company, or to redeem its division on manufacture of mobile phones.

НТС снова продается

The first rumors about a possible deal for the sale of NTS in August we brought Bloomberg. Recently, the publication in Chinese “Commercial Times” has again addressed this issue. The article reports that the struggling HTC is negotiating the sale of part of its production with Google. And it seems like negotiations are at final stages. It is not entirely clear whether Google the unit itself, or it will look the same as in the case with Microsoft buying Nokia. Or the same Google purchase Motorola. That is, large companies not previously engaged in the production and sale of smartphones, simply buy a portfolio of patents and know-how in order to save time in their development. Perhaps NTS has certain patents that are interested in the Internet giant. Without the purchase of the brand to get them they can not.

Again, according to the publication, the source reports that Google is considered two options. First — they become a strategic partner of STC, the second — they completely redeem a unit for the production of smartphones. It is not a question about selling a division of Vive virtual reality VR or the entire company as a whole. And by the way, HTC continues to remain the world’s leader in the universe of virtual reality and one of the two market leaders in equipment virtual reality (the Oculus). So this “tidbit” company hardly anyone will give. And if Google buys the unit for the production of mobile phones, perhaps we will see an updated Pixel. But, again according to rumors, Google launched Pixel 2 XL production capacity of LG, which in turn may indicate dissatisfaction with the production of a family of Pixel on the capacity of the NTS.

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In any case, we will continue to follow the news. Because information about the sale of the company has repeatedly surfaced, and the result is “zero”. And official comments have yet been received. Follow us on our blog and you will be aware of all the events.

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