14734 About reading: combine the useful with the pleasant
About reading: combine the useful with the pleasant

About reading: combine the useful with the pleasant

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About reading: combine the useful with the pleasant

We all know that reading is good. Like, this is the key to success, and stress, and great exercise for the brain. For some, reading became a hobby, a pastime for the soul. It allows you to “exchange hours of boredom, inevitable in life, in hours of great pleasure” (Montesquieu).

However, most modern people find it hard to carve out time with him. Work or study, family, house, so many “must” and so much “faster” it’s relaxing with a book in hand!

Well, let’s try to fix the situation. Encourage you to read and to find time even in the busy schedule, we will understand how to do it correctly, effectively and with pleasure.

Книга на столе-фотоThe contents

  1. Why you need to read
  2. Five rules of effective reading
  3. And if you read once?
  4. If you want to read faster: basic techniques
  5. About the intended approach, and why sometimes it is necessary to read what is not included in the circle of your interests
  6. Cozy place to read

Why you need to read


As with any skill, reading needs to hone. Yeah, it’s pretty pragmatic, but it is. We can improve constantly in the selection of books, in the application of knowledge, in speed reading, memorization and not only

1.Reading broadens the mind

Each book is a new knowledge. You can easily support any conversation and fill in the arisen pause, will not “float” of complex topics, especially if you read completely different books. As from a tape recorder to collect radio if you can see the sunrise in space, why are leaves green how to make yogurt, which is advertising – your collection of facts and knowledge from different spheres of life will be replenished. It is called erudition.

Чтение-расширяет кругозор

In a conversation do not have to go into the details of the plot of the books read. With any book you can get some information and you will produce the impression of being knowledgeable and smart. In detective stories, for example, often describe in detail the scene. And tracking down the criminal, you learn that you usually eat for lunch the inhabitants of Sicily or how to look like the streets of Mexico

A lot of reading, you’ll learn lots of interesting facts that can Shine in society, to pass for erudite and, by the way, to win the attention of the person you like. Told you amazing stories and witty observations to guide the conversation in the right direction. You will be nice and interesting to talk to. Such people pulls.

2. Reading expands vocabulary

Чтение-обогащает словарный запасOr determines verbal additivity – who somehow. Today we communicate in social networks, messengers, work, make a presentation, speak in public. Always have to watch what you write and what you say, because it pay attention. But reading, as you know, enriches vocabulary and develops writing skills. In General, this is what you need. You read, and then, not even knowing the rules correctly and put the commas and write words. And it is unlikely the review will flash unexpected “I want” or “I like”.

Охота на гуманитариев-шутка3. Reading improves brain activity and makes you smarter

While reading, our brain is actively involved in the work. And it works not only the area of the left hemisphere, but right. How else would have created those amazing paintings in your imagination. So reading is an excellent exercise for the brain.

It also increases IQ. Will definitely be a better figure. But depends on your success. Revitalization of the brain books are also recommended to read… upside down. In the sense, that both should be text.

Чтение книги вверх ногами-фотоYou can still read words backwards from time to time to use as a working left hand (for right-handers) or right (for left-handers), doing household chores with his eyes closed. All this cross-fit for the brain, which makes smarter and improves memory. Incidentally, with regard to improving memory, this is another argument in favor of reading.

4. Reading enhances memory

Reading, in principle, activates the brain. This is what we said. A direct consequence of this is improved memory. And it is possible that one day you will realize that a reminder in the smartphone you no longer need: you all remember.

Чтение в траве-досуг для двоих

Reading is mental exercise. Downloading your brain information, you force him to form new neural connections for the perpetuation of knowledge

5. Reading develops the skills of speed reading

And this does not have to resort to special techniques. Reading itself increases the speed of reading. This means that for one and the same time, today you will learn one amount of information and tomorrow and the day after – another, rejoicing in his progress.

6. Reading allows you to generate brilliant ideas

Own experience is good. But there are so many things that you might not even suspect. Experts on creativity, and today there are many, suggest to combine incongruous, that is, to use a completely incompatible thoughts and come up with something new. And what knowledge you have the more the easier it.

Чтение-развивает фантазию7. Reading can save your life

Not all books, but especially those that describe how to act in emergency situations. But the modern world is very unstable: terrorist attacks, accidents, riots. What is really there, even in the woods you can get lost. And knowledge on how to get to the track, can be more valuable than all the diamonds. And how important it is to know about how to behave if you meet a bear… Yes, I agree it’s unlikely, but that’s life.

It is therefore important to read about what you never experienced. And it’s not just clumsy. In the literature there are recipes for all occasions. And it is foolish to test the strength of your own head, if you can learn the experience of others. Therefore…

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8. Reading solves your problems

In the sense that the books convey the experience of others. So, with the help of the book can be reconciled with his other half (or find it). And to rely on the model behavior book character or, conversely, to go back – is up to you.

9. Reading teaches the relationship

And this applies not only in psychology books. Revealing the relationship between people, they can “penetrate” into the heads of other homo sapiens, to trace the progress of thought, to understand the motives and so on. It’s very exciting! In addition, some knowledge is easily transferable to real life learning, for example, “encrypt” the gestures and actions of the interlocutors.

10. Reading strengthens marriage

Yes, they say that reading together makes a couple stronger. Perhaps any joint activity unites them. And it’s great that reading is no exception.

Чтение для двоих-фотоIn the books, found some interesting ideas and subjects that are interesting to discuss.

Совместное чтение-иллюстрацияAlso books that people read, allow you to know him better. Isn’t there a home library can tell about its owner better than him.

And books excite the imagination, sexy including. And if your photos and videos demonstrate the content, so to speak, in complete and unambiguous, leaving no chance for games, fantasy, books, on the contrary, allowed to invent and fool around.

11. Reading makes you a good person

I agree, it sounds pathetic. But sooner or later have to choose between good or evil. Book in advance for this prepare.

Читающий ребенок-чтение с пеленокThey teach empathy, tolerance, patience. And when lived the life of a book character, you begin to better understand yourself and life in General.

12. Reading helps to distract

You never get tired of reading. Articles, poems, essays, novels, detective stories, philosophical treatises, different themes and different genres in my life are countless. And there is always the opportunity to switch to a new genre or choose an unfamiliar topic.

Книга-инструмент для развитияTime for a good book flies. If there are no plans for the evening, if you miss, it’s a great companion.

Возможности книги-афоризмыAnd don’t want to hear excuses that it’s expensive. Supposedly still on the books to spend money. By the way, successful people do. In General, access to electronic libraries worth a penny. And free e-books there, and a lot of them.

Чтение и современные гаджеты-фотоDownloaded to your smartphone or tablet – read on health, where and when you want. For example, you can pass the time in line. And on vacation to relax over a book or two. Even the suitcase will not have to load a library, because your gadget it all together.

Гаджеты-чтениеBut if you read only paper books, you can enroll to the public library (Yes they still exist!) or take them from reading friends and acquaintances. For some reason we are sure that you will not refuse.

Although we should not ignore the achievements of technical progress, high technologies. Our ancestors could only dream that they had access to huge libraries literally in their hands – in compact devices.

Анекдот-ненависть к технике13. Reading reduces stress

Reading is not only fun, but also helpful because it reduces stress levels by 65% after just six minutes. It’s us scientists say. The conclusion is: if you want less stress and sleep better, read more.

In addition, books are great food for thought. They can change our worldview and even the lifestyle.

Чтение у моря-фото

Five rules of effective reading

If you are a book lover and love reading, you probably thought about how to do it effectively. After a time, the literature fades in our memories, forgotten details, and then the plot is hard to remember. So that the information is “settled” in the brain, do not forget about some of the rules and the nuances of its perception.

First, choose what you read. You menu think ahead, avoiding something you dislike, and put on a plate what you love your taste buds. And quenching the hunger for information come in the same way.

Let this be a list of books recommended by the person whose opinion is authoritative, or your own personal booklist.

There is a caveat. Long lists of books can be demotivating. It’s like a lot of work, which is scary to get off the ground. In this case, we will focus on one or two options in the near future.

Книги-что почитатьIn the same vein, in order not to lose motivation, do not read what you did is not interesting, but if you do it, do it consciously to expand their horizons.

reading people-photo 2Objectively speaking, to understand what one or the other book gets into the range of your interests to make your own opinion about it, just read fifty pages.

It can be done via annotations, content or even a brief information about the author. So you set the right direction for reading. And before you start I advise you to think about what you want to learn from specific books, which problem to solve, something to learn. Such a conscious approach will allow not to miss useful information.

Second, do not get hung up on the books. Today there are a great many alternative sources of information whose information content is not inferior to thick volumes of the libraries. Switch to other formats, find your.

Современное чтение-букридерArticles, digests and newsletters, infographics, and longreads, audiobooks, and podcasts – all this is valuable to modern homo sapiens, who have no time to flip through pages of text to find the desired data.

Recommended: something to read on the weekend.

Third, read actively, literally, with a pencil in hand. This we see to it that you will not hesitate to highlight important points for you, write interesting quotes in a special notebook that will become a quintessence of literature you have read. You will be able to view your records and inferences, easy to reproduce in memory the contents of the books. And will always be able to tell friends about any of them, becoming an indispensable Advisor when selecting literature.

Умное чтение-с карандашом

Reading with a pencil in hand allows you to isolate the key points in the text. However, the ability to think critically and evaluate information does not appear out of nowhere. Listed on the text to pencil something inherent in the predatory. He, like a hawk over the field, carefully observing the target, and seeing dramatically swoops down and pierces the victim of a pointed rod. And the fact that you are ready to act and raised his hand, radically changes the attitude to the text. At this very moment you cease to be passive consumers of information

If you read a book in electronic form, also remember to make it active. Many applications for reading text has very convenient, it is possible to create reviews and citations, highlight text and images of individual sections of the screen.

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Электронная книга Sony-чтениеIn fact, better with a reasonable resistance to read a bad book than mindlessly swallow good, unable to escape from the mindless admiration. This is especially true for nonfiction.

Oh and don’t forget to present the world their ideas and selected the “book concentrate”. You can discuss the book with friends, colleagues or your partner, to share my opinion online, on your social network sites for example. By the way, this is a good place to store excerpts and quotations. It is possible that these friends will love you even more.

Fourth, it is important to determine your required minimum pages for each day. Again, that reading is an excellent exercise for the brain and memory, and training should be regular.

Usually recommend about an hour with a book in hand (or playback device), or about 30-50 pages per day. This will allow for a week to master a fairly dense book, and for the year – 60 books, which is very good.

Fifth, avoid routine. It can ruin not only the family life but the passion for reading. Mix genres, try a new one to the usual literature does not become boring.

Universal readers in love with books. In addition, this approach will expand the horizons and to be aware of new products.


The ability to alternate literary genres stirs interest in reading and expanding their horizons

Thus, a selective approach to the selection of literature do not focus on books and try alternative sources of information and new genres, read actively, literally choose valuable thoughts and ideas, do not forget to share them with the world, do it regularly. After all, if times in a week to come to practice, do not expect that wow effect with your appearance on the beach. Similarly with reading: if the book will gather dust on a shelf, knowledge will not increase.

And if you read once?

Чтение на природе-фотоYes, modern people really have no time to read. But there are simple ways to find time for it.

Reading-in the Park

Reading in the ParkFor example, you can read in public transport. Then the traffic jams will cease to annoy. Also a plus!

Чтение в самолете-как скоротать времяThe book, not just games in the smartphone, will also help to pass the time in queues. Don’t go out without her from home.

Чтение-электронные книгиAs an option – download to your gadget.

Современное чтение-фото

Don’t want to carry books with me, read from the screen of your smartphone or tablet (maybe you even have a BookReader). In General, there are excellent gadgets to help you in this noble cause. And if there’s the weighty Tome does not fit in bag, for compact electronics in it just there is a place

In General, read always and everywhere, as soon as a free moment.

Reading-People 2You have no idea how many books will merit your attention in such short pauses.

Чтение с экрана смартфона-фотоAmerican billionaire Warren Buffett, for example, finds time for 500 pages a day. Bill gates, founder of Microsoft, also reads a lot – at least 50 books a year. Surely their success is a consequence of this. And then keep that list of recommended reading from bill gates for the summer when to be read not only at home or on the way to work in transport and at rest, swinging in a hammock in some scenic location, or, for example, on a sun lounger by the sea.

Чтение в гамаке-летний досугSo, start looking for the following books:

  • “Fix live” (Maylis de Kerangal)
  • “Criminal by birth” (Trevor Noah)
  • “Village dreams” (J. D. Vance)
  • “A brief history of tomorrow” (Yuval Arari)
  • “A full life: reflections in 90 years” (Jimmy Carter)

Билл Гейтс-что почитатьAnd it would be good to have habit of reading before bed that will be replacing watching TV and the key to a good morning.

Утреннее чтение-фотоIt is always better to choose paper book to the screen backlight did not suppress the production of melatonin, a pineal hormone responsible for sound sleep.

reading people-photo 3But if the device has a special night reading mode, you can use it.

Планшет для чтения-фотоAlso, you should learn to ignore the distractions.

Чтение бумажных книг-процессThe perfect moments when you are alone in your favorite chair and ready to take up a book, in life not so much.

Чтение-познавательное хоббиPeople around talking, and if you are at home, children make noise or listen to loud music, then maybe the neighbor can’t finish your repairs, then you can often switch to the computer with the ubiquitous Internet, or on TV. In other words, focus is not possible. Learn it and do not waste energy on empty pursuits.

Чтение на лавкеMay be it is better to change your attitude to reading. In the opinion of the writer and mediastrategy Ryan Holliday, is the main condition for to read more and to read at all. Let the reading be as natural as, for example, food or breathing.

And to go to the book you want without spending a lot of time on your selection, refer to the book stacks and look for lists of recommendations, making your it – for the future, so to speak.

If you want to read faster: basic techniques

They say that Honore de Balzac novel of two hundred pages were swallowed half an hour, and the speed of reading of Napoleon Bonaparte had more than two thousand words per minute. Maxim Gorky it surpassed four thousand words a minute! While today, the average reading speed varies from 200 to 250 words per minute, that is about two pages. To increase it, you will have to learn what speed reading, choosing one of the techniques.

Старые книги-коллажGenerally, the reading speed depends on many nuances, not only targets readers but also the nature of the text. So, some texts must be read slowly to take a bite out of almost every word and every term and postulate (assignment, reference reading, or filtering). In other words, they require deep reflection. It is possible that these materials need repeated reading.

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Other texts you can just briefly run through the eyes, familiarized with the basic facts and ideas. This so-called panoramic reading.

Each text needs to be determining the best way of reading it. But in any case, you need to work on yourself, because speed reading is a skill that simply and quickly pumped.

In the XVII century by Nicolas de Grolle Servier was invented a machine to speed up reading. She had the likeness of a mill wheel, which instead of blades were bookends. At the same time was a disclosed on required pages of the publications. Scientist the people suffered, but achieve results. And you will be able. We will review a few basic modern techniques of speed reading, which you can learn by yourself without spending hard-earned lessons.

  1. The termination of the pronunciation of words in the mind (suppression of subvocalization)

That is, you need to avoid subvocalization mental pronunciation of the text when reading to myself. And it is just a habit that can be eliminated, for example, eating while reading the gum, or to himself under his breath. You can just to press language to the sky, when you work with text. Try. It is not so difficult.

  1. Avoiding “returns”

In the process of reading, we often return the eyes back, stopping on the word just read. Those slow him down. And the only way to get rid of this habit is its recognition and fixation. I caught myself on the hot? He focused and tried not to repeat the mistake.

3. Skipping those parts (or chapters) that you don’t need

Чтение-иностранная литератураArthur James Balfour, one of the British statesmen, once said: “Man knows the art of reading only half, if not added the ability to skip unnecessary text”. And it confirms, that this method, but rather, can be called a small trick that helps to increase reading speed.

Today, in the age of clip thinking – skimming is used everywhere. And the statistics says that about 80% of users almost never read online-page completely.

By the way, great way to find out whether you’ll like the book. Browsed the contents and some chapters – and the verdict is in: to read or not.

  1. Reading vertical eye movement

This minimizes unnecessary movements of the eyes, which are usually spent going from one line to another. To learn this, we need to expand the field of view. Vertical eye movement is based on their movement from the top down and strictly through the center of the page. Due to this, a person reads a phrase not individual words, but whole.

Страницы книги-крупный планTo read faster, it is important to strengthen the memory and to develop attention. This together with the concentration of the main guides. With their help, will be able to achieve high results in speed reading in practice. The technique of speed reading develops memory and attention. In General, a vicious circle. You can practice, for example, reading words Vice versa. Especially like these exercises to children.

And recommend method of parallel reading, parallel to that is, you need to read some books. You can even audio books to listen to when the eyes are resting or when there is no possibility to open the book.

Выбор книги-стеллажIt is very important to distinguish read the material, it does not interfere in the head. If it is difficult, at the same time read works of different genres. It’s easier.

Много книг-скорочтениеTry different ways and methods to develop and do not stop there, as corny as it may sound.

About the intended approach, and why sometimes it is necessary to read what is not included in the circle of your interests

Чтение-как хоббиWhen reading we focus and stop all the unnecessary flow of thoughts consciously. However, they in some cases, when reading fiction for example, are not redundant. And sometimes it is better to choose deliberate reading with a pencil in hand when we make stops, to absorb the information, jot down notes, to formulate its attitude to the book. In such cases, her is born a dialogue. It becomes a Treasury of solutions and valuable thoughts. By the way, for greater efficiency we recommend to classify marks: “quotes”, “important meaning”, “apply”, “reflect” and so on.

And if the book you don’t like it, nobody forces her to read to the end (there are exceptions – school program for example). In this respect, reading is not different from watching a movie. You can turn it off. And a book can always be close and never open. In fact, so much in the world of literature! No point in wasting precious time on something you don’t like.

reading people-photo

A book that you don’t like to read to the end is not necessary. It’s like watching a movie. If he is not interested, you turn it off, switch the channel or go to a movie, taking with him the popcorn. Similarly with books: don’t like one another close and take

However, intelligent people say that there are no books that do not teach anything. Some even suggest to read what is not included in the range of your interests and causes internal protest.

Italian psychiatrist Cesare Lombroso believed that “the book meets with no resistance, may not have much value”. Indeed, if you think about it, read unpleasant literature shapes our tastes, because in order to distinguish good from bad, you need to have an idea about that, and about other. And they say that the truth is born in dispute. And sometimes it is useful to debate with the author, even if he didn’t know.

Девушка и книга-правила эффективного чтения

Reading the works of your favorite authors and genres, we relax and rest the soul. However, you might want to read that, so to speak, causes us rejection

The resistance encountered when reading unpleasant books, makes you more careful and skeptical. And you have a real critic with his own opinion, and one that learns to formulate and defend their point of view, not just the reader.

Увлекательное чтение-хобби

Cozy place to read

Девушка читает-зона для чтенияVanity often do not allow us to take the time to read. In our dynamic time, we do not always remember how to love to read, draw, knit… in other words, forget about the simple and pleasant things – those that are for the soul.

Чтение на подоконнике-фотоBut it’s important sometimes to pause, finding time for them, enjoying what is dear to the heart. And if you are in the house there is a place for personal cosy lounge area where you can relax and indulge in his hobby, we are sure this will motivate you more to be distracted from their cases, plunging into reading for example.

Зона для чтенияA classic place for this – comfortable chairs, couches and Ottomans. It is better to put furniture near the window to catch daylight.

Кресло для чтения-интерьер

Кресло для чтения-в интерьереIf you have little space, you can get a small stool. She will be able to accommodate a small library.

Зона для чтения-банкеткаGreat for relaxing with a book and suspension structures. They rhythmically sway and soothe.

Зона для чтения-подвесные конструкцииSorry that this variant for a country house or the villas, not flats.

Чтение на свежем воздухеIf you have your own garden, it is also possible to equip a recreation area.

Чтение летом-гамак

Книга в песке-чтение летомA good place to read in the house – the window seat.

Зона для чтения-широкий подоконник вариант 5

Зона для чтения-широкий подоконник вариант 3When the eyes get tired, you can look into the distance.

A Paradise for introverted – reading area under the stairs.

Зона для чтения-под лестницейWell, if you can highlight the house room under personal library, know that you are lucky (or lucky).

Домашняя бибиотека-рай книголюба

Стеллаж-много книгTo make the reading area more comfortable will help a decorative pillow, an easy blanket and live plants.

Зона для чтения-замиокулькасWell, the artificial lighting should not be forgotten. The light source need to install on the left (for right-handers) or right (for lefties) from the chair that the shadow of the hands fell on the book.

Зона для чтения-искусственный светWell, we all wish you interesting books and high-quality gadgets, they are reproducing. And share in the comments that have already read this summer.

Как читают успешные люди-советы и рекомендации

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