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Overview of Apple iPhone X: the five stages of the adoption inevitable


Whether you like it or not, the smartphone market still will not be. We are not going to prove that the merits of the Apple is not here, and “competitors had before,” or, on the contrary, that iPhone X — the first truly frameless smartphone with innovative face scanner. We accept as a given: about the tenth, “iPhone” can be heard on every corner. So, he’s more than just a new smartphone, but this realization does not come immediately. Our author was the classic five stages of adoption is inevitable and, to cope with emotions, ready to share impressions.


Can’t be! Really they did do a new iPhone, and not just improved the previous generation? After a long series of repetitive patterns it’s hard to believe. You don’t even need to be a hater of Apple technology, so there is a question: how long to feed users the same with minor improvements? Although bought after all… And this is supposedly a real novelty, and Yes it really.

Apple iPhone X

iPhone X will not confuse with any other smartphone: the display in his all “face” and the camera back vertical, and size, if you look closely, more than 6/6s/7/8, but less than their Plus version. After parting with the characteristics of the previous models lost iPhone the tenth is so important for a premium device recognition? What distinguishes the new X from some high-quality Chinese camera? Yes, almost nothing, except for the logo on the back. At least, when off the screen.

Apple iPhone X Apple iPhone X

The back metal has replaced glass — we have already seen in 8 and 8 Plus that also support wireless charging Qi, and even the old “fours”. Looks nice, but after a few minutes of use the whole surface is covered with fingerprints that do not leave from the appeal of the black model and track (pardon the pun). White version suffers less from this disease, where the prints are almost invisible.

Display gets dirty so quickly, but oleophobic coating I would like to experience a little more. The vertical location of the main cameras I personally like, though it was not done for aesthetic and engineering reasons — otherwise the sensors Face ID does not fit into the case.

Apple iPhone X

The first impression is not up to “wow!” — until you press the power button. And when lights up, it is hard not to admire. Yes, and he did not “completely frameless” perimeter has a couple millimeters of the frame, and a platform with sensors on top. But what is the ratio of the areas of the display and the front panel more than any other smartphone on the market, that’s for sure. Besides, now it’s OLED display, though at a quick glance the differences are not too noticeable — after all IPS-matrix in the technique of Apple is always high quality.


In hand iPhone X looks much more effective than any other smartphone — that he did not take away. Here are just a frameless display, and like everything good, quickly, then his eyes begin to callous the annoying drawbacks. And you know what? iPhone X far from ideal!

Apple iPhone X Apple iPhone X

Apple has warned users that a magical Super Retina, as well as any matrix on organic LEDs can burn out, saying that it is not that we are, is such a technology. Well, let’s say, but it’s not so bad. Open any light background that is observed almost at a right angle? RGB distortion: in one corner, red stain, the other green. Never thrown, but if you look closely, you can see. The rejected device from the axis of sight and the image goes to frankly bluish shades.

Apple iPhone X Apple iPhone X

Well, it costs OLED’. But then there is the cost of “premium design”: the sides of the smartphone, covered with glass, and any fall is fraught with cracks, negate all the chic Shine of expensive apparatus. Incidentally, according to statistics, this happens about a quarter of owners of “iPhones”, and if a disaster happened, the official price fix — 279 dollars. That is, in Russia glass replacement will cost as much as a good Chinese flagship.

Apple iPhone X

Of course, you can reduce the risks and to get rid of the problem of fingerprints on the back cover, hiding the device in the case. And if you decide to buy a smartphone for 80+ thousand rubles, the price of official accessories you will not frighten: 3290 rubles for classical silicone case and 7490 for leather “the book”. The ability to quickly charge the iPhone X will have to pay 5580 rubles (adapter plus cable), after complete of this opportunity can not boast.

Apple iPhone X Apple iPhone X

In other words, you want to buy the iPhone X will have to pay in full. And if wondering not whether to take under this business a loan, take a mortgage from what is really there.

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Compared to previous smartphones line, the tenth of the iPhone, there are many hardware and software improvements. But maybe you should choose the model simpler and cheaper — “the eight”, and even continue to keep hearty iPhone SE? Look at the main differences between X and its predecessors.

Display. “Bermocoll” we figured out about colored waves mentioned. However, for the smartphone usage time I saw them only on a white background and only when watched especially. Ozersky in regular scenarios only occasionally slips light blue at a deviation of the mobile from the axis of the eye. But the display has a crazy contrast ratio: 1000000:1 vs 1300:1 LCD previous models. This is especially evident in applications retaining the black bars at the edges. In such moments it seems that you’re holding a smartphone, the transition of the display frame, black in both color versions of the device, it is not caught eye, black color is really black.

Apple iPhone X Apple iPhone X

Too many features like Always on display, she had to be very out of place. Acidity, typical of many OLED screens, I have not observed any enabled True Tone or off, but the picture always remains bright and rich colors. The picture looks more spectacular than on the LCD in the other “iPhone”, but not servigliano. But what is not brought scan frequency of 120 Hz, as the iPad Pro, which is a shame, its not even enough after working with “iPads”.

Apple iPhone X

Face ID. Function unlock the phone person made a lot of noise, replacing the familiar Touch ID. I personally would like to have both, but in General the transition from the fingerprint scan of the person was easy. It’s nice that Apple did not write a new API for Face ID, and have a basis for existing and open for third-party developers from Touch ID. That means all applications (including Apple Pay) that you previously unlocked “finger”, will automatically become unlocked by the person without any improvement.

Apple iPhone X 

On the screenshot you can see that in the settings you can assign different usage scenarios Face ID. Well-implemented screening notification: if the device is locked, it displays only the mere presence, for example, SMS. If Face ID identified the host, automatically the text appears.

Apple iPhone X Apple iPhone X

“Open” Face ID a stranger with a face I failed. However, my own smartphone was not always recognized. If the device is on the table — all the trouble: like it or not, most likely, the interface will not fall, so the whole story with the girl peeking out of the pool — pure publicity stunt.

Apple iPhone X

But even the “face to face” Face ID from time to time (on average one time out of ten) did not work. Complete darkness, the presence or absence of regular points do not change, but the scarf covering his mouth, already will be a hindrance to unlock the phone. If you disable in the settings the item “Require attention,” Face ID will no longer “catch sight” and will be unlocked, even when you have sunglasses on or just sleep. Accordingly, in the latter case, the smartphone can be unlock without your knowledge. Thus in a database you can only make a single scan, so if you trust your iPhone X wife/husband, they have to learn the passcode. Training Face ID how you look, is very fast, it is only necessary a couple of times to pose for the camera.

Apple iPhone X


Since Apple removed from the iPhone X Home button, they had to re-invent the Bicycle, namely the interactions with the interface. For the first time in history such a mass mobile device is managed principally swipe and has neither the hardware nor the built-in OS navigation buttons (you don’t remember Jolla on Sailfish OS, right?). Feeling like this bike remove the pedals and offered to turn the wheels by hand with a lever — it can be used, of course, but, to put it mildly, uncomfortable.

Apple iPhone X

Working with the interface is almost completely based on swipe, but to make the UI have built a strip along the bottom edge of the display (which also adds a bit of symmetry of the top panel with speaker, camera and sensors). Pulling the strip up returns to the home screen, and drawing a delay — in the menu multitasking. Apps are unloaded from memory swipe and long tap on the window and then on the icon of minus. To switch between apps, you can side swipe the same strip.

Apple iPhone X“Home” Apple iPhone XIn the menu multitasking Apple iPhone XSwitching between apps

For example, it is still possible to get used to. But it is necessary to extract more control center, which used to be “removed” from the bottom. Had to come up with a swipe from the top right corner. Swipe from top left or from the center still opens the notification center that iOS 11 looks like a lock screen. To reach the upper edge, have to use second hand, but there is a small hint. Because the Home button was removed, to lower the interface by double click on it not work, now you need to do a swipe down the bottom of the display (Yes, it is as “comfortable” in practice, as in the words). By default, the function is somehow disabled, you can fix this in Settings “menu ⇒ Main ⇒ Universal access”.

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Apple iPhone XIn the control center Apple iPhone XIn notification center Apple iPhone X“Pull” the top of the interface

Siri is invoked by long pressing on the power key (or a “Hey, Siri!”, as before), and get the menu off the smartphone, you can long-press the combination “power + volume down”. It seems strange to me: why not Vice versa? Would leave the power off on long press and bring up Siri appointed on the combination, and it would be good. A screenshot is done by simply pressing “power + volume up”, and Apple Pay is launched by double-pressing the power key.

Apple iPhone XLaunch Siri

Remember? It does not matter if there is: Apple, as always, everything is provided and prepared the crib. For me personally, it took me about a day to get used to the most frequent gestures at the rest of the time it will take.

By the way, in the GIF above, note the clock in the upper left corner when minimized Siri. Steve jobs for such designers could be fired, and today these glitches slip in version 11.1 with ease (Pro 11.0 I do not say anything — there just was not that). Well, even if the developers themselves don’t end up adapted its OS to the features of the iPhone X, is it worth it to wait from the authors of third-party applications? Okay, if they just leave black bars top and bottom (yet quite common), but sometimes there are at all the curious bugs.

Apple iPhone XHuge fields of top and bottom in non-optimized applications, Apple iPhone Xlayering the OS interface chat messenger

Headache for developers — not only the new aspect ratio display, but the box with the speaker, camera and sensors at the top of the smartphone. Is it the user? Not really. Initially annoying, but after a couple of hours I just stopped paying attention to him and remembered only when I launched the game and the video in fullscreen — while a small part of the image is “cropped”. When you consider all the utility posted on this site sensors, a compromise can be considered acceptable.

Apple iPhone X

The adoption

Well, everything can be used, it would wish. And iPhone X gives many reasons for the emergence of this desire in addition even given him hundreds of thousands of rubles.

Camera. In the jubilee “iPhone” has a double camera, consisting of two 12-megapixel modules with a wide angle lens (aperture f/1.8) and a telephoto lens (f/2.4). The first allows you to capture in the frame for more space, the second gives the optical approximation.

Apple iPhone X Apple iPhone X

“On paper” cameras iPhone front X iPhone 8 Plus all three benefits: more aperture at telephoto (f/2.4 vs f/2.8) optical stabilization for both modules (in the iPhone 8 Plus, it is only at wide angle) and improved portrait shooting “frontally” through the use of sensor TrueDepth. In practice, my feeling is that a smartphone in most cases takes about the same as the iPhone 8 Plus. Better — is possible only in conditions of poor lighting, especially when using telephoto. Day get good detailed images with characteristic Apple natural colors.

Night under low light, I saw the unpleasant noise, but preserved good detail and nice looking colors.

Portrait mode main camera allows you to blur the background, to simulate Studio lighting and remove the background. All that we have seen in the iPhone 8 Plus, so I will not repeat. But it should be noted that thanks to additional sensors for selfie camera is now also available for almost the entire Arsenal of modes of the main camera, including all the “portrait” effect. Here’s how it looks:

In General, front camera, in terms of technical image quality revolutionary changes compared to the iPhone 8 Plus has undergone not only “to pump” in terms of modes.

Apple iPhone X

To panoramic photography I personally have no complaints.

Apple iPhone X

Like “eight”, iPhone X allows you to shoot video in different modes, including slow motion in Full HD with 240 fps (slow motion edited in) and the usual in the highest quality 4K with 60 fps. My hopes that the smartphone with a stereo speaker to record sound in stereo, not justified — it is saved in mono. But the quality is good — built-in microphone is so sensitive that it can record conversations of passers-by at a distance more than 15 meters and carefully transfer all the sounds in the environment.

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Stabilization while recording a movie will not disappoint — meticulously she removes the hand shake, eliminates shaking while walking, and significantly helps when you are zooming. Especially liked that the smartphone holds 60 fps in 4K even when shooting in the dark — so may not all smartphones.

[embedded content]

[embedded content]

In General, fotosmoralo iPhone X, of course, superior to the iPhone 8 Plus, but not so much to speak about any breakthrough in the model.

Augmented reality and “animaze”. In iOS cupertinos 11 built in the package ARKit for developing applications with augmented reality that uses one of the most powerful mobile processors Apple A11 Bionic with integrated neurochip. In the end, we can find in the App Store app to measure distances, imitation tattoos, the improved mask in Snapchat game with the environment and so on.

Apple iPhone X Apple iPhone X

Apple also decided to use located on the front panel sensors for this kind of fun as an animated Emoji. They can really inspire, but in addition is an impressive demonstration of the capabilities of the camera TrueDepth — in addition to photos.

Apple iPhone X

Performance. Here that-that, and the performance of the iPhone X is not exactly a subject of debate — everything is clear without words.

Apple iPhone X Apple iPhone X

Any games with modern graphics flying at maximum speed. Me, with all the wealth of imagination failed to come up with an adequate script that would download iPhone X until lag.

Apple iPhone X Apple iPhone X

The connection and sound. Nothing but excellent communication quality, from iPhone X I didn’t expect. The device supports all relevant frequencies (some only LTE bands — 24 pieces), plus VoLTE, so that the interlocutor can hear perfectly, and the Internet is stable.

Apple iPhone X

As in the previous models of iPhone in X earpiece also performs the role of the media. The device gives great for my Amateur ear sounds, including the bass range.

Autonomy. I use a smartphone in the mode of a mixed bag. In such a scenario — talk, instant messenger, music (repeat, stereo speaker gives great sound), video playback from the Network, a half-hour photo shoot at zero degrees and a little gambling — machine “lived” on a single charge for 14 hours. From a half-hour of racing in Asphalt 8, “ate” 9% charge, which for me, not so much.

Apple iPhone X

In other words, you can live, although the dual battery and wanted more. Again, thanks to the iOS release 11.1, which improved the failure of a power-optimized version 11.0.

The results

Did jubilee iPhone? Of course, because there are a lot of technologies, which has none. Frameless display — with the largest coverage ratio of the front panel. Technology Face ID is the determination of the depth of the scene and correct work in the dark. The complete lack of navigation buttons — the unprecedented decision to bulk devices, especially flagship. And most importantly, all without the need to radically relearn the use of the smartphone. Longtime fans of the company’s products get used to a new form factor, and Android defectors will be able to adapt pretty quickly. And in that recognizable old Apple: bringing existing trends to mind and is able to create a new one. Is this not the kind of magic that we waited so long? Share your opinion in the comments.

Apple iPhone X

Edition 4PDA thanks the store Onlyphones for the given test sample of the iPhone X.

The smartphone is already available for purchase in Onlyphones. You can come to the salon in Moscow, to hold the device in hand, to try how it works and then buy. The store staff will advise you about its features and help to set free, from registration Apple ID and ending all the apps you want — what is called “turnkey”.

If you have already decided on the purchase and don’t want to spend the time in evening, unable to order iPhone X on the website onlyphones.ru. It will take one of the courier services in Moscow the next day, depending on the region. In addition to the camera, you will get official warranty from Apple for one year, and as a bonus from the store — free safety glass and a sticker. And another year of warranty on the replacement of protective glass.

Order iPhone X with delivery for tomorrow


  • spectacular edge-to-edge OLED display;
  • functional use of cameras: Face ID, AR”, animaze”;
  • giant stock performance;
  • great sound stereo speakers.


  • unusual at first interface;
  • color distortion of the display in certain conditions;
  • ineffective oleophobic coating glass.

The author of the text: Max Dvorak

Pictures and photos of the device: Anton Kopnov, Alexey Revin, Max Dvorak

Source: 4pda.ru

Overview of Apple iPhone X: the five stages of the adoption inevitable

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