A review of Carmageddon: Crashers — race bloody 90s are back

Anyone who has ever lost a race in CSR Racing, I wanted to poke out of the tinted window, the muzzle of the AK-47 and make a crafty opponent, a shower of lead. In an extreme case — bortanut presumptuous opponent, kicking him to the curb (of life). Alas, a rare race allows the player such freedom: basically all boils down to two simple mini-games. Rejoice — a new Carmageddon is completely dedicated to the destruction of an opponent on the track.

Right now is meat

You all of course know the story loud once name: bloody Satanism of the late ‘ 90s, wrapped in a racing format that failed — one after another — continue, scandals bans in many countries, a minor one-is-the-girl-heroine, blah-blah-blah, BU-BU-BU. “Karmageddon” has long ceased to wait, and itself is a mess does not surprise anyone at all — and now we do not claim that the game was for the soul of some other advantages. Therefore, another attempt Stainless Games to return back to have lost the grip of the devil seemed questionable, and the mobile format has confused a hundred times — they are still in fashion “fritupley” climbed. However, everything turned out quite differently.

Carmageddon: Crashers

The words is practically the full analogue of the notorious CSR or, if you will, of the legendary mode of drag racing from Need for Speed: Underground. The car burns rubber at the start, you carefully placed the tachometer needle in the green field, torn from place, then a few times switch on time of transmission, and, in General, everything.

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While on the horizon does not appear a contender. He goes around, as is usually the case, but directly on you. The engine burned the gasoline, pull the gearshift lever only in order to gain maximum speed and with all his soul to be put in the same idiot, rushing to the RAM. Carmageddon: Shaag — game about how best effectively to do the most terrible thing in the life of any driver. That is to fly in the forehead oncoming car.

Carmageddon: Crashers

This raises an interesting nuance. You did not fight for time, and for abstract “power”. At the top shines a strip that measures the amount of the car — if blunt and start that in three to five seconds on a date with an opponent over a premature visit to hell. Along with you, by the way, you can grab a dozen “pedestrians” — sorry, but here, as in the original, to call them “pedestrians” does not turn language. Pedestrian pile near the curb, periodically jumping out on the road. Alas, to push them is not as fun as in ‘ 97 — a little blood, or the prospect to wind up on the wheels a couple of people have not stirred the minds. Fortunately, for each downed give a wad of cash — drenched with blood dollars. And the money in Carmageddon: Crashers needed.

Bloody business

Because it’s like drag racing, where everything is decided not on the track and in the garage. The car has a few indicators that are aggregated into a single “force” — it depends who shoot across the sky in a collision. Upgrades are worth decent money, and make money themselves, and not give the big bets in career mode, where you drive into often impenetrable enemy.

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Carmageddon: Crashers

In that case there are two options: either hollow multiplayer, or five or ten or twenty times to pass a normal “paid” race, receiving a humiliating pittance. Over time appears another problem — you fully upgraded the car, but it is still weak against the boss. A new car is not enough. What to do? Of course, to go to the store for bonus stuff! It will transform the truck into a chariot of death, but sold only for gold bullion, which — what a coincidence! can be exchanged for real money. Or save up, but it’s an option for a very strong spirit.

But Carmageddon: Crashers is free to play, so the hard conditions she was a little forgivable in the end, what you want from mobile racing? And yet, annoying — even in CSR Racing had a dozen ways to circumvent “the payment network”. Here space to maneuver significantly less.

I would like some palpable diversity in the tuning. Combat cars designed perfectly: one of the hood sticks out a forty-metre sword wrapped in barbed and obviously sharp spikes. Just like in the original crazy machines, crazy embellished mechanics. But is available in the garage only about the metamorphosis of the inner part. – Drill installation bumper is not stuck and it’s very frustrating.

[embedded content]

But it’s almost true, “Karmageddon”, which once caught the fancy of all of us. Abrupt, rude, politically incorrect and even boorish: announcer calls player “a bastard” in the second minute, first opponents in multiplayer pranking friend with the nickname Hitler, and the police car is called CU:NT. Like “Karma”, isn’t it? And it is even possible to play — it has, after all, a good drag racing. However, just a little bit greedy — Anna would certainly not have approved.

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  • if “Karmageddon” and had to go back, it is like this;
  • the most unusual drag race of your life;
  • crash, meat, blood, the characters in BDSM costumes and the announcer’s Mat from the speakers.


  • levies become more noticeable;
  • a little tuning and the external generally is not;
  • pedestrian boring, and modes little.

Author: Illia Bozhko

Source: 4pda.ru

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