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Review Cubot Magic: what is magic, brother?

Many of you are probably intrigued by the announcement of the “frameless” smartphone Cubot Magic with curved glass. We also began to wonder, what is this spectacular machine in technical terms, how it behaves mounted on it Android 7.0 and what he is doing on his double main camera. What else is so attractive this device and what, in fact, its magic — read the review.

Technical characteristics Cubot Magic

  • Screen: IPS, 5.0″ HD 1280×720 capacitive multi-touch
  • CPU: Quad-core MediaTek MT6737, 1.3 GHz
  • Graphics accelerator: Mali-T720
  • Operating system: Android 7.0 Nougat
  • RAM: 3 GB
  • Built-in memory: 16 GB
  • Memory card support: microSD (separate slot)
  • Network: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz || UMTS 850/900/2100 | LTE 1, 3, 7, 20
  • SIM: 2x micro-SIM
  • Wireless interfaces: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, FM radio
  • Navigation: A-GPS
  • Camera: primary — dual 13 MP and 2 MP (dual-led flash, phase detection autofocus), front — 5 MP (FixPaks)
  • Sensors: light, proximity, accelerometer, microgyroscope, electronic compass
  • Battery: 2600 mAh, removable
  • Dimensions: 145х71х9,3 mm
  • Weight: 165 grams

Packaging equipment

Chinese manufacturers are not shy to attract a buyer, putting in a box, in addition to micro-USB cable and power supply for recharging the mobile, some nice bonus. Here they became silicon case-bumper — highly relevant accessory for smartphone with curved glass.

Cubot Magic Cubot Magic


Front panel, Cubot Magic covered curved on all four sides by glass Gorilla glass 3. The Cabinet is black color as the frame, which in General design is practically are not allocated, and the side — and at all imperceptible. Due to the bends, even when the display with a bright picture has a “magic bezremontnoy”.

 Cubot Magic  4_2

But what really stands out, but only spoils the “face” of the smartphone is a silver icon touch (without backlight) control buttons at the bottom of the device. They are drawn in such a conservative style that, against the background of a futuristic curves look alien.

Cubot Magic

Above the screen is a small slot of speaker to the left of which, almost on the bend, located front camera. Technology whether is it a feature or idea engineers, but “frontalka” somewhat recessed into the panel bending, resulting in its harder to hurt a finger, and it is much less likely to be contaminated.

Plus the camera is front-facing flash, which almost in the very corner, hidden led notification light is blue.

Similarly, very quietly, in the upper area are the proximity sensors and light.

Cubot Magic

The back cover of the smartphone is made in the image and likeness of the front panel, but made of plastic. Yes, you heard right, this is cover. And underneath a removable battery, two slots for micro-SIM and one for memory cards format microSD.

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The surface of the black cover glossy. Just above the center logo CUBOT, and below information from the manufacturer.

Cubot Magic

Two of the main camera lens, positioned horizontally, along with the dual led flash located in the upper left corner of the back of the smartphone. They, like “frontalka”, slightly recessed into the cover and not scratch the surface of the table.

Cubot Magic

The frame of the unit is also plastic. On the left side there are absolutely no controls and the volume rocker and lock screen button rendered on the right.

Cubot Magic

At the lower end edges symmetrically arranged perforations below the main speaker and microphone. But the 3.5 mm plug to connect the headset socket and micro-USB are on top.

Cubot Magic


To keep smartphone — with all its twists and curves — very convenient. Edges do not cut into the hand, and while flipping through the screens of desktop finger nice slides on the curved faces. The device is moderately heavy at 165 grams, it fits in with the average quality indices. The thickness of the device also does not cause any discomfort, and thanks to all those curves it seems thinner than it actually is.

Cubot Magic


A five-inch smartphone display with HD resolution made of IPS technology.

Cubot Magic

The quality matrix is a good level for deviation of the angle of the picture does not fade and does not fade. Colors adjusted, as expected, but with a brightness in direct sunlight problems insignificant.

Cubot Magic

Sensor supports up to five simultaneous touches, works accurately and responsive.

Cubot Magic


Cubot Magic running the Android operating system 7.0 Nougat with a proprietary graphical shell Google Start. Works quickly, and of minor drawbacks — the only places occurring defects localization: for example, in the settings menu, gesture control and camera application, the names of the modes left on English. But it is, in fact, minor quibbles.

Preinstalled applications in the gadget only the standard set of Google services and nothing more. There are still FM radio, which is never superfluous.

But implemented a number of conveniences to which many have become accustomed to other smartphones: the ability to quickly launch the camera by double-clicking on the key lock screen, gesture control and the ability to adjust the enabling and disabling of the device according to a predetermined schedule. And, of course, will not go away one of the most convenient features of “seven” multi — window mode which allows you to run two apps simultaneously on one screen.

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Cubot Magic

Interface and animation on the testing device running smoothly. Applications launch quickly and was not reloaded when switching between them.

The machine at work

On-Board processor is not top-end configuration — MT6737 Quad-core MediaTek with a clock frequency of 1.3 GHz and a graphics chip — the past through time the Mali-T720.

Of RAM — 3 GB internal memory is just 16GB but can be expanded via a microSD card, the benefit it has a separate slot, and the modern OS allows you to combine the memory and make it suitable for all installation applications.

Here is how the device looks in synthetic tests like AnTuTu, 3DMark and PCMark.

Cubot Magic Cubot Magic Cubot Magic

With synthetics it’s pretty clear. What about the games?

Doodle Jump. Long time with this simple toy has not caused any problems. So this time — management with microgyroscope correctly.

Cubot Magic

Lara Croft: Relic Run. Lara still not as smooth as I would like, but sometimes occurs Friesians do not interfere to overcome obstacles.

Cubot Magic

World Of Tanks: Blitz. Cherished 35-40 frames per second are attained only at minimum graphics settings.

Cubot Magic

Godfire: Rise of Prometeus. In this game, the lags occur more often, drawdowns FPS visible to the naked eye.

Cubot Magic

The smartphone has a curious setup, which is called DuraSpeed. Option is designed to improve the performance of active applications, by limiting the apps running in the background. But in practice, the function does not give any appreciable increase in speed, so much the sense of “Fools” there.

The sound from the external speaker, albeit mono, but very loud, you can watch videos by a small company even in a noisy room or outdoors. The more that watching movies in 720p Cubot cope with a Bang. The headphones sound is also missing — it is loud and not distasteful.


Feature Cubot Magic modules dual cameras, one of which has a physical resolution of a matrix of 8 MP with interpolation up to 13 Megapixel and the second one megapixel. Of course, not without the phase autofocus, and a great addition was the dual-led flash.

Front camera resolution 5 MP, it has a fixed focus and also has flash, so you can do a selfie even in the dark. Here’s how it works in different lighting conditions:

Cubot MagicHDR mode enabled Cubot Magicthe HDR Mode turned off

Photo with flash and without:

Cubot MagicThe flash is turned on Cubot MagicFlash is turned off

An example of shooting of the text:

Cubot Magic

Panorama mode:

Cubot Magic

In addition to the standard shooting modes, there are also so-called bokeh, where the background image is maximally blurred, and the object in the foreground remains in focus. This effect usually allows to achieve the dual camera, but looks like the bokeh, full Cubot Magic:

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Cubot Magic

So removes front camera:

Cubot Magic

The video camera shoots in the 3gp format.

[embedded content]

Software parts are all implemented as follows: main switches, such as flash, HDR and access to the front camera are on the main screen of the application. There you can switch between the available shooting modes, including Photo, Video, Panorama, Bokeh, Mono, Beauty and Night. But to fine-tune the sharpness, sensitivity and saturation should look for in a separate menu.

Cubot Magic Cubot Magic

Wireless interfaces

Nowadays it is increasingly difficult to imagine a smartphone, which will not support LTE, Cubot Magic also works in all major Russian frequency. In addition, there is support for Bluetooth 4.0 LE and Wi-Fi a/b/g/n. Work all wireless interfaces properly and no reason to be nervous do not give.

The following are indicators of data download speed in LTE network.

Cubot Magic

GPS with special problems also arose. Only the first connection passed with some delay, but the next — almost instantly. As the device catches the satellites, visible in the screenshot.

Cubot Magic

Work offline

It was interesting to guess which battery is installed inside the gadget, based on practical experience and not peeping into the technical specifications. And feel — at least 3000 mAh, but actually the battery capacity is 2600 mAh. In addition, the battery “magic” are removable so you can always have a couple spare.

The machine holds good amount of energy and in standby mode, and when working with applications. Half an hour of phone calls, regular Internet surfing, constant communication, messengers, email and about an hour of listening to music — in this chart the charge will last from ten in the morning until eight in the evening.

But it was enough to run World Of Tanks, the battery started to sit down — about 30% per hour.

The results

As with any smartphone, Cubot Magic has its pros and cons. However, from within its price segment, the device actively draws attention to spectacular design, curved glass, latest version “OSes” and double main camera. Apparently, its magic lies in the maximum attraction in minimum for such a set of characteristics price.


  • Android 7.0;
  • dual camera;
  • curved 3D glass;
  • 3 GB OF RAM.


  • a weak “iron”;
  • plastic case.

The author of the text: Arsene Pirumov

Picture device: Daria Golubovich

Source: 4pda.ru

Review Cubot Magic: what is magic, brother?

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