Review Doogee S60: SUV without compromises

Choose available smartphone protected is quite simple, and offers in the market are many. But it is necessary to add to the list of requirements for camera more advanced hardware and modern pieces, like the fingerprint scanner, as the range of SUVs is considerably reduced. But Doogee S60 received a real treasure chest in TTX, and the body is strong and mind is not deprived. A lot of iron in the finish, bright full HD display and Helio P25 on Board, NFC, dactiloscopy and fast charging under a voltage of 12 volts! Power and brutality pervade this unkillable monster, the potential of which we now describe.

Technical characteristics Doogee S60

  • Screen: 5.2″, TFT IPS, 1920×1080, capacitive, multitouch
  • CPU: MediaTek Helio P25, 4×2. 5GHz + 4×1,6 GHz (Cortex-A53)
  • Graphics accelerator: Adreno 305
  • Operating system: Android 7.0
  • RAM: 6 GB
  • Built-in memory: 64 GB
  • Memory card support: microSDXC
  • Network: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz || UMTS 900/2100 MHz || LTE: 1, 3, 7, 8, 20
  • SIM: micro-SIM + micro-SIM (combo slot), DSDS
  • Wireless interfaces: Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC
  • Navigation: GPS, GLONASS
  • Camera: main — 21 MP (led flash, autofocus, f/2.0), front — 8 MP (flash, f/2,2)
  • Sensors: light, proximity, accelerometer, microgyroscope, dactyloscopy
  • Battery: 5580 mAh, non-removable
  • Dimensions: 164х81х15,5 mm
  • Weight: 286 grams

Packaging equipment

Doogee S60 comes in a simple black box with a base set of accompanying accessories: powerful network memory with a current of 2 A and voltage up to 12V, micro-USB cable and headset with extra long connectors. Enclosed are instructions and other booklets, screwdriver and two spare screws for fastening the removable cap slots.

Doogee S60


Brutal SUV — so I want to call Doogee S60. Chopped bevels, plenty of damping tabs, a bunch of TORX-screws on the contour of numerous metal panels — a perfect example of armor-piercing technology, even with the stated protection only at the level of IP68.

Doogee S60 Doogee S60

Most of the front surface is durable touch glass, slightly recessed inside. Closer to the top edge is the speaker, front camera and light sensors/approximation. Near the camera is masked led to new developments — a useful addition for such a giant. Virtual navigation keys, so only the front remains inconspicuous hole main microphone (the second is in the rear).

Doogee S60

Thanks to substantial metal support for the plastic side faces of the device looks brutal. There is a “correct analogy” with the electronic equipment of the defense industry. On the top of a huge sealed plug 3.5 mm headphone connector, and the bottom the same element for micro-USB. Thanks to the impressive size of the planting niches under the cap, here without difficulty will fit many third-party (not only with extra-long connectors) accessories — significant advantage of a smartphone.

Doogee S60 Doogee S60

Visually the left and right side of the case look like mirror images of each other. To the left of the volume buttons and the soft key SOS, and on the right a simple camera button without pregnate focus. Beside pressing power a second programmable button, this time marked PTT.

Doogee S60 Doogee S60

Doogee S60 Doogee S60

The rear surface of the Doogee S60 is very rich in elements. The first thing that catches the eye is a major unit of the camera of 21 MP with led flash dvuhtonnoy. Below mounted detachable panel, hermetically protecting slots micro-SIM and micro-SIM/microSDXC. Interestingly, under the left screw is the microphone hole.

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Doogee S60

Next is a solid metal panel that is inscribed NFC module and fingerprint scanner. Still below, a massive plate with two symmetrical holes, obviously for speakers. That’s just only one speaker, and the sound is coming from the left hole.

Doogee S60 Doogee S60

Ergonomics and protection

Dotted with damping troughs and metal panels Doogee S60 feels like SmartPad caliber, although in reality the screen only a little more than five inches. Dimensions and weight of 286 grams hardly can be called comfortable for everyday wear in a pocket of trousers and jeans, but they are easy to justify shockproof qualities of the device. Short-acting with the apparatus and calls for a couple of minutes easily done with one hand, but long gaming battles and video viewing can be arranged, just holding the gadget with two hands.

But the reliability of grip and subjective sense of solidity without the slightest criticism. All these chopped form have a positive impact not only on the user experience, but also drops the mobile on the floor or the pavement — in a couple of weeks of active testing gadget where not only flew with meter height, saving almost factory appearance.

As for the glass screen to break it is quite real, but the scratches from the sand does not remain, and for the first time, preservation will provide a foil that is glued by the manufacturer. In any case, it is worth remembering according Doogee S60 protection standard IP68, providing protection from sand and dust, as well as the possibility of immersion in water to a depth of five feet.

Doogee S60

Immersion in water was combined with the freezing at a temperature of -24 °C degrees. Having the freezer 10 hours the device remained operational — a call to the number passed, the display was working, the battery discharged by only 5%.

Doogee S60 Doogee S60

Doogee S60 Doogee S60

After the fall of Wintergrasp gadget properly perform its duties. That’s just in the hands of his to keep unpleasant cold.

Doogee S60

Doogee S60 Doogee S60


Not often found smartphone with a bright screen, ready to demonstrate the high resolution and natural color reproduction. Doogee S60 is one of these, with a 5.2-inch TFT-IPS matrix with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The pixel density is enough for accurate rendering of the finest details and fonts and colors is barely noticeable raised relative to the standard sRGB.

Doogee S60

White balance is initially about 6900К, but it can be lower in settings MiraVision as other display settings.

Doogee S60

The range of brightness of the backlight allows you to comfortably use the device in bright Sunny day and at dusk, and black color and viewing angles as the flagships.

Doogee S60 Doogee S60

But striking, vivid images in a secure gadget has a downside: touch glass break easier than the muddy fiberglass. But if you do not leave the camera screen on the stones, the use of continuous positive: sensitive reaction to touching and treatment of ten simultaneous keystrokes. That’s only increased sensitivity to control with gloves on is not provided, and it is a minus.


Doogee S60 running the operating system Android 7.0 Nougat with a close to stock interface. But this is only at first glance, because we the shell Doogee Freeme version 10.4.7 — fast and flexible thing. Instead of the leftmost window of the home screen there is a news aggregator, however, devoid of RSS feeds 4PDA.

Doogee S60 Doogee S60

Custom animation and fonts, add widgets and other manipulations with the interface are collected in the tab DIY, and fans of radical transformation will surely enjoy the catalogue of downloadable themes. In General the shell does not change anything globally and any easily it will be dismantled.

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Phone, keyboard, and standard software in S60 Doogee traditional, as the presence of the utility package Google a load to the app store. There is a standard Web-Kit browser and Chrome, as well as the functional section of the ToolBox, where you store all sorts of interesting utilities.

Doogee S60 Doogee S60

A owner level and the rangefinder method of parallax, a flashlight and heart rate monitor from the camera, ruler and a barometer. Pedometer, alas, only GPS, so that motorists will see in the results of your walking trip and not only the steps during Jogging and walking.

Doogee S60 Doogee S60 Doogee S60

It’s time to go to the settings of the smartphone, where you can activate one-handed operation and enable a blind shortcuts. Virtual buttons-menu and return to make hide and change their position, and under security add fingerprints. Dactiloscopy to work quickly and accurately, only a couple of times requesting to re-attach the finger.

The machine at work

One of the main features Doogee S60 can be called the installed chipset MediaTek Helio P25, with two Quad-core Cortex-A53, running at 2.5 GHz and 1.6 GHz respectively. Internal memory 64 GB, and don’t forget about the slot under microSDXC.

Doogee S60 Doogee S60

On Board 6 GB of RAM, allowing you to keep in the background of bulky games and dozens of other applications, quickly switching between them.

Doogee S60 Doogee S60

In General, the device works so fast that no complaints arise. Benchmarks show only modest results, with a noticeable sagging of the graphics in the SlingShot. Well, the final word for games, and for this we turn to our standard selection.

Doogee S60Doodle Jump DC Super Heroes: no questions Doogee S60Subway Surfers: classic surfer-adventure go smoothly, without a hint of micrology. That’s just the hand gets tired to hold a smartphone

Doogee S60Godfire: Rise of Prometheus: the graphics are noticeably blurry, but the fps is not sags Doogee S60World Of Tanks Blitz: when “top speed” you can count on 30-35 fps, so the fights will be as necessary, especially with the sound

With watching movies in Full HD no problems like and files in 4K resolution.

The earpiece has good volume reserve and details conveys the nuances of voice. The microphone also did not have a single criticism, even during communication on a noisy street. Alas, about the vibration motor so to speak in flattering terms will not work: the momentum is quite weak, although confident and without any extraneous sounds.

But the main speaker Doogee S60 literally stuns, approaching according to the manufacturer 103 DB. And let it sounds mainly in high and mid-range notes, the volume is enough to replace portable speakers outdoors or in a small room.

If third-party headphones to be limited to elementary and middle price group, the phone can easily replace a player every day, pleasing deep bass electronics enthusiasts, and supporters of rock detail MIDs. The volume is small, so that overhead and headphones barely fit. Although, they don’t come up here and physically — because of the deeply recessed connector in the housing.


The camera is not stingy and installed in the apparatus main module with 21-Megapixel IMX230 sensor, Sony optics with aperture f/2.0 and dwutonowy flash. Front camera was not so lucky and the matrix here is of 8 MP without autofocus and flash. But the app for the camera for full loaded with all sorts of scenes and settings. What is a virtual wheel modes in the style of the DSLRs or the grid settings!

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Alas, but a careful eye quickly notices that most of the settings affect not what you need Pro. No exposure or white balance in Kelvin, and the ISO and the compression algorithms we can speak only in the hope to rectify the situation with a new firmware.

Daily images — the total dynamic range unnaturally pinched and the penumbra are slightly noisy.

Indoors the situation is considerably complicated by the long exposure, but periodically launches aggressive automatic noise reduction and high ISO, slightly reducing the exposure.

To get a good night shot is better to use ISO more than 100.

Shooting closeup with flash leads to a very unexpected result, but allows guaranteed to get a sharp photo on the first try.

Doogee S60The flash Doogee S60the Flash is turned off

Shooting text with no complaints.

Doogee S60

Front camera adequately selects the white balance and exposure, but the detailing of the picture is only average.

Doogee S60

Shooting in HDR often goes well, but sometimes the resulting picture is significantly lacking contrast.

Doogee S60The with HDR Doogee S60without the HDR

The panorama modes classic, but the resolution of the final photos is limited to 800 pixels on the short side.

Doogee S60

The device records video in Full HD 30fps, quality can evaluate themselves.

[embedded content]


The actual chipset P25 Helio provides the ability to use 4G networks of two “simok” at the same time. But only one of them can be used for data transmission, and radio here one. But onboard Wi-Fi version IEEE 802.11 ac frequency 5 GHz, and Bluetooth 4.0. There is NFC-enabled Android Pay, however with the transport maps metro it doesn’t work.

Doogee S60 Doogee S60

For navigation useful module GPS/GLONASS. Cold start takes literally 15-20 seconds, and the recovery position takes no more than five seconds.

Work offline

Doogee in S60 installed an impressive battery capacity of 5580 mAh, support fast-charging technology from MediaTek. Comes with the appropriate charger with the voltage of 12 V and a current of 2 A, but as soon as charging begins, the screen displays the notification of the need to wait for three hours. With third-party charging at the same 2 And wait for full charge from zero will have 4 hours.

Enough that two days of active use, but three days camera hardly hold out. Hour game battles in WOT: Blitz takes 18% of charge, and view movies from a flash drive in the “Flight” lasts a little over 14 hours. In PCMark the results were comparable with budget and longevity are far from records.

Doogee S60

The results

Doogee S60 was not as a brutal conqueror of the extreme as it seemed at first glance. This unit is for those who value practicality protected smartphone, but even more important to have functionality of the gadget middle class with the current set of wireless communications and a large stock of RAM. Media and camera on a member level of protivotankovy, but otherwise the device safely justifies its price tag. It remains only to decide how important to you is protected case and are you willing to tolerate the size and weight.

Buy Doogee S60


  • Full HD screen;
  • 6 GB OF RAM;
  • good performance;
  • quick charge function.


  • dimensions and weight;
  • noisy camera.

Lyricist: Eugene Bitukov

Picture device: Daria Nesterovskaya


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