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Jesy J9S review: Batmobile in your pocket

A new name in the list of smartphone manufacturers is always intriguing. And if the device is protected, and it has high requirements for quality of workmanship and reliability, the intrigue only intensified. For this reason, familiarity with Jesy J9S, who became the first representative of its brand, was interesting. And apart from that you might guess, the gadget was something to surprise us in the course of the review. This and many other questions will be discussed in the review.

Specifications (Jesy J9S High end)

  • Screen: IPS, 5,5″, 1080×1920 pixels, capacitive, multi-touch
  • CPU: OCTA core Helio P10 (4x Cortex-A53 2.0 GHz + 4x Cortex-A53 1.2 GHz)
  • Graphics accelerator: Mali-T860, MP2
  • Operating system: Android 7
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Built-in memory: 64 GB
  • Memory card support: microSD up to 128 GB (single slot)
  • Link: FDD-LTE:B1/3/7/20, TDD-LTE:B38/39/40/41||| 2100/1900/850/900 MHz WCDMA ||| GSM 1900/1800/850/900 MHz
  • SIM: 2x micro-SIM, Dual SIM Dual Standby (DSDS)
  • Wireless interfaces: Wi-Fi 2,4/5 GHz, Bluetooth 4.0,
  • Navigation: GPS, GLONASS, Beidou
  • Camera: primary — 16 MP (f/2.0), front — 8 MP (f/2.0)
  • Sensors: light, proximity, gravity, microgyroscope, dactyloscopy
  • The battery life: 6150 mAh, non-removable
  • Dimensions: mm 167х85х17
  • Weight: 291 grams

Packaging equipment

Jesy J9S Packed in a glossy cardboard box. You can admire the image of the device on its front side, and on the back to pay attention to the sticker with the basic characteristics of the device. The interior space is divided between a smartphone and a set of accessories that includes cable USB Type-C, charger, wired headset, the device for extracting the card compartment cover and a couple of adapters for SIM-cards format nano to micro.

Jesy J9S


Despite the abundance of punch, various informational signs, symbols and other eye-catching details, Jesy J9S looks strict and brutal. Color scheme only supports the impression nominally smartphone is available in three versions — black, yellow and red — but actually we always get a concise black gadget, but the color can be allocated only small decorative elements that accentuate body lines.

Jesy J9S Jesy J9S

In the flagship there is the deliberate coarseness which is inherent in many of the protected devices. The solution is different: there is a smooth streamlined elements, through which the outlines of the smartphone can be if you want to see a race car or a fantastic Batmobile.

Jesy J9S

The arrangement of the device for the most part conforms to the established canons, although not without a few unusual solutions. Given the fact that the gadget is designed for the harsh operation of the device, about fashion 2.5 D version of the question, but most of the front side is covered with glass. It has protective properties and is recessed into the housing, thereby dramatically increase the chances of keeping it safe in case of unsuccessful fall.

Jesy J9S

Below the screen are three touch keys with white backlight. It would seem that the usual configuration for an Android smartphone, but later, studying the interface, we found that Jesy approached the issue outside the box. A little below, near the right edge of the front part is a small microphone hole. On the opposite side — notch external speaker. Above the screen is placed a pair of constant proximity sensors and ambient light, front camera, earpiece and led notification light.

Jesy J9S

In the upper part of the rear side flash and the main camera lens the original triangular shape. It also functions as a sensor of cardiac rhythm. Just below is a small and inconspicuous area of the fingerprint scanner. On his left is a connector for additional accessories.

Jesy J9S

Cap set below, hides the slots for two “simok” and memory: good news — the slot under the SD card separate. In order to open the cover, press the constipation through a small hole. To use this can as a complete mini-screwdriver or a paper clip or a similar object. Closing the lid is very carefully — if you do it is not to late, the machine will be vulnerable to water.

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Jesy J9S Jesy J9S

The right side has the power button and volume rocker.

Jesy J9S Jesy J9S

Another pair of buttons mounted on the left. One of them is designed to run softovoi the radio (although the appropriate application preinstalled there, so I have to download one of these programs yourself), and the second programmable in the settings you can choose what application should start when the button is clicked.

Jesy J9S

The bottom end connector USB-C, closed tight with a rubber plug. On the top are a 3.5 mm audio Jack are also protected by a cover, and an infrared emitter designed to control appliances.


Housing Jesy J9S is made of high quality polymer produced by German company Bayer. The material is a nice texture reminiscent of plastic soft-touch or rubber. This material is equally comfortable in the cold and at high temperatures, and does not slip from wet hands. While Jesy J9S is still very large device — smartphones with 5.5-inch display and so are on the verge of comfortable use, but there is also an impressive protective shell adds to the dimensions in all three dimensions. In such a situation would not prevent a special mode to control a gadget with one hand, but the manufacturer did not add it. However, dropping this gadget is not scary — we promise a resistance to falls from a height of two meters. And another J9S is very comfortable to play. Due to the large frame and solid thickness, it is in good hands in a horizontal orientation, and touch screen is not happening at all.

Jesy J9S

We should also talk about the physical buttons. They are big, not play, and easy to find blindly, but at the same time pressed very tight, which is not always convenient.

Area fingerprint sensor on the rear side is small and a finger not at first always goes exactly, but it’s worth a little getting used to, misses, gets significantly less and a lot disappear.


The smartphone is IPS-matrix with a diagonal of 5.5″ and a resolution of 1080×1920 pixels.

Jesy J9S

The screen shows itself well when looking at an angle, virtually no distortion of colors, except that slightly reduces the brightness of the picture. Supply of brightness is sufficient in most cases, but on a bright Sunny day it may not be enough.

Jesy J9S

The color reproduction is quiet, the shades tend to be natural. If necessary, you can calibrate the image in accordance to your preferences by using built-in tools Miravision.

Jesy J9S Jesy J9S

Protects the screen Gorilla glass 4. It, unlike the other elements, can not boast of shock-proof properties, but scratches and other visible damage during testing of the apparatus it does not have any. Oleophobic coating on the glass there. Because of this, the finger doesn’t always slide on the surface easily, and to remove the prints will need to make some effort.

In the wintertime very cold by the way will have the opportunity to interact with the screen with gloves on. Function works well and while sometimes mistakes happen, in most cases recognized by touch correctly. Does not require screen Jesy J9S and front with wet hands.


Like many small Chinese manufacturers Jesy don’t have to reinvent the wheel and installed it on smartphone stock Android version 7 is almost unchanged.

Jesy J9S Jesy J9S Jesy J9S

A dialer application for sending SMS, contact list and video also moved straight from the set of the authorship of Google. To some this solution may not like it, but it guarantees stable operation of the basic functions and recognizable to many users the interface.

Jesy J9S Jesy J9S Jesy J9S

Due to the lack of heavy shells, the system works very fast. Screens are scrolled without the slightest hesitation, animations are rendered smoothly and in a timely manner. What is more important is the stability of the system for a week there was not a single case of hang-up or malfunction.

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That was a surprise — so is the value of the touch navigation buttons. “Back” and “Home” correspond to what we’re used to seeing on Android devices in recent years, but the third key opens not the list of running applications and menu control desktops or, in some cases, the context menu of the application in older versions of Android this button was standard, but later abandoned. Managing multitasking, in turn, assigned to a long tap on the Central button “Home”.

A list of pre-installed software is small and includes just a purely functional app. For example, a set of measuring and service tools, including measuring atmospheric pressure, a compass and an electronic magnifier. Also included among the pre-installed app ZaZaRemote — virtual remote control that complements the IR transmitter.

Jesy J9S Jesy J9S

To begin to use it, just select the device type and the manufacturer. You will then be asked to go through the calibration procedure and save the console for future use. All the devices on which tests were carried out, was successfully detected, and only very large working distance (about 2-3 meters) is a little greased impression.

The machine at work

Hardware “stuffing” Jesy J9S submitted by Helio P10 Mediatek processor combined with 4 GB of RAM. Despite the fact that the P10 is not the new chip, its capacity is still enough for the vast majority of tasks. It is manufactured by 28 nm process and includes eight power efficient cores based on the architecture Cortex-A53, operating at frequencies up to 2 GHz. For storing files and installing applications have 64 GB of memory. If this amount is not enough, it can be extended another 128 GB by installing into a separate card slot.

Jesy J9S Jesy J9S

With Internet surfing or video playback in Full HD smartphone cope without any difficulty.

Jesy J9S

Pleasantly surprised by the startup speed of applications. Even compared to some of the more powerful models it seems high another indication of a good optimization. Four gigabytes of RAM is enough for comfortable work, but in the case of Jesy J9S is a small caveat. By default this feature is enabled unloading resource-intensive applications from RAM. It really helps to save battery life, but games and some other programs are removed from the background almost instantly. Fortunately, this feature can be easily disabled in settings.

Jesy J9S

Results in synthetic benchmarks is typical for the devices with similar characteristics.

Jesy J9S Jesy J9S Jesy J9S

In games, with a few exceptions, the novelty shows itself very confidently:

Doodle Jump: the control responds accurately, errors and failures the fault of the smartphone is not happening.

Jesy J9S

Lara Croft: Relic Run: gameplay stable, podragivanija and friezes at the start of the level and during races do not exist.

Jesy J9S

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus: the graphics settings are automatically exposed to a high level. Problem with FPS when this does not occur.

Jesy J9S

World Of Tanks Blitz: in this game it is preferable to use medium settings, in this case, the frame counter never drops below a playable values. High can be encountered with frequent drawdowns.

Jesy J9S

The volume of the external speaker is adequate, even in noisy environments-call sound clearly audible. But for music listening it is better not to count — the bass is very wishy-washy, in addition to maximum the sound is not very clean. With headphones the sound is nothing special compared to most Android smartphones is not allocated neither in the best nor in the worst side. The bundled headset also plays the medium, but for listening to music while walking or travelling in public transport is good.


Resolution main camera is 16 Megapixel with aperture f/2.0. From the front camera of the matrix of 8 MP with the same aperture value. The camera app is very simple, the number of additional modes and settings is minimal — even shooting with HDR is not provided. In a menu of available presets for some standard scenes. However, access to them is not very convenient, and a significant difference in the resulting images they bring.

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Total picture quality is not outstanding, but J9S and not claim the title of camera phone.

Day photos have good detail, white balance and exposure chosen by an automatic correctly.

Night, as usual, was challenging. Automation is trying to take pictures with a short shutter speed to avoid blurring, but for this reason, lifted up the ISO value. It is fraught with excessive noise, and it is not always possible to correctly catch a focus.

Flash when shooting is smooth, the object is almost not lighted, and the details are worked out much better.

Jesy J9S Jesy J9S

When shooting indoors again appears bent automatics to take pictures with fast shutter release and the accompanying high level of digital noise.

When shooting texts a little lost focus on the peripheral portions of the frame, but the readability is maintained.

Jesy J9S

Panoramic shots work well, stitching is neat, the exposure of the neighboring frames are chosen with high quality.

Jesy J9S

Front camera makes great pictures in daylight.

Jesy J9S

You can shoot videos in resolutions up to Full HD, below is a small test video.

[embedded content]

Wireless interfaces

With communication and a set of wireless interfaces in order. The device supports common among domestic operators of 4G frequencies.

Jesy J9S

The voice quality is good, sound is great both ways. Second important advantage is full support for NFC. Jesy J9S is capable of contactless payment systems and card “Troika”.

Jesy J9S

Owners of modern routers will please support dual-band Wi-Fi, but Bluetooth is not implemented in the current version 4.0. The quality of the work, however, this fact does not affect and invisible to the user. Finally, we note again the presence of the IR transmitter.

Work offline

The developers have equipped J9S impressive battery, 6150 mAh. In everyday life this means about two days of operation on a single charge without the intention of saving, but without long gaming marathons. Depending on the operation, this period may vary both upwards and downwards.

In our mandatory test measurements, the smartphone lasted almost 12 hours when playing Full HD video from the device memory. Network interfaces this was completely disabled and the display brightness is set to 100%. In the gaming test with 50% brightness and enabled by the data transfer unit lost 14% charge in one hour.

But the work of fast charging has not met expectations. Despite the fact that the charging dock according to the labeling supports mode 9V/2A, 30 minutes the smartphone has charged only 12%. By the way, the gadget supports wireless charging, but the corresponding device has to be purchased separately.

The navigation system works with three satellite groups: GPS, Beidou and GLONASS. With positioning accuracy and his speed is not a problem. Cold start takes about 20-25 seconds, re-launch is much faster.

Jesy J9S

The results

Like any other smartphone with a high level of protection, Jesy J9S refers to the niche and is designed primarily for users who prefer an active holiday or working in places unsuitable for the “ordinary” smartphone operating conditions. For fans of extreme sports will be useful to moisture, and resistance to physical influences, as well as a wide range of operating temperatures — from -20 to +50℃. But in everyday use “ninth” Jesy showed himself to be very good, both from the point of view of performance, and on the stability of the system.

Buy Jesy J9S discount


  • quality and comfortable materials;
  • strict design;
  • resistance to drops and moisture;
  • support NFC;
  • the stable operation of the system;
  • good autonomy.


  • the lack of oleophobic layer;
  • not very comfortable installing cards.

Lyricist: Mikhail Gagloev

Picture device: Daria Golubovich

Source: 4pda.ru

Jesy J9S review: Batmobile in your pocket

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