Review of the Google Pixel headphones Buds with built-in translator

Review of the Google Pixel headphones Buds with built-in translator

On 4 October, Google held a presentation, which showed its line of new devices. Among them were smartphones, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, laptop Pixelbook and a new version of “smart columns” Google Home, but one of the most interesting gadgets shown at the presentation, Google Pixel headphones Buds able to perform the role of translator. In this article, we’ll have more to say about these headphones and figure out how convenient it is to use them.

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  1. Preface
  2. Design
  3. Connection
  4. The sound quality
  5. Management
  6. Translator
  7. Conclusion


In October 2016, Google introduced advertising your new smartphone Pixel, in which was messing with the Apple: the advantages of device called a port for headphones, which disappeared from the iPhone 7. It was just one year, and Google introduced a smartphone Pixel 2, which is a 3.5 mm connector. The company suggested users to use the headphones with a USB-C or connect to the USB-C port via an adapter.

Abandoning the 3.5 mm audio Jack, Apple last year introduced the headphones wireless AirPods, which is charged from the cover in which they can be worn, and allows you to invoke Siri. After a year as well and decided to do the Google. On 4 October the company introduced its new wireless headphones Buds Pixel that have the same value as AirPods, are also able to charge from the box, also allow you to trigger the voice assistant, work in offline mode for about 5 hours, however, in addition to all this offered the possibility of simultaneous translation.

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Обзор наушников Google Pixel Buds со встроенным переводчиком - дизайнThe first thing you will notice, picking up a Pixel Buds, is that these headphones, unlike the AirPods, not completely cordless: they connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth, but linked rag lace. Through this cord the headset can be worn on the neck, and insert in ears only when necessary (in the case of AirPods headphones need to be put in a case).

Google Pixel Buds made in a rather standard design. Thanks to the rubberized shell earphones sit comfortably in your ears and the ear cushions provide additional sealing to improve sound quality.

Pixel Buds are not inserted inside the ear canal, and are located near its entrance. The loop of cord against one of the whorls of the ear, and users can adjust the loop size depending on the size of the ears.

It should be noted that Pixel to put Buds in charging case is not as simple as headphones from Apple: first, the user needs to wind the cord on a special ledge and then attach it between the end of the headphones.

Обзор наушников Google Pixel Buds со встроенным переводчиком – дизайн (2)The headphones will be sold in three colors — blue, black and white.


Обзор наушников Google Pixel Buds со встроенным переводчиком – подключениеHeadphones compatible with all devices that support Bluetooth playback, but work best with smartphones Pixel: connecting with them set exactly the same as AirPods headphones connect to Apple devices. When the user first opens the box with the headphones, the smartphone will automatically recognize the accessory, and offers to mount it.

The sound quality

Обзор наушников Google Pixel Buds со встроенным переводчиком – качество звукаDespite the fact that the headphones are not inserted inside the ear canal, they provide more than acceptable sound quality. Pixel Buds reproduce quite full-bodied sound with excellent bass levels.

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Обзор наушников Google Pixel Buds со встроенным переводчиком – управлениеControl is done through touch the shell of the right earphone. In order to put the music on pause, it just needs a little touch. To increase the volume, you have to swipe forward and zoom back. Long press on the headset launches virtual assistant, who immediately begins to listen to the user immediately (no need to wait for the signal of readiness).


The most significant difference headphone Buds Pixel from the AirPods is the ability to use interpreter to talk with foreigners. In order to activate this feature, the user must touch the right earphone and say, “help me to speak French” (or another language — Buds Pixel supports 40 languages, including Russian). After that, the smartphone runs Google Translate.

Обзор наушников Google Pixel Buds со встроенным переводчиком – переводчикThe user should stretch the interlocutor your smartphone, press a finger to his headset, and saying the phrase. The phone will translate it in French (or any other language) and speak it out loud. The other person can press a button on the smartphone screen and tell you the answer — the user will hear the translation.

Not to specify every time which language you need to translate the phrase, headphones enough to say “be my interpreter,” after which they will use the latest language pair.


Google Pixel Buds is a great pair of headphones with unique features which you will not find in other models. From the point of view of ease of use, these headphones are one of the best solutions on the market, so they will definitely interest those who are afraid of losing one of their wireless headphones.

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