Review of smartphone Apple iPhone 8 and its comparison with the iPhone 7

Review of smartphone Apple iPhone 8 and its comparison with the iPhone 7

In this article we compare the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7, so let’s imagine that at the moment you are the owner of the iPhone 6 and want to upgrade. Or you iPhone 7 and you think — is this worth it?

The contents

  1. Appearance
  2. Display
  3. Camera
  4. Performance
  5. Software
  6. The battery life
  7. Summary

iPhone X disappears at once. First, he has a pretty high cost, making the upgrade, for example, from iPhone is not too reasonable. Secondly, it is really a “new” smartphone from the company from Cupertino. Therefore, it would be unclear whether it is necessary to you? Well, there is no iPhone 8 Plus because of his size, not everyone in the winter, the snow you need to shovel.

Обзор смартфона Apple iPhone 8So, the choice falls only on the Apple iPhone 8. Let’s see what is the difference between these two devices and whether you want to upgrade? At first glance it may seem that iPhone 8 is the most boring camera of the three. It’s a smartphone with a small display, one main camera and the same appearance, which has not changed for three years. But this is only at first glance, if you go deeper, you will realize that the smartphone has a flagship processor A11 Bionic, new display, improved camera and support wireless charging.

That’s exactly what I was thinking when my hands first came the Apple iPhone 8. But after several weeks of test, I realized one thing — the Apple iPhone 8 decent smartphone, decent company, and here’s why!


The appearance of smartphones of the company from Cupertino has not changed for 3 or 4 years. Put it on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 case, and you’ll hardly differentiate these two smartphones. The front panels of both devices are identical. The difference is visible only on the back wall. Unlike last year’s iPhone 7, back cover new items are now not aluminum, and covered with glass. Yeah, she’s just glass and it’s fine. Although one claim to the appearance of the novelty is still there.

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Цветовые решения iPhone 8

If the iPhone 7 in hand felt monolithic, due to the fact that the new product with two sides of glass, and in the middle of the aluminum insert, the smartphone seems a bit monolithic. Every time you take it in hand, you can feel the line that separates the glass from the glass display, which is on the back of the camera.

Задняя крышка Apple iPhone 8

But despite this disadvantage, the transition to glass did the trick, smartphone to hold still nicer than its predecessor. Yes, now he has become more fragile, now treated to the smartphone need more careful. Well, that will not do for beauty? As for the fingerprint, on the back of the smartphone can not see them only if you have purchased the device in gray. If you want black, please carry a microfiber cloth.

Дисплей смартфона

Otherwise it’s the same old iPhone 7. Display with a diagonal of 4.7 inches, the missing headphone Jack and one of the fastest scanners fingerprint. Cosmetic changes are so small that the case from your iPhone 7 is perfect and new.


I have to say, the display of the iPhone 8 is impressive. There are certainly quibbles to the fact that the diagonal is quite small, but if you need more, buy the “Plus” versions. All the colors are very contrasting and saturated, they are just asking out. But at the same time, they are natural and not “put pressure” on the eyes as the first AMOLED-matrix.

And again, if you are an iPhone owner 7, you almost won’t notice the difference because both phones use identical displays. Like its predecessor, the iPhone 8 has a display with a diagonal of 4.7 inches and a resolution 1334h750 pixels. In addition, it has support for color profile DCI-P3.

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The main difference of the display from its predecessor, is to support the technology, called TrueTone. Temperature change color depending on the environment, changing very smoothly and is imperceptible to the eye. And you know, it’s one of those “chips” that should be in all display without exception.

Despite the fact that the model has no HDR-matrix display corresponds to the standard Mobile HDR Premium Viewing HDR content on a smartphone is possible with the application “Video/TV”, or through Netflix.


As for me, the only drawback of the Apple iPhone 8 is its pixel density, it is equal to 325 ppi. Yes, to see the individual pixels impossible, but for this price you could do better.


Smartphone cameras from the “cupertinos”, has always been one of the best on the market. They have always offered users with excellent colour reproduction, and this smartphone is no exception.

As is the case with the iPhone 7, the product also has a sensor resolution main camera is 12 MP with aperture of f/1.8, while the front – 7 MP with an aperture of f/2.2. But, as practice has shown, it’s either a completely different module, or in the company of a very good job of image processing algorithms. Unlike his older brother with the prefix “Plus”, iPhone camera 8 is devoid of all sorts of unusual modes and image processing using artificial intelligence.

Камера iPhone 8

There is nothing superfluous. Got, took a picture, got a very high quality and detailed picture. All brilliant – easy! The only thing that distinguishes the iPhone camera 8 from its predecessor is the ability to record video in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second.

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As for the front camera, then everything’s the same. In daylight, you will definitely get a clear and detailed picture, but in poor light conditions – hands better not to pull, otherwise the photo may appear blurring. Despite this, the system of optical stabilization works better than in the predecessor. As for me, stability is superior to all the Android flagships that are currently available on the market.

Well, where do without a small fly in the ointment? Slow-Mo video 240 fps, you can’t normally and without crutches to view on your PC or Mac. For this you need to manually export the video with the correct framerate in order to fully evaluate the effect of slow motion playback.

In the end, we can say that the iPhone 8 has a great camera that will allow you to quickly and accurately take photographs in almost any conditions. And this is a huge step forward compared to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7.


As I said in the beginning, as the main processor uses a new design of Apple, chip A11 Bionic. This chip has 6 MB of kernels and synthetic benchmarks “makes” any smartphone on Android.

Результат смартфона iPhone 8 в синтетическом тесте AnTuTu!

The result of the smartphone in a synthetic test AnTuTu!

Applications on the smartphone to open and close instantly, even “heavy” games run pretty fast. Speaking for your own feelings, then iPhone 7 everything works as fast as the iPhone 8. Thus, the results of synthetic tests show that the product works faster. It is clear, you eye will see the difference between 300 km/h and 370 km/h? Here also in this case.

Back to the Bionic chip A11. As stated at the presentation by representatives of the company, “Bionic” is just marketing. But Eaton, the processor has separate chip Neural Engine, which is designed for machine learning. In particular, this chip is used for faster image processing, which the mobile receives from the camera.

Helps the processor work 2GB of RAM. Built-in memory can be 64 or 256 GB.


I personally prefer iOS any version of Android that was released today. If I start to tell you about all the advantages and innovations of iOS 11, it will take more than one screen of text. So I advise you to read our review of iOS 11 here here.

The battery life

Unfortunately, the capacity of the internal battery has decreased slightly, compared to the iPhone 7, 1821 1920 mAh vs mAh from last year’s model. My usual use of the smartphone includes 3-4 hours of music listening, and viewing various sites, it’s time to play your favorite games and/or watch a TV series or movie. In this mode, the iPhone battery 8 with ease working about 12 hours. But if you use it in extreme mode (GPS, a lot of mail, messenger and camera), then of course by evening, the smartphone will be asked to outlet.

Apple iPhone 8

What has changed is the process of charging. Finally, Apple took pity on their fans, and in 2017 have decided their smartphones to be equipped with support for quick charging. Thus, using a proprietary charge, the company promises that the phone will charge to 50% in just 30 minutes. Not bad, isn’t it?

If to speak briefly and not go into the details of iPhone 8 is not nearly as good than other smartphones of the same company, including last year’s iPhone 7.


Apple iPhone 8 as impressive as frustrating. In particular, there are questions as to the appearance of the smartphone. Apple, well, not seriously third year to produce “the same” smartphones! But, it’s more a matter of taste than an objective minus.

Обзор iPhone 8

iPhone 8 — just a great smartphone. As corny and weird as it may sound. This is the machine that just works, no brakes and has a decent battery life. Is it worth to upgrade? If you hold the iPhone 6 or 6S, it is definitely worth it. If you currently have at your disposal the iPhone 7, then there is pure improvement.

Yes, the new smartphone is faster, has an improved camera and wireless charging. And you know, buy iPhone 8, you will not regret. The magic of Apple, as they say!

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