Overview of the smartphone HTC U Ultra

Overview of the smartphone HTC U Ultra

In conditions of constant competition, smartphone manufacturers are doing everything possible to attract the attention of buyers. For this reason, over the last decade mobile phones have evolved from simple “dialer” in a truly universal device, without which we cannot imagine their lives.

Despite financial difficulties, the company HTC has also decided not to lag behind competitors and introduced a high-tech smartphone U Ultra, which combines stylish design, double screen and a powerful “stuffing”.

But can HTC U Ultra to compete with the flagship mobile devices Apple, Samsung, LG , etc., or will it be just another HTC smartphone? Let’s deal.

The contents

  1. The package
  2. Design
  3. Displays
  4. Performance and memory
  5. Communication capabilities
  6. Sound
  7. The quality of communication
  8. Software
  9. Camera
  10. The battery life
  11. The pros and cons of the smartphone
  12. Conclusion

The package

Lately more and more manufacturers to minimize the delivery of their smartphones, reducing their cost, however, HTC decided not to go this way and in addition to the power supply, a paperclip to eject the SIM card as well as USB Type-C cable, put it in the box with HTC U Ultra headphone with adaptive ear and the cloth for wiping the screen.


Обзор смартфона HTC U Ultra - дизайнHTC calls smartphone design U Ultra “liquid” for a reason. The rear section really looks as if all surrounding objects are reflected in the liquid. In our survey visited the smartphone in white, which, due to the effect looks like a mother-of-pearl shells, also looks very stylish.

In addition to this option on the market are smartphones in black, blue and pink colors, and each of them has a special design of the rear panel.

Обзор смартфона HTC U Ultra - дизайн (2)It may seem to many that the glossy material is extremely resistant to scratches, but due to special processing, the casing is quite durable and can withstand various external influences. The HTC U Ultra surface resists scratches, however, if you want to have your smartphone always was like new, it is better to buy a case.

Обзор смартфона HTC U Ultra - дизайн (3)Any claims to the build quality we have. Case HTC U Ultra does not creak, all the gaps are the same and are made with the highest quality.

As with all modern flagships, the smartphone has fingerprint scanner, which is located in the center under the screen, and is very quick to detect your finger. It can be used to display a smartphone from sleep mode. Immediately under the screen are the control keys menu, and the fingerprint scanner is used as the “home”button.

Обзор смартфона HTC U Ultra - сканер отпечатковIf we talk about the layout of the controls, in this regard, HTC U Ultra is a little different from most modern smartphones. On the right side of the device are the volume rocker and power button, while the left-hand end, the manufacturer decided to leave empty. On the top side you can see the tray for SIM-card and a microphone.

Обзор смартфона HTC U Ultra - дизайн (5)On the bottom lies the USB-C port, another microphone and the decorative speaker grille.

Обзор смартфона HTC U Ultra - дизайн (6)It should be noted that due to the rather large 5.7-inch main screen and located directly above it mini screen, HTC U Ultra was a bit larger than its rivals — XL or Plus.

The smartphone has a thickness of 8 mm, so it cannot be called thick, but is located on the back panel, primary camera is quite protruding from the device.

Обзор смартфона HTC U Ultra - дизайн (7)The edge of the case are rounded, making them pleasant to the touch, but the metal frame has some sharp edges, and the transition between materials is felt by fingers.

Overall, HTC U Ultra looks very stylish, and each color is attractive in its own way.

HTC decided to follow some A-brands and deprived smartphone 3.5 mm audiosistema. Despite the fact that HTC complements the Ultra U headset that connects via the USB Type-C, if you want to use your headphones, you have to buy a special adapter.


Обзор смартфона HTC U Ultra - дисплейAs we mentioned above, U Ultra is the first smartphone company HTC, which uses two displays. The resolution of the main 5.7-inch screen is 2560×1440 pixels. Additional 2.05-inch mini screen, performing the role of the notification panel has a resolution of 1040×160 pixels. It displays links to frequently used applications, shows weather, allows you to control the music player and so on. This screen can be used independently of the main.

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Обзор смартфона HTC U Ultra - дисплей (2)Any complaints about the screens we had. And the text and images on both the primary and secondary screen look very clear.

The brightness of the displays is nearly 445 CD/m2 is a fairly good result, although the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 screens much brighter.

HTC U Ultra is well suited for use on the street as the smartphone screen is readable even under direct sunlight.

The viewing angles are close to the maximum, the image is clearly visible, under what angle you are looking.

Performance and memory

The “heart” of HTC U Ultra is a 4-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 MSM8996 Pro (exact same installed Google Pixel XL and LG G6). This is not the top solution, therefore the smartphone is lagging behind in productivity of most of the flagships 2017. However, for most tasks power HTC U Ultra will be enough, and the main merit of this are the 4 GB of RAM.

As a result, it uses well-proven Qualcomm Adreno 530. His performance is sufficient to run the most demanding games and applications.

On the market two versions available HTC U Ultra: with 64 and 128 GB of memory. In addition, you can expand the memory by replacing the second SIM card.

Benchmarks HTC U Ultra shows very good results, according to which, the performance of the smartphone will last for another couple years.

Обзор смартфона HTC U Ultra - производительность

Обзор смартфона HTC U Ultra - производительность (3)The interface works very quickly and smoothly, and the application literally “fly”. All the latest games including Asphalt 8 or Dead Trigger 2 run on the machine at maximum settings.

Communication capabilities

HTC U Ultra supports a large number of bands of the mobile networks, including 4-band GSM, 5 3G bands and 15 bands 4G LTE. Thanks HTC U Ultra you can freely travel the world and not worry that in some countries it won’t work. Maximum download speed in 4G networks is 600 MB/s, and transfer — 50 MB/s, which corresponds to the LTE Cat.11. However, in fairness, it should be noted that the Samsung Galaxy S8 transmission rate is 3 times higher (150 MB/s).

The smartphone supports the latest Wi-Fi standards, including the fastest 802.11 ac. In practice, the signal level is very good and all the websites open very fast.

If we talk about the module navigation, he showed himself not at its best. Inside buildings, the GPS module identifies the location just near the Windows, the accuracy was quite low (about 18 m). Outside things were better, but the precision was approximately 9 meters. Perhaps this problem is unique to mobile, which visited us on the test, because even a budget device, typically provide much more accurate positioning.

Обзор смартфона HTC U Ultra - коммуникационные возможностиThe USB Type-C supports USB 3.0, than can not boast of many flagship smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Another advantage of HTC U Ultra is the ability to connect external peripherals using USB OTG.


As we mentioned, the engineers of HTC decided to follow the new fashion trends, and delivered U Ultra from the 3.5 mm Jack. However, the manufacturer put in the kit decent enough headphones, while the connecting system is activated U Sonic. This system works as follows: when I connect the headphones with the noise pulses and analyze the ear, and then adapt the sound to the smartphone owner.

Обзор смартфона HTC U Ultra - звукIt should be noted that this system has a very positive effect on sound quality: any sound starts to sound cleaner and brighter, and the frequency response curve looks much nicer. Automation not only eliminates the unnecessary manipulation of the equalizer, but really feels user. In addition to the U Sonic, the smartphone also uses a system of active noise control, which “listens” to the world and eliminates noise so users can enjoy your favorite music even in noisy places like the subway.

On the body of the smartphone has a whopping four microphones, which HTC U Ultra can record 3D sound. With this feature, recorded on U Ultra video augmented immersive and realistic reports surrounding space.

Music and sound in games and video, are played back in stereo mode. For this purpose, the basic and conversational dynamics. A special application Boom Sound contains several sound profiles, allowing you to customize it according to your preferences.

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The quality of communication

The developers at HTC have modified the appearance of the Phone app so that it meets the corporate interface Sense. However, from the point of view of functionality, it is exactly the same as that of the standard Google phone.

Обзор смартфона HTC U Ultra - качество связиThe quality of the smartphone, you can put a solid top five. Interlocutor can hear very loudly, the same situation at the other end. Stock the volume of the voice speaker and microphone sensitivity enough even to talk in very loud places, and this is a huge plus, since some of the smartphones with this all not so good.

Another advantage of HTC U Ultra is that the microphone of the smartphone efficiently captures even the silent speech. This can be useful, for example, students who want to record a lecture, and sit far enough away from the teacher.


HTC U Ultra is running Android operating system 7. Not so long ago, HTC decided to use Android with minimal changes, so the smartphones can quickly receive updates of the operating system without the need for additional modifications from HTC.

The main software “chip” HTC U Ultra is the companion app Sense that parses whatever the user is doing with the smartphone, and then offers recommendations. For example, if you regularly drive your car on the same route and use as a Navigator smartphone, if on this route are tube companion Sense will offer you early exit from the house. A companion also can remind you to charge the phone if you have on this day is also scheduled to meet outside the home. For primary information gathering Sense application, it may take several days, after which it will be able to give recommendations.

Обзор смартфона HTC U Ultra - программное обеспечение

Обзор смартфона HTC U Ultra - программное обеспечение (2)Companion app Sense, as the whole shell as a whole, the HTC U Ultra deeply integrated with additional screen, and it is very convenient. First, even when the main screen of the smartphone is disabled, all sorts of reminders and notifications will be constantly before your eyes. Second, an additional screen allows you to quickly jump to the list of apps and contacts that can be configured independently. Third, using an additional display, you can control music playback, watch the weather, and also use the zoom in the camera app.

Обзор смартфона HTC U Ultra - программное обеспечение (6)In addition to the above, proprietary Sense UI also has a feature “BlinkFeed” (on the right side of the screen) that informs about news and new updates in social networks. In addition, HTC U Ultra has a few branded apps, including app for health control, their own mail client and app HTC Viveport for virtual reality (required for use of the VR helmet).


If we talk about cameras, then HTC has always loved to experiment, and this time also went their own way.

For several years the manufacturer is not involved in the race megapixels; instead, HTC engineers have preferred larger pixels which capture more light and thus provide better quality photos in low light.

Resolution main camera HTC U Ultra is 12 MP. Otherwise, it has all that other modern smartphones: optical image stabilization, phase and laser autofocus and dual led flash. HTC U Ultra uses the same camera module as the HTC 10, but with a few improvements like a redesigned autofocus.

The camera app is very user friendly and intuitive, so users should not have any difficulties when using it. In addition to automatic settings, the camera app has a mode “Pro”, which allows you to fine-tune all settings manually.

Обзор смартфона HTC U Ultra - приложение камеры 1

Обзор смартфона HTC U Ultra - приложение камеры 2Photos taken with the main camera HTC Ultra U look very good: they are well visible even the smallest details, and the images themselves are extremely sharp and clear. The smartphone provides excellent detail in dark areas, however, the best photos on “Ultrapolling” U Ultra camera with increased pixel size (up to 1.55 microns) are obtained in daylight conditions.

The main camera can record video in 4K at 30 fps. the Videos turn out very good, and the display reacts quickly to changes in the level of lighting in the room.

In the main chamber the possibility of slow video mode “Timelapse”, however, perhaps the most unique feature camera HTC U Ultra is the ability to record video along with 3D surround-sound Hi-Res Audio Stereo. So, going to a concert, don’t forget to bring your smartphone.

It is worth noting that the front camera resolution is higher than the basic. It is 16 MP. However, it also provided the option to enable “ultra pixels”. In it, four pixels are combined into one, which reduces the resolution to 4 MP, but it also significantly decreases the noise level. In practice, we do get improvements, and their main cause is the fact that the camera is able to capture more light in low-light conditions. It really works, and overall, the front camera proved to be the best.

The battery life

Despite the fact that HTC U is an Ultra modern smartphone that uses different energy saving technologies, to preserve battery life, he does not hesitate.

Perhaps the reason for this state of Affairs are fairly large main screen with high resolution and the presence of additional mini-screen. At the same time, turn off the main display, the smartphone consumes far less energy, and this is its main advantage over its competitors.

HTC U Ultra uses a battery capacity of 3000 mAh. Not to say that it’s a lot: for example, the main competitor of Galaxy S7 Edge battery capacity 20% more.

The manufacturer States that the working time of the smartphone talk time is 26 hours, whereas working time in standby mode — 312 hours.

In practice, in the reading mode websites through Wi-Fi at maximum screen brightness the smartphone worked a little over 9 hours, and this is a good indicator.

Обзор смартфона HTC U Ultra - время автономной работыIf you spend some time configuring your system to abandon the use of automatic brightness and use power saving modes, battery charge, depending on intensity of smartphone use, will last for a day or two. Important role played and excellent optimization of hardware and base.

Thanks to the support of fast-charging technology Quick Charge to full replenishment of the battery takes less than 2 hours. Despite the fact that the body of the HTC U Ultra made of glass, the smartphone does not support wireless charging technology.

The pros and cons of the smartphone

Pros HTC U Ultra:

  • expandable memory;
  • high performance;
  • USB Type-C supports USB 3.1;
  • quality the main display;
  • the presence of the secondary display;
  • system U Sonic and the noise reduction system;
  • great camera;
  • high quality workmanship.

Cons HTC U Ultra:

  • average autonomy with active display;
  • case without dust – and moisture protection;
  • the absence of the traditional 3.5 mm audio connector;
  • the lack of support for wireless charging.


Overall, in our opinion, the company HTC managed to create a great balanced smartphone which, though a bit not up to the latest flagships of Samsung and Apple, however, leaves a good impression from use.

Use U Ultra a lot of advantages, among which the gorgeous design, high-quality main screen, additional display, high performance, system U-Sonic is a great camera. It would seem, what else is necessary for the modern user?

Of course, the smartphone has downsides, but without them no device. One of them is probably not the best autonomy, not very accurate positioning using GPS, the lack of wireless charging, and lack of protection from moisture and dust.

In the beginning of this article led to the following question: “whether HTC U Ultra to compete with the flagship mobile devices from Apple, Samsung, LG, etc., or will it be just another HTC smartphone?”

In our opinion, U Ultra HTC is a noteworthy mobile premium, however, we do not think that it can compete with flagship smartphones from Apple and Samsung. The reasons for this situation are several. At the time HTC due to several mishaps, lost its leadership position and was never able to catch up with those who overtook her. Samsung, by contrast, has done everything to become the best company in the smartphone market, and so just the title will not give it.

In order to escape from the current situation, HTC has to make it impossible to introduce a smartphone that will overshadow the current flagships of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and X iPhone. You say, “impossible”? But history has many examples when companies have out of the crisis and again rose to his feet.

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