21894 Overview of smartphone Xiaomi Mi A1: Chinese pure Android
Overview of smartphone Xiaomi Mi A1: Chinese pure Android

Overview of smartphone Xiaomi Mi A1: Chinese pure Android

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Overview of smartphone Xiaomi Mi A1: Chinese pure Android

Hundreds of smartphones middle segment, we can highlight only a few manufacturers whose devices are really worthy of attention: the line of Moto G, some devices from Lenovo, and of course, a smartphone company Xiaomi.

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  1. Appearance
  2. Display
  3. Specifications
  4. Software
  5. Camera
  6. The battery life
  7. Insights

Smartphone Xiaomi Mi A1, about which I will tell you, is no exception to the rule and is also positioned as a device of middle price segment. And the partnership with Google has made the smartphone even more attractive to potential buyers.


The smartphone is practically no different from other devices of the company, but it looks like an elegantly refined update.

Смартфон Xiaomi Mi A1The Cabinet is made of metal, which undoubtedly adds to the smartphone premium. The thickness of the device is 7.3 inches. In his hands he felt really thin. Average weight — 165 grams. Despite the fact that Mi A1 is quite wide, because of the filleted faces in his hand he is confident and tries to fall out.

On the back of the smartphone can say one thing — “nothing in excess”. So, in the upper left corner is the unit dual camera. The centre is occupied by the fingerprint scanner. At the bottom there is a logo of “Mi”, below which is the unit of service information. Well, at the very bottom, so you do not forget about Google, there is an inscription “Android One”. Which tells us that the smartphone is running drains version of the Android operating system.

Верхняя грань аппаратаAt the top of the front panel is the front camera, light sensor and earpiece. Of course, a smartphone display here, but about it a bit later. To the bottom made navigation buttons “back”, “home”, “multitasking.”

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Нижняя грань аппаратаThe right side houses the power button/lock and the volume buttons.

Правая грань смартфонаOn the left – tray for two SIM-cards. In General, the device looks pretty interesting in hand is confident, not quickly scratched.

Левая грань xiaomi mi A1


Xiaomi Mi A1 has an IPS-display with a diagonal of 5.5 inches and FullHD resolution. Screen smartphone covers curved 2.5 D glass, which you do not feel the edges of the device. With such characteristics the pixel density is 403 ppi.

Дисплей Xiaomi Mi A1For its segment the display of the device is just great. Natural color reproduction, huge viewing angles without inverting colors and good oleophobic coating. With regard to the range of brightness, then it is. Even on a Sunny day, the display remains readable. Framework size is small, but they are not small. If you use false clicks will not be exact.


The heart of the smartphone is the solution from Qualcomm, namely the Snapdragon chip 625. By the way, this processor also has a smartphones Redmi Note and Mi 4 2 Max.

Xiaomi Mi A1 Android OneAs for the CPU the average level, it demonstrates the good work of the whole system. Besides, this chip also affects the final cost of the device.

Maximum processor frequency 2 GHz processor, helps the chip to run 4 GB of RAM. Given the processor, amount of RAM and the operating system, the smartphone runs very fast and hang not even a hint. The device works in everyday life, and performing other time-consuming tasks.

If we talk about the heat, the company Xiaomi was telling us about “graphite sheets that allow you to heat more efficiently.” In fact, the miracle did not happen. The smartphone is heated, like all of its competitors. Yes, the heating is minimal and does not burn the hands, but nothing innovative there.

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File storage user has 64 GB of flash memory. If you and this will be enough, it is possible to expand the flash memory with memory card format microSD. Dual sensor main camera has a resolution of 12 MP with aperture of f/2.2. Front camera resolution 5 MP.


In this regard, the smartphone Xiaomi Mi A1 is not similar to any of the other smartphones of the company. If someone does not know, it is only on this model device is stock Android. The operating system is what it came up with Google. This is the same Android which you can see in the smartphones of lines in Pixel and Nexus.

Прошивка смартфонаOut of the box device from Xiaomi is running the Android operating system 7.1.2 Nougat. As this is a “naked” Android, you still using the fingerprint scanner can delete the notifications, or by double-pressing the power button/lock to launch the camera.

As stated by the representatives of the company, before the end of this year Xiaomi Mi A1 will receive a system update to Android Oreo, which just can not but rejoice. If we talk about the system as a whole, it’s just “pure android”. It works quickly, nothing is superfluous and nothing annoying. In this item I can supply the smartphone a solid “5+”.


Smartphone Xiaomi Mi A1 has dual sensor main camera resolution 12 MP +12 MP. Two lenses: a wide angle aperture of f/2.2 and a telephoto aperture of f/2.6. The producers have stated several times that this smartphone is exactly the same main camera as the smartphone Mi 6.

And it seems that this is still true. If you compare the pictures from both devices, they are almost identical, in the light of day exactly one to one.

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Камеры Xiaomi Mi A1The camera interface of this smartphone you get possibility to use a variety of filters, square mode for Instagram, the mode of “tilt shift”, and more. To switch between lenses the main camera, there is a special switch “2x”. It is possible to activate HDR+ mode, portrait and more.

According to my personal impressions, camera this unit is decent. For “domestic” purposes in the form of photographs, nature photographs, pictures of your kids, parties and so on. the smartphone fits like no other. Yes, in very low light there are some flaws in detail. But if you need the quality is much better, your choice — only SLR.

The battery life

Capacity built-in battery Mi A1 is 3080 mAh. In General, I describe the work of the smartphone battery excellent. If battery is discharged to zero I got at least 4 hours of active display. For a smartphone of this segment, just a fantastic result.

In addition, this unit supports fast charging standard by Qualcomm Quick Charge. Time to fully charge the battery from complete memory is about 1 hour 30 minutes.


Smartphone Xiaomi Mi A1 is a great device for those looking for a not only a stylish device but a gadget that does not even think to slow down and executes instructions of the user, downright instantly.

Xiaomi Mi A1Metal shell, excellent dual camera, stock Android, high-quality display — all you get for the very inexpensive price tag. For me personally, and devices I have tested not a few, and was all the time an opponent of Xiaomi smartphones, this device is the best purchase for the money. If you have a different opinion, share it in the comments below, will lead a discussion on this issue.

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