18158 Review of the Sony KD-43XE7077: TV who don't care about the past

Review of the Sony KD-43XE7077: TV who don’t care about the past

Some of the “classic” solution is clearly sat on the throne: on the one hand, they work, all satisfied, no questions. On the other — the obsession with “old” and lack of innovation hamper the development of the industry. Take the same TV and monitors: 2017 year, while smartphones with 4K screens are more common than watching television ranges from 40” to 70”. How come? The answer to the riddle one tradition. Fortunately, some companies have learnt how to deal with the trends of the past, staying true to yourself and moving the industry forward. Sony is one of them.

As it happens

Different technologies are fighting for market share. Traced it all: starting with operating systems and ending with iron. Over time, some remain the strongest contenders, and then “the invisible hand of the market” to restore order: forces them to play by common rules.

Sony KD-43XE7077

Resolution of the LCD matrix example. Everything from powers of two (because PC binary logic), then moved to the “wide format”. And now 10 years as a popular monitors and TV with magic letters Full HD 1920×1080 pixels. And the transition to 4K requires 4 times more resources: bandwidth, computational power of GPU, memory for content, and the like. It turns out that matrix-then we have modern and with everything else somehow has not developed. Yet.

Without movement there is no progress

Practice shows that to get out of this “vicious circle” in two ways. First available some very rich companies with a wide audience of their product. Apple can afford anything — to throw large USB from the laptop, remove the 3.5 mm headphone Jack, slapped everywhere even though their retina displays. And this will propel the industry.

Sony KD-43XE7077

The second way — soft to do with old technology difficult to use. This option works especially well where to take and to discard the old will not work for obvious reasons: you’re not a monopolist, a niche will instantly take competitors. These rails are a technology giant whose market position — only a share of the huge pie.

The Way Sony

But the Sony Corporation is Japanese, and she’s not like ordinary Smarty. The spirit, the concept, its embodiment — take any goods from the Country of the rising sun you know was done by people with a completely different mentality. The company even the official philosophy: “Build only what you haven’t created earlier“. “Always be a step ahead of the competition.” In understanding her superiors rests on three pillars: design, characteristics and unique features. Vision interesting and its products fully reflects the.


“Wabi-Sabi” in Japanese is translated as “modest simplicity.” No showing off — only minimalism and neatness. The reflection of certain qualities in art and art in everyday objects. Deep breath… Slow exhale… And now just look at this beauty.

Sony KD-43XE7077

What do you see? Only the image itself, Yes the subtle frame, which separate our reality and the one that is behind the glass. Stand — barely noticeable, compact, functional, like it was done by Swedes from IKEA. But if TV to hang on the wall — get a great LCD panel. Or a portal to another world, as you prefer.

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The reverse side has the connectors and ports, and everything is convenient. Wide case connection will not block adjacent ports, signatures applied bright immediately see what and where. There is already visible the pure Oriental practicality.


The remote, unfortunately (or fortunately) is also Asian. Huge number of buttons, zero smart feature — no gyroscope or touch-panel as the Koreans — pure oldschool, pure!. But you get used to the layout about 15 minutes, after which you can work intuitively. Menu navigation does not cause problems, everything is simple and logical.

Sony KD-43XE7077


As part of the specifications of the TV it’s difficult to distinguish something special about it: all pretty standard by the standards of 2017. However, it is very important subjective factor: some things you need to see with your own eyes. And yet:

  • Screen size: 43 inches (42.5 inches)
  • Screen size (inches diagonal): 108 cm
  • Screen type: LCD display
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160
  • Supports 3D: no
  • Support HDR:
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n
  • USB ports: 3 pieces (lateral)
  • Inputs HDMI: 3 (2 side and 1 bottom)
  • Dimensions without stand: approx. 97.1 the x 57,1 cm x 7.0 cm
  • Dimensions with stand: approx. 97.1 the x 62,0 x 24,2 cm
  • Width of stand: approx. 56,3 cm
  • Weight without stand: approx. 9.3 kg
  • Weight with stand: approx. 10 kg


One of the key features of the model — support for 10-bit brightness (HDR10). Forget about marketing images of “gray” and “simple” TV, no ordinary screen will not give the difference in the image: not physically capable. The essence of HDR in TV — extension number (!) intermediate values of each of the signals.

Example: you have B/W TV and only 2 bits for brightness. In the sum 2^2=4 shades. Black, dark gray, light gray, white. Mix and match as you wish. Increase the brightness by 2 bits — 2^4=16 shades. 14 intermediate values between “black” and “white.” Now go to classic TV and monitors: 3 channels (red, blue, green) of 8 bits = 2^8*2^8*2^8 = 256*256*256 = 16 million colors. For a matrix with 10 bits per channel calculations look similar = 2^10*2^10*2^10 = 1024*1024*1024 = 1 billion colors. A good upgrade?

Sony KD-43XE7077

The essence of the changes in the picture — more details in high contrast scenes, where previously, all merged into a single dark grey or nearly white spot will appear gradients, faces, isolated from the “mess” part. However, to make this magic work, you need a signal source of appropriate quality. In the old content miracles do not happen.


To evaluate the performance of this monster should be in the corresponding task: in HDR content, which, unfortunately, are scarce. Some of the HDR10 is on consoles this generation. Windows native support, no HDR, but the NVIDIA in full screen mode, can output the picture via HDMI 2.0. The aforesaid mode supported: Xbox One S (new X), PlayStation 4 (Slim and Pro), the train runs on the NVIDIA Pascal (10×0 series).

There is one important detail that I must say to describe the feeling of HDR work. When displaying non-native resolution for a matrix of each screen draws the image in accordance with a set program. PC displays are most often used bicubic algorithms, which give the most accurate representation, albeit at the expense of detail and sharpness.

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Sony KD-43XE7077

Televisions are often filled with electronic “uluchshiteli” that distinguishes moving objects contrast faces, skin and creates smooth surface — all in order on the shelves, the model stood out from the competition ringing with sharpness and rich (sometimes acid) colors. The buyer should see what he pays money. So, if the film is here and there works, the games work “flavor enhancers” can play a cruel joke with you. Well, when it goes off. Here, alas, no.

Playstation 4-test

Consoles PS4 out of the box support HDR10: the only hardware requirement is a cable compliant with the HDMI 2.0 standard. Unfortunately, the hardware “can” does not always coincide with the awarding of software “want”: not all developers are willing to spend the extra millions of dollars for a repaint and reconfiguration of the lighting, taking into account a promising but rare the new technology. So the list podderjke games, frankly, not so great.

We tested the new mode on “Uncharted: zabliurennoie heritage” and on the popular race in Driveclub. The simulator claims zero: HDR noticeable in high contrast scenes. Filtering through the leaves of bright light from the sun kills all the details, and keeps a separate picture elements. Of course, at speeds over 200 km/h, even in the rain, from these details little help — but better get used to it, and after a half hour of the game “HDR” disable corresponding features in the TV menu produces a sobering effect: “Give me back my beauty and detailed world I don’t wanna watch this rubbish!

Sony KD-43XE7077

But Uncharted was very good differences, if present, insignificant. Moreover, the work of upscaler (algorithm, to stretch the image to a high resolution matrix) contributes to the image of the mountain of artifacts at the boundaries of moving objects. So all the most important areas, full of details and extra points of the scene tightly kill operation. But the work in 4K — above all praise.


Testing 4K HDR mode we spent on our demoscene with AMD hardware. About its performance we recently told. Now let’s talk about the beauty of the Sony TV. But first — a list of games that support HDR display on PC mercilessly small. Bend fingers:

  • Shadow Warrior 2
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
  • Hitman (2016)
  • Resident Evil 7
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda
  • Obduction
  • Paragon
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider (patch)
  • Need For Speed: Payback (not yet released)
  • Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (not yet released)

In a word, sparse.

Sony KD-43XE7077

The best effect is noticeable in Shadow Warrior 2. No HDR — the color of acid and attempts to “push nevpihuemoe” — hiked the local contrasts. The game looks bright, but… something. HDR turns a picture into a boring documentary movie (with the Mat, dismemberment and characteristic jokes “on the verge of a foul”). The abundance of scenes in dark places with bright light sources SW2 makes an ideal site for testing. The detail of the picture, between the rolls. If this technology is the future — give him here, we have 10 years to wait, we want it today.

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A look into the future

Innovative technologies come into our lives immediately. Something victorious, something not very much. Many would like to collect pseudo-experts, “stoked” a few years ago for 3D in TVs and monitor, but to ask them the question: “Where now is the promise you mountains of content and support for all modern games“? Oh, not fired? That floor look? Ashamed?

We are not clairvoyants. But if in the case of 3D not everyone shared the rosy view on the future of the technology, 4K, 60 FPS and HDR believe it much more likely. And Sony realized the potential of a high definition screen on all 146%. The difference is visible to the naked eye and from it (unlike 3D) don’t get tired. So it should look like progress.

Sony KD-43XE7077

Where to get content, you may ask, is with 3D we already promised mountains of gold, of believe industry?” At the last Apple presentation on it gave the answer — a lot of TV series from Netflix and Amazon Prime are already waiting for you. Certainly the new masterpieces of Disney-Pixar will come out with the support of the current format. Catch up with them and the rest. This is not some stillborn “tride”. If it is for the promotion of 4K content with HDR took in Cupertino — it will be.

The same situation is with interactive entertainment. Many developers don’t optimize for high resolutions, don’t add support for HDR and don’t work on high FPS referring to the statistics of iron — see the same poll on Steam: 4K and 2560×1440 in the sum is less than 4% of the market.

Sony KD-43XE7077Would you bother optimising for smeared on the market 4% of users?

Who if not we, the users, voted money for 4K, will force the statistics to change, and lazy developers to take into account our interests? PS4 Pro supports 4K and extended range, the new console from Microsoft too. Capacity of iron now missing. So will you games. The more that progress is reasonable money.

Sony KD-43XE7077

So, what do we offers Sony: minimalistic, strong and fit into any interior design. On which, however, do not pay attention, the most important thing in this monster panel. Let’s face it, 4K picture with HDR is something. The video in the appropriate format create incredible feels like before you not a TV, and a window into another world. Everything else can be easy to forget. Just take this 43-inch daikatana KD-43XE7077 and samurai equanimity hack his way into the future, discarding all the old, tatty and zabliurennoie.


  • stunning image quality in 4K;
  • HDR is working and “no turning back”: movies and games without it seems worse;
  • great design and user friendly UI;
  • reasonable price for the above-described advantages.


  • upscaler Intrusive offers to unsubscribe you from the past: buy a powerful video card, a new console and not watch the movies downloaded in low quality with torrents;
  • native work HDR10 in Windows will only appear for the new year.

Author: Ivan Krylov

Picture device: Daria Golubovich

Source: 4pda.ru

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