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Sometimes it takes one mistake to ruin the experience of the work. And no matter how many millions was spent on its development and what is known to brand it belongs: consumers are always willing to mix something with the dirt, just give me a reason. In the case of Star Wars Battlefront II long search is not necessary microtransactions and lethargic excuses of the publisher within the week and turned a promising shooter in a mockery of the level of Aliens: Colonial Marines. But there is justified anger of the masses? Or predatory policy EA — only the most obvious of the problems new?

Classic film series

A long time ago, long before the fashion on pointless DLC and locbox, a game based on “Star wars” is known for its quality and diversity. Then, 10-15 years ago, everyone could pick out something to taste and with a high probability not to lose.

Star Wars Battlefront II

Pull to shoot the stormtroopers in the familiar childhood setting? Shadows of the Empire and the cycle of Jedi Knight at your service. Always wanted to take control of the Empire and to organize resistance to the blitzkrieg? Empire at War will allow you to rotate and such grandiose plans. Fans of space battles will appeal to Rogue Squadron and TIE Fighter, while the race fans — Star Wars Episode I: Racer. And especially for those who like all at once, in 2004, came the first Battlefront from Pandemic Studios — multiplayer action, bringing together many disparate game mechanics and finds.

He was famous, of course, no plot and unique characters — there are Knights of the Old Republic. Trump was unprecedented by the standards of the genre and the setting of the scale — and a unique opportunity to see the confrontation between the Light and Dark sides of the force through the eyes of ordinary soldiers on the frontlines. A fierce battle on the ground and in the air, the famous heroes of the Saga, space battles (with the ability to land on the big ships!), sea fan service — even the mighty Battlefield against this background, it seemed not so impressive. The sequel, nothing that was done in a hurry, has developed the ideas of the original. And trikvel, alas, never made it to release, leaving behind only a floating network alpha version. After the third part has sunk into Oblivion and LucasArts — and with it the dream of a new network action in the universe of Jedi and Sith.

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Star Wars Battlefront II

So would have ended the story of the most amazing action movie based on the universe of George Lucas — if not Electronic Arts. Having acquired exclusive rights to create games based on “Star wars” in 2013, EA have instructed their most talented studios in the production of several projects, including the revival of Battlefront. Honor to resurrect the classics won the DICE — and the authors of the Battlefield seemed to be the best candidates for the task. But something did not grow together.

The long-awaited Star Wars Battlefront disappointed, perhaps, almost all the fans of the first parts. Not because it’s bad play — no, the gameplay was quite good, though rude in detail. Criticized mainly the paucity of content in the “alpha” Battlefront III was more cards and mechanics than in AAA-action movie of 2015. Yes and no story campaign was unpleasantly surprised by the audience. Having listened carefully to the feedback and making a list of complaints, EA has promised to bring the shooter to mind — and did not disappoint! At first glance.

The dark side

If you consider Battlefront II as a normal mistakes, it is difficult to criticize: DICE (and with it the Motive Studios with Criterion Software) gave a technically perfect sequel. More cards, more story, more characters and weapons the most, as requested by faithful fans! Sorry, not in numbers happiness.

Star Wars Battlefront II

Worse of all made by Motive, the command of the famous jade Raymond. Through the efforts of Canadians the long-awaited single player campaign, which dreamed of even Hollywood actors, came out extremely lifeless, as if he were doing it under duress. It seems that you have nothing to write: the story of Eden Versio ridiculously banal, and the mission to become the main characters, is incredibly boring. Run from point a to point B, destroy a platoon of soldiers (stealthy or guns blazing — not the point), listen to the next portion of a cliché, to repeat — and so four hours before the final credits and the obligatory hint at a sequel. Like to yawn pulls: superb graphics, familiar sounds and the “same” scenery somehow mask the General dullness of what is happening — but nothing to shout about.

Only episodes in space is a bit distracting from the overall series — oddly enough, for the worse. Initially amusing interludes very quickly turn into flour: ridiculously primitive gameplay is not evolyutsioniruet, because interesting ideas and mechanics, the authors did not deliver.

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Star Wars Battlefront II

Against this backdrop, even Call of Duty: WWII looks impressive — at least in the offspring of Sledgehammer no-no, across pleasant discoveries like the episode in Paris. The characters are somehow developed. Talked platitudes, but at least the mouths of talented actors. About the “Star wars” so to say: a short (and amazingly tight) adventure doesn’t offer anything except a handful of screenshots with the scenery Jakku Yes 5 thousand credits to buy characters and luchboxes.

On the bright side

The only good reason to get Battlefront II to my collection is the multiplayer. Let him remain far from the scale and ambition of the original novels, DICE (and Criterion) took a couple of steps in the right direction, which can not but rejoice.

Star Wars Battlefront II

The essence remained the same: dozens of soldiers converge in a battle for the fate of the Galaxy on friends to movies planets. From time to time of particularly skilled players take on the role of Characters such as Vader and make life normal warriors in a nightmare. Fly over the heads of the fighters to locations about walking AT-AT, in the corridors of the Palace of Naboo exploding grenades and the shots from the Endor blasters in the heat of battle, cut the small trees. In short, a real meat grinder, which is a pleasure.

The simulation of military action, by itself, here and does not smell — simply just a novelty to be described as Battlefield-lite: battle such as entertaining, but they feel much easier and more casual. And the division into classes here is likely to form is 90% of the time everyone spends as a shooter or gunner.

Star Wars Battlefront II

Even the space battles (which lacked the previous section) give a lot of pleasant moments. It turns out that to arrange a chase with enemy fighters quite amusing, when at the helm are real people, not sluggish AI-pilots.

It is a pity that rosy picture spoil the details. For example, instead of a coherent flow and equipment in Battlefront II used the bonus card to change the status of the fighters and their special abilities. Without them sometimes difficult — for example, the Characters by default are rather weak: they can support, to divert attention, but in a battle with a handful of enemies little benefit from them. But should boot powerful bonuses — and the end of all living things. How to get resource? True, with the help of luchboxes. Want to win without a headache? Give me credits or hours to perform the same tasks in the same locations, slowly but surely rocking the gear. The process is very slow and incredibly boring.

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Star Wars Battlefront II

The need to grindith reveals another problem: if you sit behind a shooter thoroughly, very soon found out that it is painfully superficial and quite repetitive. It’s a good view to while away the evenings after work by disabling the brain. But you should play a few matches in a row — and the magic dissipates, revealing a rather ordinary and hectic militant network.


Star Wars Battlefront II — the game is supremely weird. It is made by professionals. But the more time you spend in the company of storm troopers and droids, the closer look into what is happening on the field of battle circus, the more obvious it becomes simple truth: created action is clearly for show and half-heartedly.

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Of course, new invested a lot of time and money — but not in her imagination that turned Star wars into a global phenomenon. Yes, technically a shooter works. Yes, entertains. But did not touch: the multiplayer lacks depth and thoughtfulness, and the single — intelligibility. A kind of gum for the brain: while on screen someone brandishes lightsaber, and dies under the epic music, Battlefront pleasing to the eye. And then fades from memory, is distracted for a few minutes. Out of sight, out of mind.


  • phenomenal graphics;
  • entertaining multiplayer (if you play for the ordinary soldiers);
  • the impressive scale of what is happening;
  • many references to the original films.


  • overall, a very weak single player campaign;
  • a lousy script.
  • boring and monotonous gameplay for Heroes;
  • controversial progression system characters;
  • microtransactions (which will return);
  • weird animation;
  • the novelty is still far from the original novels from LucasArts.


  • Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Developer: EA DICE, Motive Studios, Criterion Software
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Release date in Russia: November 17, 2017
  • Localization: full Russian localization
  • Similar games: Battlefield series, Battlefront original duologue, mobile F2P-grindilki
  • Is it worth buying now? No, better to wait for discounts or buy classic Star Wars: Battlefront

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