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Review of The Evil Within 2 — if Silent Hill was filming Michael Bay


Sebastian Castellanos ran to the burning house, but to save my daughter can’t keep up. Little Lily melts in the fire like wax. The detective shouts and zazhmurivaetsya, unable to withstand the terrible spectacle. When he opens his eyes, around the blazing Inferno, and the darkness of the bar. He had a nightmare. It’s time again to fill the glass, to not think about daughter’s death… But to drink that night he did not have time. The hero is waiting for the shocking news: the death of Lily’s staged. For the sake of the girls Sebastian is ready to take like three years ago, in the virtual world of nightmares, spawned by the machine STEM.

Dive into an artificial reality throws Castellanos in the provincial town of Union. Corporation “Mobius” conceived it as a model of an American utopia — a Paradise for hundreds of people whose intelligence is connected to the system STEM. But something in a secret experiment went awry, and scenery digital “the Truman Show” started to crumble into pieces. Lawns littered with corpses, through the idyllic streets of roam mutant inhabitants, hungry for human flesh, and Sebastian at first, not even weapons. So begins The Evil Within 2 — good blockbuster, but a mediocre sequel.

The faces of evil

Original The Evil Within, developed in 2014 by the Studio Tango Gameworks, was the authorship of Shinji Mikami. Japanese game designer, who stood at the origins of the series Resident Evil, knew how to immerse modern gamers into a protracted nightmare. Cartridges in the first part of the misadventures of Castellanos is never enough, one furious battle followed another, and a rash step into the darkness threatened to death by traps, stretch marks and min.

The Evil Within 2

Mikami did not just complex game is about survival, and interactive Museum of horror: each scene, the enemy, or the scene is sent to the classics of horror. Escape from the maniac, inspired by “Texas chainsaw massacre”, followed by hiding from the zombie rednecks in the spirit of Resident Evil 4. A surreal descent into the subconscious mind of the psychopath in the Thriller “the Cage”, ended with a fight with a pair of savagelove monsters, citing Silent Hill 2. All this, coupled with brain-breaking story and a masterpiece of the art design provided The Evil Within cult status.

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Unfortunately, the development license continue the role of Mikami came down to producing. The Director’s chair was John Johanas, who oversaw the creation of additions to the first part. Castling is detrimental to the identity of the project. Take the plot: the events of the original intrigued not worse kolanowska “Start”, and jumping from one reality to another was explained only in the final. The sequel tells the clichéd story of the father seeking the daughter in the bowels of the STEM. Almost all the surprises Bethesda has popularily in the debut trailer from E3 2017 and release trailers.

The Evil Within 2

But the problem is not the attempt to turn the psychopathological Thriller in the Hollywood drama of the caliber of The Last of Us. The trouble is that to write a sentimental story trusted Trent Haage — employee trash-movie Studio Troma, who made the ribbons with those names “Dead and rotting” and “Toxic avenger IV”. That is why in The Evil Within 2 characters “cardboard”, and the dialogues often border on parody. Sebastian, for example, any situation prepared favorite word: “What?” “What was that?” “What the hell?” “What to do now?

Daddy can do anything

First The Evil Within didn’t give me a break chasing Castellanos from one of the attraction of pain and torture to another. In close spaces the detective felt a wild beast pursued by the hounds. This effect worked all: clumsy shooting, no hints in the game, the slowness of the hero, which after a few seconds of running stopped and caught her breath. The authors of the sequel abandoned the hardcore mechanic, trying to reach a wide audience. Claustrophobic horror has turned into action with a shortage of ammunition and the pseudo-open world.

The Evil Within 2

The city is divided into several districts, connected by a network of underground tunnels and laboratories. Sebastian has radio through which he is looking for not only Lily, but also the “resonance points”: places with weapons, ammunition and scrap metal to improve firearms. Come across survivors: operatives “Mobius”, ready to puzzle with the instruction of “bring-bring“.

Initially, when a detective with a knife and a gun with a dozen rounds, go-infested undead Unionu creepy. Creature spirited, tenacious and evil: a pair of strikes and a Castellanos a goner. Have to improvise. One monster to sneak up from behind and stab him in the skull, the other to reassure one-time axe, the remaining lure on the spilled gasoline and set fire to well-aimed shot. The adrenaline? At least buckets vycherpyvayte. In the best traditions of The Last of Us.

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However, with time, get hold of something powerful like a crossbow with four types of arrows or assault rifle, I don’t think the zombie hordes as a threat. To escape, to dive into the bushes or hide behind the boxes, a means of retreat always enough. Cadavers quickly lose interest in the pursuit, which facilitates stealthy murder for the sake of harvesting resources. As before, after collecting enough green manure from dead, you can pump the protagonist. But some new skills — like survival after fatal injury — look uniform Scam: not for Rambo play.

The Evil Within 2

But to explore the Union really fun with all in the spirit of Silent Hill: Downpour. You enter the garage, solve the puzzle with the fuse box and find a roomy pouch for pistol clips. Climb to the roof cafe and find near the corpse of the commando broken sniper rifle, which with time fix. Open the door of a nondescript house — and in a few moments fall into the infernal dimension where you have to run away from the Ghost. Mini-performances are perfectly staged and reveal the story of the fall of the city. Pity that they are criminally low and they are concentrated in the first half of the passage.

Second grade?

No matter how interesting to wander Union, the new creation of Tango Gameworks desperately lacking the author’s vision. The lion’s share of good ideas the second part steals from its predecessor. Remember in the original 2014 psychedelic hide from the all-seeing eye, trying to incinerate Sebastian? This trick developers do here. Nightmare mode in the catacombs under the Church? In Union also has a similar dungeon. The defense of the shack against hordes of zombies? Yes, and this episode moved without any changes. There was even a place the scene where Castellanos alternately confronted with three bosses from the first part (now they are destroyed in a matter of seconds).

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The Evil Within 2

Shinji Mikami did not hesitate to shock the audience with a maze of pulsating flesh or phantasmagoric battle inside a giant brain, and these moments succeeded each other with kaleidoscopic speed. In the sequel truly Gaga episodes can be counted on the fingers of one hand. A good half of the game is operated surreal art gallery, home to maniac photographer making art installations from the murdered victims. Nice and creepy, no doubt, but why overuse the same technique with disappearing behind doors and corridors that turn into a never-ending flowery maze?

The Evil Within 2 causes mixed emotions. It’s entertaining but silly action movie with great directing and refined picture. So would look like “twin Peaks”, if it was removed Michael Bay. At one point, Castellanos wandering in the illusive maze of red curtains, on the road afraid of their own shadows, and playfully blows the hell out of a huge monster. Yo She Bitch, Let’s Go! It is unclear just what this has to do with the very masterpiece of Mikami, who three years ago was in a panic and unnerving to shiver. The once uncompromising horror, shocked no worse than “Saw” and “Hostel”, has become almost like a family horror movie “Poltergeist”, where the monsters do not ooze blood and pus, and white wax. Like afraid, but not scared.

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  • a good alternation of the pseudo-open world and linear levels staged;
  • brilliant direction separate creepy moments;
  • excellent work with light and sound;
  • good optimization on the consoles.


  • total simplification of the gameplay (compared to original);
  • a lot of action but little suspense;
  • no artistic style characteristic of the first part;
  • simple-minded plot and stereotypical villains;
  • a small variety of enemies;
  • simple boss battles;
  • mediocre optimization on the PC.


  • Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Developer: Tango Gameworks
  • Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
  • Release date in Russia: October 13, 2017
  • Localization: Russian voice and subtitles
  • Similar games: Silent Hill: Downpour, The Last of Us, Resident Evil 4, The Suffering: Ties That Bind
  • Is it worth buying now? Yes, if you have missed a good Thriller

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The author of the text: Vladimir Saldan

Source: 4pda.ru

Review of The Evil Within 2 — if Silent Hill was filming Michael Bay

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