10002 OLX launches a "Safe deal" for safe purchases and sales

OLX launches a “Safe deal” for safe purchases and sales

Secure transaction: OLX launches a service for safe purchasing and sales

Service ads OLX launches new service to Secure transaction. Now for the 8 million Ukrainians who monthly visit the service, purchase and sale by credit card will be fully protected. The service is implemented thanks to the cooperation with the company “Nova Posta” and UAPAY.

Safe deal makes buying and selling as safe as possible: ordering, transfer money from card to card and shipping now occur in a protected environment.

When purchasing the product users, as before, can transfer money to the card seller, but with Safe money transaction appears on the account of the seller only after the buyer confirms that the package was successfully delivered to the Department of “Nova poshta”, and the product suits it. If the product does not suit the recipient, the money back on his card, and the goods will be sent back to the seller.

Secure transaction eliminates the risk of fraud when using Bank cards for payment. First, the buyer has no risk of losing money when transferring prepayments unscrupulous sellers. Second, users do not need to communicate Bank cards: this information is entered online and protected financial partner OLX company UAPAY.

“We recommended our users to conduct transactions in person, but not always the right product there is in this city. In addition, the market is developing: with the logistic companies and financial instruments, it is possible to obtain the goods from another city the next day and pay for it by transferring money to seller, — says Sergey Gapochenko, Director of OLX in Ukraine and Central Asia. — Of course, it is very convenient and fast, but there is a risk of fraud. To completely eliminate this risk, we run a Safe transaction and provide a secure environment to make payments from card to card”.

Logistics partner of the project is the company “Nova poshta”, the market leader in Express delivery and the driver for the e-commerce segment. The cost of delivery via “Nova poshta” when you are using a Secure transaction is calculated when filling in Express invoice by the seller in the OLX profile. This sum shall be deducted from the buyer’s credit card.

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“Consumers’ expectations from e-commerce and delivery operators are rising in direct proportion to the dynamics of these markets. Among other people I especially want to get rid of the barriers and risks in online shopping, including those associated with payment. The decision, which “Nova poshta” and OLX offer customers — this is a timely and necessary step in order for the culture of virtual purchases in Ukraine was strengthened and became safer,” commented co-owner of Nova poshta Viacheslav Klimov.

The service for sellers completely free of charge. The buyer pays Commission only financial partner, which is 0.3% of the value of the goods + 3 UAH. Safe trade is beneficial to buyers. The user can be fully confident in the safety of your purchase.

“The problem of providing secure payments for transactions on the Internet is not new. Since the sellers have to report details of their Bank cards via insecure channels, such as SMS or phone, this information together with personal data of the owner of the card may fall into the hands of fraudsters.

Service Secure transaction secure all payments under the transaction: when the customer enters their card details in a special form on the website of OLX, they are stored in protected storage UAPAY in accordance with data security standards payment card industry PCI DSS. This allows you to carry out the operation safely, and we guarantee that no way such information would not flow out, and the attackers will not be able to use it.

We should emphasize that the Secure transaction service available to individuals — holders of payment cards of Ukrainian banks. However, the map must be active for the payment and enrollment in the Internet environment. In addition, if necessary, the seller or the buyer can register multiple credit cards and for each transaction to use the card that he is currently more comfortable”, — said Dmitry editor-in-chief, the managing partner of UAPAY and SoftInvest Holding.

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“Today, crooks are increasingly directing their actions not only against banks, but against citizens. This is a key trend in recent years not only in Ukraine but all over the world. More than 60% of all cases of thefts from the accounts of Ukrainians over the past year related to online fraud and with calls to cardholders in order to lure their sensitive payment data. Only for the year 2016 the amount of withdrawn funds as a result of these fraudulent acts have grown in 4 times. Today’s victim is every 80 minutes a cardholder, — said Alexander Karpov, Director, Ukrainian interbank Association of members of payment systems EMA. — Shift the focus of fraud attacks on citizens actualizes the necessity of implementation by operators of the market of innovative solutions aimed at improving the safety of cashless payments. Application services Secure transaction users most popular Internet sites will contribute to an overall reduction in the number of fraudulent scams in the country. The presence of such a secure environment to make payments from card to card creates a substantial barrier for criminals and making the extortion payment secret data from individuals and selling them non-existent goods meaningless.”

How does the Secure transaction

The seller activates the service Secure transaction when submitting ads. It specifies the information for delivery (weight of the goods, the Department of the “Nova poshta” how to send a parcel) and enters their card details, which will receive money for orders. Offer is indicated by the special icon for “Secure transaction” in the ad, there is a button “Buy”. The system remembers the data and in the preparation of the following ad information will be filled in automatically.

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The buyer chooses a product and places an order by clicking on the “Buy” button. In this case the buyer must fill in the delivery data (the branch of the “Nova poshta”, where he plans to pick up the package), and Bank card, how will the money be transferred. For money transfer the buyer does not need to know Bank card details of the seller. The system memorizes the data and on your next purchase information will be filled in automatically.

At the time of ordering money from the buyer’s credit card is blocked on the transit account Bank financial partner UAPAY. From the customer card to withdraw money for shipping fee and financial partner (0.3% of the value of the goods + 3 UAH).

The seller receives notification of a new order. He has 2 days to confirm the order and 3 days to send the parcel

The buyer receives the parcel at the specified office of “Nova poshta” and inspects the goods. If the product is suitable, the buyer confirms the transaction, and the money is instantly transferred to the card seller.

If the seller has rejected the deal

The seller can reject the deal. This buyer will receive email notification.

The money for shipping and cost of item will be returned to the buyer’s card.

If the goods have not approached the buyer

In the Department of “Nova poshta”, the buyer reports that the item doesn’t suit him. The money is instantly returned to the buyer’s card

The item is shipped back to the seller. The return shipping is paid by the seller. As compensation OLX charges such seller 30 UAH to the bonus account profile OLX.

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