8571 On the website of Call of Duty: WWII found the Easter eggs

On the website of Call of Duty: WWII found the Easter eggs

The company Activision is in no hurry to lay out all the details announced recently shooter Call of Duty: WWII. Instead, she decided to turn the flow of new story parts into a kind of mini-game. On the official website of the project there was the section with the mysterious typewriter, which immediately aroused interest among the curious gamers. Reddit users have successfully solved a large part of the puzzles the developers.

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The first cipher that is designed for typing on a typewriter, was located in the picture with zombie Nazi’s, which can be seen on the recent presentation of Call of Duty: WWII. It can be seen on the helmet, if you change the brightness of the image. After the set of discovered combination on the machine have access to several hidden files, presumably related to the game. These documents include the portrait of king Friedrich I Barbarossa and Raphael’s “portrait of a young man”. It was in honor of Barbarossa was named operation for the German invasion of the Soviet Union, and Raphael was stolen by the Germans from the Museum in Krakow. Most likely, these events or places will somehow figure in the plot of the new Call of Duty.

Call of Duty Call of Duty

One of the puzzles gamers are found in the machine: serial number is the coordinate of Dunkirk – the city from which in 1940 was evacuated British, French and Belgian parts. At the moment the players figured out not all developers left the secrets. For example, it is not clear where to enter or what does the cipher FORM – YMF – 212514 – 12123 – 131 located in one of the secret folder.

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The release of Call of Duty: WWII is scheduled for 3 November this year. Shooter developed for the PC and current-generation consoles. As a setting for the game Sledgehammer Games decided to take the theme of the Second world war that the series is not touched for 9 years.

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