One2One is a compact interpreter with artificial intelligence

Eugene Lubnicki


One2One is a compact interpreter with artificial intelligence

A young company Lingmo International presented its new development – device One2One. This gadget is a small earphone that uses proprietary algorithms in conjunction with translation technologies from IBM. The development of IBM used in the Watson supercomputer to help with the translation of complex aspects of the language used in the slang and dialects. Surprisingly, for the operation of the device One2One does not require a permanent Internet connection.

At the moment the system supports eight languages: Mandarin, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Brazilian, Portuguese, English and Spanish. Conversational phrases are recorded using the built-in microphone, and for three to five seconds can be translated into another language.

Device One2One can be ordered at a price of $179. In addition, the company offers special package for $229 that includes two devices so two people, each with their own headset, can have a conversation in real time in different languages.

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