OnePlus iPhone 5T and X agreed in the test speed

The network began to appear the first tests of the new flagship smartphone OnePlus 5T: so, more help compared it with iPhone X speed. “Apple” flagship six-core processor A11 Bionic and 3 GB of RAM in all the benchmarks and tests demonstrates the highest results, leaving the competition far behind. On the other hand, the company OnePlus announced that 5T is the fastest smartphone on the planet, and the difference in cost of the above units is approximately two times. Like the OnePlus and the iPhone 5T X show themselves in practice — see below.

As for the first test, OnePlus 5T in most cases launch apps and perform certain actions faster competitor.

[embedded content]

But if you run on iPhone X benchmark, then it passes the test faster 5T, and shows much better results.

OnePlus 5T

But video from another run demonstrates that the results in the benchmarks does not reflect the real power and speed of the device. Moreover, a larger amount of RAM in OnePlus 5T allows him to keep more apps running in the background.

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We can only note that the new gesture to close applications in iPhone X that requires to swipe across the screen takes longer than tap on the display OnePlus 5T.


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