Operating system “OS” wasn’t registered

Операционная система «Ось» не прошла регистрацию

Company of NCI is “daughter” of “Rostec” failed to register in the registry of Russian software operating system “Axis”. At the request of the members of the expert Council under the Ministry of communications, responsible for adding programs to the registry organization has not provided documents confirming exclusive rights of the developers. Experts say that the lack of exclusive rights to the software allows owners of the program at any time to suspend sales that entail risks to public corporations for which the expected implementation of the “Axis”.

According to experts of the company BaseALT (the developer of the operating system “Alt Linux”) Alexei Smirnov operating system “OS” is based on two operating systems with open source CentOS and Fedora, the rights to which are owned by the American company RedHat. To obtain the exclusive rights of the final product must be subjected to a strong enough modification and have components that do not exist in the original OS.

Operating system “OS” contains 1257 packages responsible for different functions. Third-party experts from the company BaseALT calculated that 799 of the source is taken from Fedora packages, and 7 packages from CentOS. While own packets only 19, and, according to experts, they relate to updates of the design of the system. In addition, in some packages there are signs of change regarding the removal of references to CentOS and RedHat, or change OS settings.

The developers of NCI denied the claim that “Axis” was created on the basis of software products of the company RedHat. According to the representative of NCI, the operating system is based on free software and its own developments.

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Source: vedomosti.ru

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