Oppo is technology five times optical zoom for smartphones

As expected, the company Oppo has introduced in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress 2017 is the result of several years of research and development – technology Precision 5X Optical Zoom. As the name implies, this technology allows the use of smartphones in a five-fold optical zoom. Prior to that, only in some smartphones from Huawei and Apple was available as an analogue of twice the optical zoom by using two cameras. Interestingly, the development of Oppo is also using two cameras, but in a rather unusual way.

Oppo offers to locate the lens at an angle of 90 degrees to the other sensor. The light on it goes through a special prism. As a result, the user will see in the smart phone only one camera and a small glass box beside her. This decision does not limit the Oppo thick body and allows her to increase the distance between the lenses within the housing of the smartphone. This module has a total of more 50 components.


Because when you zoom even the slightest movement can lubricate the entire picture, Precision 5X Optical Zoom, the company implemented the latest developments in optical image stabilization, allowing the mechanism to rotate in increments of only 0.0025 degrees. Thus, stabilization is carried out 40% more efficiently in comparison with the previous developments of the company.


Unfortunately, the smartphone with the application of new technology has not been demonstrated.

Source: androidauthority.com

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