OPPO is going to bend the smartphone in an unusual way

Judging by the latest patent, the company OPPO, the Chinese manufacturer is developing a smartphone, which will bend only a small part of the body. We’ve seen ZTE Axon M and best practices of other vendors, including Samsung and Microsoft, in which the device can bend a variety of ways, but the idea of the OPPO is very different from the developments of other manufacturers.


As seen in the images, the OPPO offers only a small bend to the upper part of the smartphone. Moreover, it bends in both directions — display can even be folded back. To mind immediately comes the idea that this design will allow you to use the gadget only one camera, which will act as the front and rear.


If the screen to bend forward in such a gadget reminiscent of classic mobile phones, which had a slightly curved body, the shape of the head.


As usual, we have just a patent, so there is no guarantee that OPPO will release such a device.

Source: phonearena.com

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