Overview Afterpulse: the most beautiful shooter — not the best

From the Babes decided not to require academic knowledge in astrophysics — that Afterpulse at a depth of swings and captivating appearance. She’s like a Hollywood starlet from the front page of the tabloids: slender legs, an exciting exterior and flamed retouched face without a hint of intelligence. But who in their right mind would refuse a date with such a babe?

You’re in the army now

The plot is executed in the technique of decorative minimalism, exists only in publishing the annotations to the application. Neither your campaign nor the video is an error: a soldier immediately they drop off to the ground and are stuffed with poor instructions, which boil down to:”run and shoot“. Forget about jumping and rolling to duck behind cover — a luxury for the harsh commando. And they run, shoot, and magnetized the sight of a heavily blushing every time is detected in the crosshairs of the enemy.


AI is not the smartest, but training rounds with the bots give a basic idea of what is waiting for you in the future — luxurious and endlessly banal for filling shooting from third person. With no aggravating circumstances like hostages or strategic points to protect and retain, than it is to fertilize the gameplay in modern shooters. The left part of the screen is responsible for movement, right turning the camera, aim and distribute olives — the process is simple and straightforward as blast mine.

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However, against live players in matches of the first n–dtsat turn out a perfect meal. The network code is relatively stable, but the balance came out to smoke and never came back — in the crossfire “4×4” on opposite sides can sit down squishy-new and terrible NAGIBATOR666 with a top lotions. You’ll never guess came from his headshots, but hand-foot okidokey soldier will spread very effectively — thank you doll physics.


Draw distance is impressive, however, only the Falcon’s vision to help quickly recognize the opponent on the other end of the map. In the end, the maneuvers are reduced to a pair of bloody monotonous tactics: or looking for a cozy corner with a good view for pikselhantinga, or to arrange a demonstration spanking enemies from the rear. To keep the defense 360° is practically impossible touch controls — an insidious thing, the camera continually strives to go where it doesn’t belong. And there is nothing more pathetic and helpless than the two fighters collided nose to nose. Funnier only blind kittens.


In the morning money in the evening — chairs

This bitch spit on “skill”, but it encourages financial investments — the philosophy of pay-to-win in multiplayer blossoms as a cherry tree in the spring. After death it is possible to estimate high-level gun, from which you were killed, and speculative to estimate bosyatsky it to your Arsenal. From the queue of the seven star gun does not save neither the cunning nor the hundreds of hours of experience in the online shooter, the AAA segment. Therefore, effective methods “stooping” exactly two: either pour real money into the boxes with random contents, or dull hoard resources, interrupting gratuitous boxes. With them to fat — free the game allocates metered, as in any other shareware project.

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The only variety, however, bring just the manipulation of rags. Equipment directly affect the protection and mobility, few things are provided with special bonuses like an increase to accuracy, but all kinds of trunks will suffice for arming a small African state. Pick up, combine and let them flow you all the way, which will definitely affect the efficiency. But there is no admission against breakage — honest four warriors without any problems ushataet one was Packed with donater.

To meddle in the ranking of the batches and at all dangerous: low-level soldiers, there shines almost biblical massacre of the innocents. There are more custom matches with individual settings, but the regime is not popular and good except for the fights with friends. In normal battles won’t be long glasses of energy suddenly replenished quickly, but the timers on repairs of weapons ruthless.


Not born beautiful

Full online shooter on a smartphone — in a sense, an oxymoron. Any attempt to simulate a console experience on mobile platforms will inevitably break on features touch controls. Of course, the troubles with external controllers has not been canceled, but the additional crutches somewhat contrary to the idea of portability. Not surprisingly, the developers Afterpulse decided not to philosophize slyly and to put down on the chart — in this case somehow justifies the shallow gameplay.


The game looks like a top fighter for the PlayStation 2 or Xbox. Moreover, in some aspects it is quite swings at the level of the console projects the previous generation. Models animated by conscience, the light and shadows as realistic as possible, and the back of the head protege shines so desperately, Willy-nilly, think about buying a helmet.

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The entourage also a sin to complain — location in the range, and each at least nice to walk around. The overall picture is occasionally overshadowed by the “ladder” and washed away the texture, but they are perceived as inevitable flaws. Seriously I just totally hammered optimized for Android. For many (not the oldest) devices, the game is inaccessible, and can only rely on the integrity of the authors and the upcoming patches.

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The project paints demonstrates how you can and should look like games on smartphones, but smartly passes on all other fronts. Remember the bearded anecdote about a taxi driver who is interested in the picky customer: “You checkered or go?” So, “cheap” Afterpulse be healthy, but impressions of the trip remain highly controversial.



  • still the most beautiful shooter on smartphones;
  • stable network code, and the ability to hack to death with friends online;
  • small car and truck with different-sized barrels.


  • pay-to-win — instead of a thousand words;
  • the lack of story and single player campaign;
  • optimization for Android leaves much to be desired;
  • supported not at all top-end devices;
  • the gameplay is the standard of banality and monotony.


The author of the text: Anna Vasilieva

Source: 4pda.ru

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