Overview Asphalt Street Storm Racing — race with no soul, purpose and meaning

While VIN Diesel churns out endless “Afterburners”, and Electronic Arts in the FAS, the profile shows an evergreen Need For Speed in mobile format are also its heroes. “What are we worse?” — once thought to Gameloft and for thirteen years was going under the name of Asphalt. To take the position she’s still not going the other day on the digital storefront was raided by the fourteenth part of the series, Asphalt Street Storm Racing.

Vzhuh! And ready to race

A rare genre can be clearly and unambiguously divided into “casual people” and “hardcore for the elite”. But race — the exception to this rule. Here on a strip of expensive cars, glowing neon, assorted stickers on a body and a gameplay level, Press Accelerate To Win. On the other severe simulation study that is sometimes harder than learning to drive a real car. In between the double white lines to cross which is strictly prohibited. However, two streams and are not going to meet each other: each is content with his joys of life that everyone is completely satisfied.

Asphalt Street Storm Racing

Asphalt series clearly refers to the first subspecies. Of the veneer there is always much more than sense. The garage is overloaded with licensed cars, each sports a bunch of features, but all this is nothing more than numbers that have no relationship to reality. And the plot is under be the culmination Asphalt Street Storm Racing shorter names. It is necessary to overtake all. Plain and simple. Car rival, the track — and here we are with someone for something compete, and with whom, and for what — no time to explain, get in the car! Only win matters. Roaring engines, daring beauty… the game is easy are all signs of high-octane entertainment for the masses. All except one. In fact, the races themselves.

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Wanted to fix it, but broke through

Each edition of the Asphalt series relies on something different. We raced in the gang of streetraces at night the streets. Do some dizzying stunts, flying up in the air on a generously spaced on the track jumps. But always occurring one way or another is recognized as a race. Asphalt Street Racing Storm discards not only all the subtlety and complexity control of high-speed machine on the touch screen (no buttons and especially the steering wheel and pedals). It gets rid of even the format in which governance plays at least some role. Local cars are driven in a straight line, and the success on the track depends on the accuracy of the switching speeds. You understood correctly — Asphalt Street Storm Racing is dedicated to drag racing.

Asphalt Street Storm Racing

The sprint race or “drag” is the acceleration in a straight line. Switched the transmission to a fraction of a second later lost momentum and lost. Such regimes were mentioned NFS and Real Racing, but the absolute Queen of this format handheld remains dilogy CSR Racing. Here it is-the authors of the new Asphalt and draw inspiration — not even with a spoon, and ladle.


Simple math

Asphalt Street Racing Storm three pillars of success. First, a good start. You can wait for the command to run immediately after it. You can step on the gas slowly, trying to gain himself an extra fraction of a second. You can play it safe, and then try to close the gap on the distance. Risk allows you to gain a good head start, but the slightest mistake leads to an automatic defeat.

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Secondly, the passage of the route. Here Street Racing Storm turns into a real rhythm-action: for the success of just a few time to click on the screen. Five or six taps — and now the enemy bites the dust, and we rest on our laurels for the finish line. However, the miracle did not happen, if your machine is a little inferior to the characteristics of rivals.

Asphalt Street Storm Racing

Therefore, the third condition for success in Street Storm Racing tuning. The first “bucket of bolts” is issued before the training race. Then it all depends on success on the track and good luck when opening containers with random bonuses. Cars have dozens of options for pumping of individual systems and components. Well, the opportunity to customize the appearance of traditionally hundreds.


A false start

CSR Racing and Asphalt Racing Street Storm differ from each other approximately the same as the branded mobile and Chinese fake. It seems to be all the same thing, but looks simpler, cheaper and more primitive. And even such differences as, for example, the possibility of online racing experience for four, the situation did not save — in fact these races are virtually indistinguishable from the competition with AI.

[embedded content]

Gameloft has once again played an ancient trick: get someone else to compress it in its own wrapper and provide the know-how. Sometimes this is triggered. But Asphalt Street Racing Storm — clearly not the case.



  • still one of the few mobile AAA.;
  • disclosed subject of drag racing;
  • online races for up to four players;
  • nice graphics.
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  • the success mainly depends on investment in money machine;
  • anyway, and CSR Racing is better;
  • without Internet connection play;
  • and then pogruzhayutsya additional materials (game mercilessly eats mobile traffic).


Lyricist: Yana Sorokina

Source: 4pda.ru

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